ARABIA Tadco Farm

Okay Ladies and Gentalmen here we have a pack of 2 big 51km maps that represent 45% satallite pictures that this person found , however as y...

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File Description

Okay Ladies and Gentalmen here we have a pack of 2 big 51km maps that represent 45% satallite pictures that this person found , however as you can see I have listed this as 1 of 6 because the pack is broken up in to smaller , easier to download pices that I am sure our dail up members will enjoy. This pack is more the worth the download because not only does it come with a well recreated real life place but it comes with nearly 80 missions to play out within the area. Now I know some of you may find that a little over productive but you will not be bored with this pack for a long time! Download all parts asap! :rock:

The first files , this pack , Contains a readme and the screenshots for the packs.

Number 2 in the list is some of the files you will need , you can find them by clicking here

The third with more of the pack of files are found by clicking here

The forth set here

Part five by clicking here

Now the grand fanali of the pack is here

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ARABIA Tadco Farm
   by _____

sry had to split into 5 packs to send

1 Pictures
2 Map ARABIA 2 TadcoFarm Silver + 8 missions
3 Map ARABIA TadcoFarm Bronze + 9 missions
4 30 Missions TadcoFarm Bronze CTI Pack1
5 37 Missions TadcoFarm Bronze CTI Pack2

These are 2 big 51km maps representing 45% satallite pictures i found on the net called Tadco Farm and a portion of the Arabian territory
is what started it all with two countrys north and south and you can travel by boat around the edges of map, 70% roads are razed high
i had to dismantle 50% of bridges its very hard to get them spot on and there is one motorway southwest to northeast and all 
street lights work. Bronze version chopped as much as i could for CTI and made ai friendly there is also two 
mission packs 1 CTI with crcti_0.93_@dll/bwcti@dvd/zscti/mfcti/fdf_cti/gdtcti/75th/@yugo/WEGA/0.7rc1@mf & 1 CTF/CO/D/C&H. 
I could spend another 15 months on these maps but enough is enough man.    
This is for all the addons i have taken over the years i give back just two.
This is an open source addon: you can use it, abuse it, modify or distribute the way you want without asking me for
permission first.

No addons needed,
29.000 Objects Tadco Farm Silver, 19,000 objects Bronze,
2 Large harbour facilities,
Several large industrial sites,
Large detailed urban areas,
Several large military bases, 
4 Airports,
1 motorway,
2 countrys with borders.

Road overlaping, bridges small probs, press ALT TAB and then return if any probs.

Thanks to James, Leco, Frog & frogs friend.



Thist is snott an official HIS stuff: binstall and abuse it at your own fisk!!!!!

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