Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

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Mods RHS T-55 Pack

A fully fixed version of the T-55 pack by RHS - v1.3 was full of bugs which is why I did not upload it. Anyway this new version is completel...


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Mods Invasion 1944 1st Demo

Demo of the mod Invasion 1944 at http://www.invasion1944.com . The invasion 1944 mod includes a variety of vehicles, inf...


Mods RHS Naval Infantry and Spetsnaz

As part of their release week RHS have released a new Russian Naval Infantry Pack which has Naval Infantry Units and Naval Spetsnaz units....


Mods RHS GAZ-66

It certainly has been awhile but RHS have brought a much needed update to their nice GAZ-66 Truck pack. Since it's last release RHS have ki...


Mods RHS Crewpack

This is the second RHS release, a new version of their crew pack. RHS have now given all of their units Lllauma's high poly head model whic...


Mods Starship Troopers MOD Demo v0.2

Starship Trooper Mod Team gave a peak on upcoming mod there making but its in beta check it out! The mod is...


Mods Ballistic Addon Studios Complete Pack

As the title suggests this has every BAS addon made to date such as the Tonal mod and their outstanding Blackhawks. It even includes all nec...


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Mods Vietnam The Experience

Snake Man from the VTE Team has brought Vietnam The Experience v03 to the OpFlash community. This release has tons more changes than the las...


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Mods CTI44 Core

The Conquer the Island Pack. This mod uses the WW2 Collection Pack.


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Mods CTI44 Extra Island

An extra island for the Capture the Island Mod.


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Mods CTI44 Missions (Less Civilians)

A CTI44 Mission Pack with less civilians and objects


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Mods CTI44 Missions

A CTI44 Missions Collection Pack


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Mods CTI44 Missions Sources

The mission sources of CTI44 for editing purposes.


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Mods CTI44 Collection Pack

The CTI44 Collection Pack by OFPFiles.com. Individual Files by CTI44. CTI44 is a WWII capture the island modification for operation flash...


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Mods Desert Combat: Pack 1

To use this addon to its full potential you...


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Mods Desert Combat: Pack 2

This is the second half of the Desert Combat mod. Pack one is needed to enjoy the mod properly. [url="http://operationflashpoint.file...


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Mods FlashFX + Required Addons

This pack was compiled by OFP Files and contains all of the addons required to run the FlashFX modification, as well as the actual FlashFX....


Mods Star Wars Pack

This isn't exactly a mod, but rather an addon collection of all the Star Wars veichels so far made for OFP... Contains: Imperial Storm...


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Mods Lost Brothers Mod Addon Pack

Lost Brothers Mod Number 2 -1.IDF infantry (New) a. New Sniper units in infantry, airborne, and police forces using-M82A1,SR-25, and Gal...


Mods RHS and SFM T-72 Pack

This is a T-72 that was craeted by RHS in conjunction with the Spetsnaz mod, two of the best Russian forces mods for OFP - this is the best...


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Mods Lost Brothers Mod Addon Pack

This addon contains Israeli and Egyptian units and hardware for OFP. Israel: - IDF regular infantry - IDF paratroopers - IDF...


Mods Project Farmland Civilian Pack

This pack contains: 1-several civilian units ( farmer, women, medic, nurse, scientist and priests) ; 2-two glasses types: can be used wi...


Mods Tomahawk Mod

The Tomahawk Mod by Wizzywig,Aviel, and Raptorsaurus. Comes with the tomahawk, control van, launch pad, and demo mission.


Mods Napoleonic War Pack 1

The pack features several infantry units types (around 50) and 1 type of cannon for the French, British, Dutch, Brunswick, Prussian and Russ...