Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

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All Files In Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Aircraft
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Aircraft T-65c X-Wing Fighter

Features: 4 Laser Cannons 2 Fighter-class Proton Torpedo Launchers Propulsion System S-Foil Wings, adjustable for atmospheric flight 45...


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Aircraft F-105 Thunderchief

Addon of Aircraft OFPR F-105 Thunderchief.


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Aircraft Mig 17

Add on Aircraft OFPR Mig 17


Aircraft Crashed MH-6

----Ignore the overall rating calculated above. My personally calculated overall rating is 6.35.---- This file adds the wreckage of an M...


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Aircraft IL-2 Sturmovik

Addon of OFPR IL-2 Sturmovik ww2 plane


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Aircraft Skyraider

Addon of Skyraider ww2 plane


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Aircraft OFPR Air Version 1.0 Pack

OFPR Air Pack V1.0 some of the newest ofpr planes


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Aircraft FA - 18C Hornet Pack V1.3

FA - 18C Hornet Pack V1.3 a nice fa-18 hornet for addon


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Aircraft P-51D Mustang

Addon of P-51D Mustang WW2 plane


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Aircraft P-51D Mustang Skin Pack

P-51D Mustang Skin Pack is a reskin on the ww2 p-51d addon


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Aircraft Mig 25

Addon of Mig 25 on Aircraft


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Aircraft Mig-25

Mig-25 V1.1. in 3 variants Fix === 1.New Afterburner sound. 2.New Gear Moves. 3.Add Shadow. 4.Add New Texture. 5.Fixed some cockpi...


Aircraft H-60 Blackhawks

This addon from the acclaimed and elite Ballistc Addon Studios features various guises of the H-60 Blackhawk. I am not going to list all...


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Aircraft MI-24 Pack

Here's an MI-24 pack that adds new effects, new weapons, new como schemes and a new helipad as well as a demo mission.


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Aircraft MI-26 Halo Pack

This pack contains the MI26 Halo addon and the MI26 Halo Crew addon in one archive for easier downloading. The contents are identical to wh...


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Aircraft MI-26 Halo

This addon models the MI-26 Halo, the heaviest and most powerful helicopter in the world. Please note that another addon, the [...


Aircraft H-60 Seahawks

This addon features several variants of the H-60 Seahawk, adapted from the original H-60 for naval operations. Please note that it utilises...


Aircraft UH-1N Huey

This addon is a reworked and retextured model SelectThis' [url="http://operationflashpoint.filefront.com/file/SEB_UH1H_Special_Operations_He...


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Aircraft UH-1H Huey Pack

This addon includes several (OK, many) variants of the UH-1H Huey used extensively in the Vietnam conflict. Included are a mind-boggling...


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Aircraft AH-64 Pack

This addon includes a multitude of Apache variants, but don't be fooled. There is one new skin included, the desert camouflage. The model...


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Aircraft F-16 by Footmunch

This is a fix of Footmuchs old F-16. There are four versions of the Falcon in the addon: All planes carry the M61 Vulcan cannon, as well...


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Aircraft Skyraider Final Version

WWII Plane Skyraider, final version.


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Aircraft NH90 helicopter

Features: fully functional multiplayer effects; dammaged textures and smoke on dammage; automated gear; cabindoors and cargoramp can ope...


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Aircraft S-37 Berkut

Adds the Russian S-37 Berkut. It looks pretty swish, although the skinning's a little plain. I'd give it a shot though, it's a nice aircra...