Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
RHS T-55 Pack Red Hammer Studios 9.73MB 1,262
RHS Naval Infantry and Spetsnaz Red Hammer Studios 19.16MB 1,036
RHS GAZ-66 Red Hammer Studios 4.25MB 1,104
RHS Crewpack Red Hammer Studios 30.02MB 1,707
Starship Troopers MOD Demo v0.2 Starship Troopers 12.83MB 4,828
Ballistic Addon Studios Complete Pack Ballistic Addon Studios 311.53MB 10,077
Star Wars Pack Guest 5.48MB 3,186
RHS and SFM T-72 Pack Red Hammer Studios 5.09MB 136
Project Farmland Civilian Pack Farmland Project Team 2.56MB 1,042
Tomahawk Mod Tomahawk Mod 33.66MB 1,376
Napoleonic War Pack 1 Spad 30.76MB 1,769
OFrP Vehicle Pack Operation FrenchPoint 29.36MB 791
OFrP Air Pack Operation FrenchPoint 31.32MB 1,134
OFrP Weapon Pack Operation FrenchPoint 11.57MB 1,174
OFrP Objects Pack Operation FrenchPoint 16.56MB 893
OFrP Infantry Pack Operation FrenchPoint 12.85MB 1,015
OFrP Armor Pack Operation FrenchPoint 27.37MB 815
Y2K3 7.1 Full Install Y2K3 Team 612.34MB 11,513
OFPD Realism Mini Mod OFP-D team 1.66MB 960
BTs DxDll Config for Conspiracies Guest 2KB 1,346
Frodo's Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider Frodo 906KB 621
Chammy's Sound Conversion Chammy 23.45MB 2,645
Space Invaders Hitcher 9.38MB 1,631
Vice City Mini-Mod Guest 2.21MB 778
FFUR Euro Patch 6.05 FlashFX Team 303KB 1,019
Enhanced Configuration Project ECP Team 130.77MB 7,915
OFrP Weapons Pack Operation FrenchPoint 12.51MB 1,238
OFrP Boat Pack Operation FrenchPoint 2.56MB 548
OFrP Infantry Pack Operation FrenchPoint 13.37MB 1,087
OFrP Objects Operation FrenchPoint 13.06MB 921
UKF WMIK Landrovers UKF 25.82MB 500
UKF Landrovers Patch UKF 3.58MB 313
UKF Weapons UKF 13.22MB 784
UKF Diemaco UKF 11.89MB 470
UKF LMG and SUSAT UKF 1.38MB 393
UKF Sidearms UKF 3.19MB 368
RHS OMON Troops Red Hammer Studios 9.39MB 776
RHS Vityaz Troops Red Hammer Studios 17.57MB 955
RHS Hinds Pack Red Hammer Studios 24.04MB 1,371
RHS VDV Units Red Hammer Studios 11.37MB 750
RHS Weapons Pack Red Hammer Studios 18.61MB 2,730
RHS Misc Red Hammer Studios 5.98MB 1,995
RHS Motorised Infantry Red Hammer Studios 21.8MB 1,228
RHS T-80 Pack Red Hammer Studios 6.19MB 1,384
RHS and SFM T-72 Pack Red Hammer Studios 4.73MB 981
RHS T-62 pack Red Hammer Studios 16.37MB 1,101
RHS ZSU-57 Red Hammer Studios 3.68MB 794
RHS FSB Special Forces Red Hammer Studios 14.23MB 1,208
FFUR 2007 FlashFX Team 486.37MB 27,902
FFUR 2007 Patch FlashFX Team 9.06MB 4,530
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