1982 Falkland Mod Ships

Since it is Christmas the Flashpoint in the Flakland's mod team decided to release a pack of their ships.

This contains seven pbo...


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Since it is Christmas the Flashpoint in the Flakland's mod team decided to release a pack of their ships.

This contains seven pbo's

FLK_ShpBaltic FLK_ShpNor FLK_Elk FLK_ShpAustin FLKGuerrico CBF_Port CBF-DockTest

The first four are ships that served with the Falklands Task Force, 3 STUFT's (all from the same intial 1970's design) and an RFA. The fifth is the famous corvette from the Argentinian South Georgia attack. The last two are a dock section, and a small mini port using this dock section to allow for loading and unloading of two of the ships. These latter two are NOT Falklands Work but my own, and have been done to add even more usablity to these ships.

There is also a simple mission using the basic map I knocked up showing how to use the ships with the new dock section

The map requires AG'S_Port 2.0 which is included as a rar

Place these addons in a suitable addons folder, either the main one, the Resistance one or a mod one. Please place the mission in your missions folder under your user name

The first four ships themselves can be found in the Groups Menu under Falklands - Mod They are STATICS and will not move, this is to allow users to move around on them, although you will find that some areas are effectively off limits.

Th fifth ship however is a mobile ship and can be found in the main troops menu under Falklands - Naval

Features: The ferries have accessable car decks, along with working stern ramps. The RFA Fort Austin has the ability to refuel, re-arm and even repair at its pads. All have Special visual affects when sections are damaged All have scaled icons to allow for placement near docks etc. ARA Guerrico is armed with a 100mm gun that has both Ground and Air usage..

To place items on the multipart ships use:

this setpos [getpos this select 0, getpos this select 1, abc]

Where abc is the height, the height varies according to the number of roadway's immediately below so even 1 section of a ship can have many different values, also depends which deck you want to be on If you use the group placement these ships will not be targetable and cannot be named, however items placed on them can still be targeted.

These have been extensively tested but if you do find a fault or two please let us know, but do not ask for more features as time spent adding to these will take time away from the rest of this project.

The Falklands team are STILL working hard towards a release in 2007.

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year

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Download 'falklandsshipsv1.rar' (12.9MB)

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