Arab Insurgents & Civilian Pack

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On orders from the Lost Brothers High Command, we have decided to release 18 Arab insurgents from Camp Harddrive along with 32 Arab civilian prisoners. These individuals may be found on Middle East maps throughout the OFP world. The militants are to be considered potentially hostile but may be used as allies if you are fighting some hopeless civil war such as against the corrupt government of Nogova. The civilians on the other hand are mostly individuals that can either be friendly or not so friendly...but regardless usually end up getting caught in the middle of conflicts. Below are some of the features found on these Arab units:

18 Arab militant models 32 Civilians (including two Arab women) 1 VBE (Vehicle Born Explosives) van that is basically a suicide bomber's van. 2 AKM/AK47 rifles (one previous released as a standalone rifle). 1 LoBo Sound pack featuring Arab voices 1 realistic demo mission included requiring only this addon and JAM2.

Features: Militants yell out diffrent phrases in Arabic when hit. Arab faces The first Arab women in OFP Wide range of clothes, weapons, and equipment. Good Arab headdresses (which we first did in our Addon pack#2 but is now improved) Molatov cocktail, bottle, and rock throwing civilians included. Insurgents are on West, East, and Resistance for maximum versatility in missions.

Known Bugs: Molatov cocktails may cause a CTD if more then one is put in a mission. Some LOD's revert to different units. Some clippiing through robes or through gear.

Addons Required: Jam


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