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Islands Strike Island

An island that aims to relieve the monotony and boredom of the BIS islands, which while we all love, we know like the backs of our hands. T...


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Islands Normandy Island Beta 2

Jean Christophe just released a new beta version of his Normandy Island, featuring new buildings and vegetation! It's still a beta versi...


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Islands Salang - Central Afghanistan

Salang - central Afghanistan by Saddam. Changes in new version: Transformation of the landscape - 15%. Transformation of objects - 10%....


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Islands New Ocean Island

New Ocean island, a big city island started by USMC Sniper and a project continued by Pappy Boyington (aka Too-Tall) and Wacky Iraqi. Relea...


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Islands Autumn Nogova

This addon contains an alternative version of the BIS Nogova island. Every deciduous tree has been "autumn-ised", with the leaves turned...


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Islands Normandy

An accurate depiction of northern France.


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Islands Afghanistan island V3

CAT_SHIT_ONE_MM released the third version of his excellent Afghanistan island. A lot of things changed in it, new textures, models, the big...


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Islands Ardennes by reinhard66 v. 1.1

---LittLe descrpitio&features: 1) this is not a big island beacouse only represents the route of "kampfgrouppe Peiper", during the arden...


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Islands Polska Pack

This pack contains Polska island and all of the addons needed to play it. It was assembled by us, for easier downloading, as it needs a boa...


Islands Hell's Circus Kolgujev 2010

Hell's Circus Kolgujev 2010. Features: - AI runway lengthened - Fences positioned around military bases and industrial areas - A new i...


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Islands OFPFiles Map Pack 2

OFPFiles.com Map Pack 2 Includes: BAS Tonal Island + 2 Patches + OPFOR Afghanistan Island (V3) Autumn Nogova Polska Pack (Includes...


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Islands Wasteland island

Want an island for post apocalipse? This is the island for you then. It contains an army base with an airport, a sea ha...


Islands CWC Islands with res objects+texture

This is interesting. SpaceAlex replaced trees and textures on Everon, Kolgujev, and Malden with resistance trees and high quality...


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Islands Salang Island

This features an island based apparently based on a real location in Afghanistan. The island contains the works, deserts, snow-covered...


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Islands Afgan Pack (Afghanistan Island)

This portion of the pack includes the Afghanistan island. THIS IS PART OF THE AFGAN PACK. ADDONS NEEDED: [url="http://o...


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Islands Fulda Gap Island

Fulda Gap Island by Jakerod. Not totally complete yet, is still a beta. No addons required.


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Islands Iceland Island

A nice little island by Jakerod, for the Bloody Days mod. No addons required.


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Islands Spearhead44

Known Issues: (1) AI infantry don't seem to want to cross the AEF bridges on foot, but have no issues in vehicles. (2) Having trouble...


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Islands Spearhead44 (ISLAND ONLY)

Download this file of you have already downloaded Spearhead44 Version...


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Islands Spearhead44 (ALL FILES)

This is the file you download if you have not already downloaded version 4.0. Spearhead44 is an island and some other stuff by Hell's Circus...


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Islands Emmen Island

A small island with a lot of large forests, compared to small towns and camps. A pleasant place.


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Islands Dak Seang Island

A beautiful-looking Vietnam island, containing densely packed and atmospheric jungle and undergrowth. Please note the extensive requireme...


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Islands Midway Island

Changes/Fixes Reef has been worked on a bit (added some rocks and small vegetation on certain parts). New harbour sections that loo...


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Islands Polska Island High Version

112 thousands of objects island, this is the one for higher end PC's. One with fewer objects is also available. Requires: [file="35605...