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Campaigns Sector Charlie

Charlie Sector is a campain featuring both single and multiplayer missions by remo. This is for use with the OFP-D NVA Pack. [url="http:/...


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Campaigns "Pigs can Fly" campaign

I've extensively modified several original OFP single-player and 1985 CWC Campaign missions to incorporate Diesel's recently released A-10 T...


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Campaigns Operation Freedom III campaign

1. Required Addons: NONE 2. Quantity of Missions: 11 3. OFP version: 1.85 or higher


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Campaigns Operation Freedom: SpecOps

Author: US_mapper911 Island: Kolgujev # missions: 6 Addons required: None


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Campaigns Operation Freedom

Author: Mapper(911_) Island: Kulgujev Size: # missions: 9 Addons: None


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Campaigns Custom FDF campaign

One of the better caompaigns out there, Finlandsky Vokzal is a story about a Finnish soldier who does all he can in the line o...


Campaigns American Civil War Mod Gettysburg Campaign Day 1

This is the first day of the American Cicil War Mod's Campaign located on Gettysburg island. Requires: American Civil W...


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Campaigns Dynamic Afgahnistan - DELTA FORCE

The land is in a state of constant chaos again since the withdrawal of the VDV. Russia couldnt keep VDV any longer in the country, since...


Campaigns WWII FDF Talvisota

This single player campaign features 10 missions with several cutscenes and recreates the 1939-1940 Russian-Finnish conflict.


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Campaigns Street

This is campaign Street, a mafia campaign. Very cool campaign. Just download it. See screenshots. You're player named as "Nick" in the Nogov...


Campaigns GruntONE

Now I must say this is an interesting idea for a campaign , going from a lowly mafia member to working as a member the military. Enjoy....


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Campaigns Bloody Street

Not much to say about this one besides, enjoy! Simply, if you played campaign Street (It's on this site, too), and you like it, do...


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An interesting idea for a campaign , lets see how it will play out. For a video preview a click here http://operationflashpoint.filefront.c...


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Campaigns Street (Russian Version)

Not much to say about this , more things from akiman94 about this street addon. Enjoy. Campaign Street on Russian language. You ne...