18-Wheeler Truck

Delta Hawk has released his 18-Wheeler "Tater Salad". The only unfinished part is the interior.

Some Features of the Truck: -all sound...


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Delta Hawk has released his 18-Wheeler "Tater Salad". The only unfinished part is the interior.

Some Features of the Truck: -all sounds are custom made -animated cab doors -animated trailer doors -animated trailer jack -animated drive shaft -animated windsheild wipers -animated back up lights -back up alert -working gas guage -working gas light indicator -detail model with lots of interesting stuff -working trailer script

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Download 'truck.rar' (10.02MB)

                             The Tater Salad

Version of addon:  V0.70

Version of game required: I have V1.96, so anything else is your guess

Model: Delta Hawk (me :)  [email protected]

Textures done by: DaSquad

Scripts from: Hawk, ORCS Development Studios, Wizzy Wig, DaSquad, Fragmaster, and Turkish Union.

Special Thanks to: Turkish Union Mod, INQ for the taillight, Oyman and Jungle


	This addon is probably the largest truck ever for Operation Flashpoint.  It is a Peterbilt 379 18-wheeler.  I made this truck to the specifications of a friend who gave it the handle "Tater Salad."  This truck is suppose to be owned by a parent company, but due to lack of textures, it doesn't have any registration tags. I'd appreciate it if you mailed me on your comments or suggestions about this addon.

towing ability
All custom made sounds!  Give it a real truck feel!
realistic handling, no donuts in the parking lot
more informative dash
awsome drive shaft
Animated cab doors, trailer doors, trailer dollys
marker and clearance lights

Stuff you should know about

	A few tips about driving the truck...remember you have a trailer that swings!  You also have huge blind spots.  There's also dock windows at the bottom of the doors.  The guages are fubar since you need textures to read them. The only light on the display you should be worried about is the gas indicator that turns on if you're low, which shouldn't happen since trucks have enough fuel to go to the moon and back.  When you lock the fifth wheel and turn up the dollys, you have to turn the dollys down to unlock the fifth wheel.  The towing script can not go over bridges, and don't leave the trailer on a sloped hill connected to the tractor or it'll slide.  The AI can not drive with a trailer attach cuz it thinks there's a car behind it.

You can use codes to automatically turn on some things on the trucks.
this animate ["animation", 1]  Some might be 0
tractor marker lights = ani_markerlights
trailer marker lights = ani_markerlights
left trailer door = ani_tradoorL
right trailer door = ani_tradoorR
trailer dollys = ani_trahitch1

Want to help finish or want your OWN truck?

	If you like this truck and want to help finish it, email me.  I can also make custom trucks with custom parts for who ever wants one.

	Don't worry, i'm quit sure you'll find them.  Please don't send me bug reports, but if you do know how to fix something, please let me in on the secret :)


	For the "Anti-American," KILL YANKY BOY! retards, NO, THIS TRUCK IS NOT PROPAGANDA, just a truck from America.  If you're such a narrow-minded communist pig, you can delete the .pbo from your addon directy.

	If this screws up your computer, blows up your house or cause WWIII, don't blame me, Codemaster or BIS...but, if it some how makes you lucky where you get lots of lapdances, you have to send some of it to me.

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