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RKSL Studios have outlined their plans for ofp and Armed Assault, these projects sound really good so it's definitely something to watch out for. [quote]RKSL now and in the Future. Since I haven’t post anything RKSL related for a while I thought I’d close the old thread and start a new one with all the latest information. A lot has been going on behind closed doors at RKSL. Rather than release less than perfect/inaccurate addons we’ve been looking at making them something “special” and providing new features and increasing their practical uses as well as the accuracy of the way they work. As a result of this I’ve taken the decision to cull some of the stagnant projects and re prioritise the existing ones: Current OFP Projects (In Priority order) 1 - Harrier GR7 2 - Rapier FSC SAM System 3 - Rapier FSB SAM System. (inc Landrover 101FC) 4 - RKSL/DKM C-130 Hercules 5 - SA-2 “Guideline” SAM with “Fansong E” Radar 6 - SA-5 “Gammon” with “Square Pair” & “Bar Lock” Radar 7 - Skyguard GDF005 AAA, ASPIDE SAM (+ AN-TPS-59 Radar) 8 - SA-6 (KUB) with Straight Flush & Long Track Radar Vehicles. 9 – Nimrod MR2 – armed with CoC Torpedoes 10 – BAC TSR2 11 – L96 & L115 Sniper Rifles Depending on the release date of Armed Assault the following may be released for OFP too but no promises. A – Tornado F3 B – Tornado GR4/4A C – EuroFighter Typhoon D – Jaguar GR3 E – JCA (Joint Combat Aircraft) aka F-35B JSF F – IL-76/78 Candid/Midas Tanker Transport G – C-17 Globemaster III H – Nimrod MR4 – armed with Harpoon (scripted) SSM I – Boeing XF/A-32 JSF – VTOL/CTOL/CV Versions J – BAe Hawk T1 & 128 Some projects have been put “ON HOLD” until Armed Assault due to various reasons ranging from lack of textures to scripting. a – E-3D AWACS – held until a practical script system is developed. b – B-2A Spirit – Held until a fix for the “Dive bombing” issue is found. c – Predator A UAV – Held until a practical control system can be developed. Various other side projects are also on hold or have been cancelled. “SOME” models may be publicly released as they are now for anyone to use providing credits are given. If it’s not in the list above you can safely assumed it has been cancelled for OFP due to the workload. Although it may get resurrected for ArmA at a later date. More Detailed Updates: Harrier GR7/9 – 80% - We are now nearing the last phases of script development. UNN has done miraculous things to produce a working and practical S/TOVL system for the Harrier. We can now hover, rotate, vector nozzles even reverse all controlled by key presses. The scripts are fully integrated into the addon itself and requires no external scripts, triggers or game logics. As I said the system is still in development and hasn’t been fully MP tested on a dedicated server as yet but UNN has worked very hard to ensure the scripts should be MP compatible. I’m currently working on optimising the textures and implementing all the cockpit aids where practical. Features include: - Digital Speed - Compass - Digital Altimeter - VSI - Terrian Following Guide - GRID Coords - Speed Line All Harrier approved load outs will be supported where practical. Colour schemes will include: - Current all over Grey colour scheme - Old two tone NATO/Lichen Green colour scheme - Winterised version of above - Squadron Insignia & Nose Art will be supported. A Sea Harrier FA-2 is also in development and we hope to release soon after the GR7/9 Pack but that will depend on workload. Rapier FSC & FSB systems – 75% & 60% - Both these addons are scripted with a fire control system that stops the AI from spamming targets, expending all its ammo in the first few seconds. The system also enables multiple targets to be engaged by different units in the same group. This may not sound like a big deal but it means SAM systems become far more effective and realistic. Both the FSC & FSB use slightly different versions of the Firecontrol system. The FSC is intended to be exclusively manned by the AI while the FSC supports the option of placing a player in the Targeting role. RKSL/DKM C-130 Hercules – News will follow in a separate thread very soon. SA-2, SA-5 & Skyguard Systems – Again these addons will be fire control enabled in the same was as the Rapier FSB system. A Player will be able to sit in the FC Radar operator’s position and control the firing of multiple launchers/guns etc. SA-6 “Kub” – Again Fire Control enabled, each unit will be deployable (it cant fire when moving) and only work in conjunction with at least the “Straight Flush” Radar Vehicle. Nimrod MR2 – 95% - I was hoping to release this as part of a larger pack but due to the (obvious) work load we have I’ve decided to postpone the R1 and MR4 variants until ArmA. Once I fix some MP issues the plane should be ready for release subject to final testing. This version will only be armed with CoC MK46 Torpedoes. Tornados – Rebuilding – After re-visiting the Tornado during the build of the GR7 Harrier model I decided to remake the models. I wasn’t happy with the way they looked and since have managed to greatly improve the mesh – thanks to a visit to RAF Marham - over the last pictures I posted. Features include: - Both the F3 & GR4 models will be represented with swing wing, slats and flaps etc where the game engine allows - Similar but modified digital cockpit to the Harrier Colour schemes will include: --Current Dark Grey Schemes for the GR4 --Two Tone Aircraft grey/Light Grey Scheme for the F3 - All currently approved load outs where practical. - Thrust reversers - Keyboard control for Burners and Brakes - Reworked Countermeasures. - Squadron Insignia & Nose Art will be supported. EuroFighter Typhoon – 60% - Pretty much the same as the Tornados in features the addon will be