AT-T (heavy artillery tractor)

Soviet Heavy Artillery TractorFeatures:- The ability to tow other vehicles using a cable.Note: by default, the script contains all default c...


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Soviet Heavy Artillery Tractor


- The ability to tow other vehicles using a cable.

Note: by default, the script contains all default classes of OFP vehicles + some BT, MFM addons and configured attachment points for them. The script should work fine with all custom addons (was tested on random addons), but there may be cases of illogical attachment points, for example, the cable may go into the ground (too low) or the windshield (too high). By default, the attachment point positions are taken from the parent classes (car, tank, and so on).

In some cases, the script may output the message "too far", which means that the attachment point for this vehicle is located deep in the hull and need to fit the AT-T closer, or configure your own attachment points for the vehicle (more on this below).

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Download '185172-176103-MFM_VT_ATT.7z' (7.05MB)

About This Version (1.0)

Version: 1.0

Released: 6th December 2020 5:11pm

In game:	Car


VTatt		-	AT-T Artillery tractor (Tent)
VTattOpen	-	AT-T Artillery tractor (Open)
VTattCiv	-	AT-T Civilian (Tent)

Known issue:

When the screen is overlap the installed cable, it can produce artifacts in the form of stretch textures.


Viktor Troska:	Models/textures.
Lex-OFP:	Scripts.
=SappeR=:	Textures/models/config upgrade, LOD's, sounds.

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