Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

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All Files In Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Weapons
Weapons Wildebeest's 1928 Thompson

Wildebeest has finished his first addon-weapon, the Thompson 1928, or the "M1928 Thompson". He has made it look very well done :thumbsup:...


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Weapons Russian OPFOR Vehicles

This addon is a model re-work created in Oxygen (OFP Modelling tool) depicting two fictional versions of the UAZ-469b and BRDM, armed with P...


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Weapons BAS Pavehawks

BAS's release of the Pave Hawk Helicopters: * HH-60G - Current operational Air Force Pavehawk used for CSAR * HH-60G Block 152 - Upgrad...


Weapons BD Grenade Pack

Kyle Sarnik has recently released the new version of his brilliant Grenade pack. His pack contains an assortment of ass kicking grenades lik...


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Weapons RHS Weapon Pack

A Russian weapon pack created by Red Hammer Studios. Required for some of their addons.


Weapons WIP M1911A1 Handgun

Features: - Emty Shells stay in the ground by 30sec (not ever) - The slide stay back when you empty the mag - The mags stay in the grou...


Weapons M14 Pack

Pack contains: DanM14 (DanM14Mag,DanM14Mortar) - Base rifle with iron sights and semi, fullauto trigger group. Launches rifle grenades....


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Weapons BD Uzi Pack

Meant for addonmakers to use, modern day grenades with new models, sounds and scripts.


Weapons M50 Ontos

HawkinsDaFin has released the M50 Ontos. Screenshots below.


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Weapons Burner ECP O.Pbo Replacement File

This file will change the guns in your ecp ammo West Weapon make sure you put the o.pbo in ECP ADDONS you will need the OFP ADDON SJB Weapon...


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Weapons SgtEv_SF Weaponpack

This is a very interesting and good weapons pack from Sgt_Eversmann. If you are a huge fan of the hk like me you have to download this :-)....


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Weapons OFPL Special Forces Weapons Pack

This is a weapons pack created by the OFPL mod team for their Polish Special Forces Units such as the GROM Units. In this pack are most of t...


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Weapons OFPL Extension Pack

The OFPL Extension Pack is a weapons pack for their Polish Soldiers Pack, WP Soldiers. A large number of weapons used by the Polish Army in...


Weapons Laser's US Weapons pack

Huge weapon pack by Laser!


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Weapons BKM Weapon Pack

You will need this Add-On for Yugoslavian Federal Army. These are Serbian Weapons (Kragujevac). For example, weapons are: M70, M70 +...


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Weapons BKM M4A1

New OFP Weapon. Great weapon. Download it now.


Weapons M91 Sniper Rifle

This is Yugoslavian weapon - yugoslavian SNIPER! It great looks like. You can also see the screenshot. There is nothing more to say. Downloa...


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Weapons Mosseberg M500

This is a Shotgun. You will need this gun to Mafia Pack.