Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

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Mods OFrP Vehicle Pack

The Vehicle Pack contains all the major wheeled vehicles of the French Army. It should allow you to spend hours patrolling your favourite ar...


Mods OFrP Air Pack

The air packs now depends on the following packs : OFrP_Armes, OFrP_Infanterie, OFrP_Objets Installation: You have to have an 1.91 or...


Mods OFrP Weapon Pack

OFrP weapons Pack 3.1 Informations : Authors : team OFrP File : OFrP_armes_V3.1RC1.zip Size : 12.2 Mo Description this addon...


Mods OFrP Objects Pack

Objects Pack : Vigilant UAV – OFrP_Vigilant UAV control station – OFrP_PC Tent – OFrP_Tente Tent (open) – OFrP_Tente2 Tente (medic)...


Mods OFrP Infantry Pack

This addon include french infantery. This file replace OFrP_infanterie_v3.0RC1.exe Installation : unzip the file OFrP_infanterie.p...


Mods OFrP Armor Pack

Put the files OFrP_Blindes.pbo, OFrP_BlindesA.pbo, OFrP_BlindesB.pbo, OFrP_BlindesE.pbo in the \Res\Addons folder of Resistance. Contai...


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Mods Y2K3 MOD 7.0-7.1 Patch

Pappy Boyington's Y2K3 MOD 7.0 to 7.1 Patch. Requires Y2K3 MOD 7.0 to work. 7.0 to 7.1 Patch Information For Users of 7.0 ONLY...


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Mods Y2K3 7.1 Full Install

Changes From 7.0 to 7.1 Updates: -AH64 Updated -Glock Firing Sound Updated Model Changes: -AH1- Vit AH1W Camo -Wes...


Mods WarGames League Mod

The newest version of the WGL mod has arrived, it is probably the most realistic mod for OFP. Round about 600+ changes have been made over t...


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Mods OFPD Realism Mini Mod

Modification of Operation Flashpoint configuration parameters for a more realistic gameplay. You should check the readme for more details or...


Mods Conspiracies Mod Part I released

sled88 from the Conspiracies Mod team informed us that they released part one of their impressive mod. At the moment only the high version i...


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Mods BTs DxDll Config for Conspiracies

Sled88 recommends to use BT's dxdll config's for a better atmosphere. Required dxdll


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Mods RHS VDV 1985 Units

RHS have decided to go old school with this release by giving us some Cold War Soviet Airborne Soldiers. More outstanding work by RHS which...


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Mods RHS BTR-152

RHS have also given us a Cold War APC for the 1985 VDV Troopers so the can cruise around the battlefield in style!


Mods Frodo's Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider

Frodo from has finished his new addon still from the SciFi series "Battlestar Galactica", the Cylon Raider. Read what he has to say and do...


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Mods ARABIA Tadco Farm

Requires the other parts of the pack , can be found here along with screenshots These are 2 big 51km maps r...


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Mods ARABIA Tadco Farm

Requires other parts of the pack. Can befound here along with screenshots


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Mods ARABIA Tadco Farm

Needs the other files , can be found here along with screenshots


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Mods ARABIA Tadco Farm

Other files can be found here along with screenshots


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Mods ARABIA Tadco Farm

the rest of the files and screenshots can be found here


Mods ARABIA Tadco Farm

Okay Ladies and Gentalmen here we have a pack of 2 big 51km maps that represent 45% satallite pictures that this person found , however as y...


Mods WarGames MOD

After a period of tense development since it's 4.12 release the developers from the WarGames League have released version 5 of their tactica...


Mods CarWars

For the past few months Hitcher and some other mod makers banded together to create an interesting mod for OFPR. The mod became known as Car...


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Mods Chammy's Sound Conversion

basically this sound pack changes most weapon and some other sounds for OFP. To create this pack Chammy went through countless hours of actu...