Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

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Scripts Soldier on Tank

This script enables any number of units to sit on any vehicle, it can be used with multiple units sitting on multiple vehicles. Yo...


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Scripts tracer script

This is addon aims to provide a bit more realistic tracerrounds for machinegun units mainly. It can be used with non-machinegun units too bu...


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Scripts BadAss' Autopilot

This little example mission shows some kind of autopilot. The autopilot lets your chopper fly constantly in a height of 25 m above the groun...


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Scripts FlashFX

FlashFX 2.0 adds new visual effects to Operation Flashpoint: Resistance. This is not the same as FlashFX Units Replacement. New features...


Scripts DMA Lean anim pack

This is a great little mod / script that makes the game more realistic to me anyway. I suggest everyone try it out.


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Scripts FWatch

The talented addon maker Kegety's who brought us the innovative DXDLL has gave us FWatch. What this does is adds more scripting functionali...