an accurate representation of current RAF aircraft. I don’t plan to support international versions in the *first* release. Jaguar GR3 – 40% - Again as per the Tornado and Typhoon for features. Built to mark the types retirement from service JCA (Joint Combat Aircraft) aka F-35B JSF – 40% - Made practical by the VTOL system made for the Harrier. The current plan is to release a roundel compatible version for use with International Air Forces as the model will be almost identical for all but a few countries. Features will be similar to the GR7/9 Pack. IL-76/78 & C-17 Globemaster – 65% & 55% - The reason for the low % complete figures is due to the older models being reworked. Both addons have been held back due to scripting issues with the cargo system. We are currently testing out an enhanced version of the BAS Cargo routines, for the Rapier Ammo packs and hope to develop it further. But until these are tested thoroughly and some response for other addons makers who might want to adopt these cargo routines, has been gained. All other cargo orientated addons will be placed on hold. Armed Assault and Beyond… As I’m sure a lot of people are doing now, we’re begining to plan for Armed Assault projects. There are already teams planning Mods, Total conversions and even just some collections of individual addons. After some discussion with UNN and some of our friends we’ve settled on a project that is an extension of our existing collective works. In the last 12 months we’ve seen the British, US and NATO forces change dramatically, re-aligning themselves to fight modern wars, counter ‘terrorism’ and insurgency. This has meant the removal of several aircraft types, ships and numerous vehicles from service and the deployment of integrated battlefield control systems, dramatically changing how wars are fought. So far the community hasn’t produced many of this type of addons, things designed to be used as part of an integrated force. So we’ve chosen to build up and simulate the British Expeditionary Forces systems either currently in service or due in service by 2012-17. For Phase 1 these include: Naval Fleet: CVF Carrier HMS Ocean Class HMS Albion Class Astute Class (SSN) Sub (Cruise Missile platform etc) – For Sea Launched Cruise missiles Vanguard (SSBN) Class Sub – As above Type 45 for Fleet air defence Support ships etc Each with associated radars, SAM, CIWS, Decoys etc all Fire Control Linked as per Rapier FSC etc Fleet Borne Tasked Air Group: - JCA/F35B - Harrier GR9 - Merlin HM1 – 4x Stingray Torpedoes/Depth Charges - Merlin HM(A)1 - Maritime Assault Version - not official (yet?) Cannon and - CRV-7 instead of Torps - Merlin HC3/5 - Chinook HC2 & 3 - Lynx HMA8 - WAH-1 Longbow Land Based Air power - Tornado GR4 - Remake in progress - Tornado F3 - Remake in progress - Typhoon T1 - Remake in progress - Typhoon F2 - Remake in progress - Nimrod MR4 – 60% Done - E-3D Sentry – 25% Done - C-130C3/C5 (updated RKSL/DKM) - A400M - C-17 Globemaster III – 25% Done Battlefield Support: - Sentinel R1 (ASTOR) - Predator A UAV - BAE Corax (UCAV) - Rapier FSC (RKSL v2) - Type 101 Commander Land based Radar - Type 93 Martello Land based Radar Sound ambitious doesn’t it. Well since the bulk of the models listed include projects intended for OFP and we plan to upgrade and re-script them to take advantage of ArmA’s new/updated engine its not quite as daunting as it might sound. To lighten the load we won’t be creating many land based vehicles, we’re already in discussion with UKF so we don’t duplicate work unnecessarily. As well as agreed (in principle) to the sharing of some projects and base models, ideas etc to make life easier for both teams. PHASE 2 – Integrating Systems This isn’t just going to be about the models… as I said above this project is about providing information to the units on the ground and in the air. The plan is to create an offshore ‘base’ defended by all the associated technology that is present on today’s (and tomorrow’s) battlefields. These will provide the basis of the modern integrated information systems to accurately simulate the modern battlefield as seen from the perspective of a UK armed forces member. We are looking in way to simulate the sort of communication a pilot/soldier/gunner would expect to get. This means systems and scenarios such as: AWACS – Warning of incoming aircraft and dynamic requests for CAS, Medivac and extraction. ASTOR – Airborne Stand Off Radar – Real time battlefield Intel provided to the appropriately equipped personnel and vehicles. JTIDS – Joint Tactical Information Distribution (Designation) System – Target Sharing and situational displays. Fire Control on air defence systems – AI ability to engage multiple targets at once and assign assets to threats. UAV/UCAV tasking – requesting UAV intel/cover and being able to direct it via radio. Simulating Air-to-Air missions, Swing role functions accurate mission profiles that change dynamically. PICS etc will be uploaded very soon! Positions available... As I said before the basics of a lot of the models are already done. We still have some work to do for OFP before we begin work properly but we are already organising ourselves for a serious project. This is all rather ambitious we admit; but we’re game to try and achieve it. If you are interested in helping us out we are looking for: Texture Unwrap Expert. - You should be able to unwrap models, import and export etc and provide layouts for the texture artists to work on. Texture Artist. - You should be able to use Photoshop (preferably) and have some experience of texturing would be helpful. Both postions are to be part of the team and require a commitment to finish any jobs you start. If you cant do that dont apply. [/quote]

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