A town too far



Okay I'll just let the email speak for it.

This is a mission that I created for those who do not like to follow waypoints, it is Co-op and takes a couple of hours to complete,

As it uses the whole of Everon, players can complete this mission anyway they choose.

Get some people and try it out :)



Mission Name:   A town too far. (Co-op 1-6 players).

Author:         Viper uk


Needed Version: Operation Flashpoint (GOTY version),
--------------- patched to v1.96.

                Operation Flashpoint + Red Hammer +                  Resistance, patched to v1.96.


Needed Addon:   STT_klr.pbo (placed in Operation -------------   Flashpoint\Res\Addons: directory).                   Get it here, 



Contents:       ATTF_co_1-6_Final.Eden.pbo
---------       ATTF_Readme.txt

Description:    This co-op mission was made for ------------    those gamers, that dont like to                      follow a set route, but beware! all                  routes are deadly in this mission,                   with three enemy sides, EAST,                        RESISTANCE, and CIVILIANS to fight.

                Ammo crates with assorted weapons                    and ammo, are numerous, so make use                  of them, and work as a team, because                 one player death, will end the                       mission for all players.

                Only one MOD, was used in this                       mission, the exellent (STT_klr.pbo)                  motorbike MOD, by SelectThis.


Thanks to:      SelectThis, for STT_klr.pbo,                         Dragon, Preacher, and PaGaN, for                     playtesting, all the people who have                 posted help and workarounds on the                   forums, and ofcourse, the people who                 keep the forums up and running, and                  anyone else that I should have                       mentioned.

Do not use this mission to make money, it is free!, and also, use this mission at your own risk!

All the best...

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