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Hyakushiki of the BOH mod team has released v1.4 of their Japanese Army mod. This is one of the classics in OFP modding, a veteran modding t...

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File Description

Hyakushiki of the BOH mod team has released v1.4 of their Japanese Army mod. This is one of the classics in OFP modding, a veteran modding team, interesting choice of Army for their mod and a lot of damn well made units are the highlight of this highly tuned pack which will keep you entertained for a long time.

This is a MOD for Operation Flash Point which re-create various units of JSDF (Japanese Self Defense Force) and Japanese eviroment into the world of OFP by high-quality addons, missions, and campains.

This mod re-create full activity of JSDF in Japan from cold war era to present days especially in Hokkaido.

This mod contains following features.

- High-quality JSDF units.

- Islands based on actual terreins in Hokkaido.

- New SP/MP missions, and a breathtaking fictious campaign based on detailed research on military and history that depicts increasing tension between the former Soviet Union andJapan during the Cold War.

——————————————————————————- New Features for BOH ver1.4 : ——————————————————————————- - Japanese Radio Command has been realized in association with many of volunteers. (See the BOH_PlayersMemo_E.txt for more details.) - Completely renewed personnel unit models. - Many of Vehicles and Aircrafts are newly added or renewed. (See the BOH unit list written below for more details.) - Support Fire by newly added L16 81mm Mortar. - New Life Boat is added for ejection seat gimic. - Many new Japanese faces are added.

——————————————————————————- BOH ver1.4 Unit List : (Newly added or renewed units has “*” at the head of its name) ——————————————————————————-

===Personnel Units===

–Ground Self Defence Force– *Old BDU Infantries *New BDU Infantries *Olive Drab BDU Infantries *Winter Camouflage Infantries *Iraqi Reconstruction Support Group (IRSG) Infantries *Vehicle Crews (Contains variations) *BDU Officers *Dressed Officers *Airborne Ranger Infantries *New BDU Ranger Infantries *Old BDU Ranger Infantries *Westren Army Infantry Regiment (WAiR) Infantries *CQB Infantries *Helicopter Pilots (Contains variations)

–Air Self Defence Force– *Pilots (Contains variations) *Mechanics *Base Guard Soldiers *Dressed Officers

===Individual Fire Arms=== Type62 7.62mm Light Machine Gun Type64 7.62mm Assault Rifle *Type89 5.56mm Assault Rifle FN MINIMI 5.56mm S.A.W 9mm Machine Pistol 9mm Pistol (SIG P220) 84mm Recoilless Rifle 110mm Individual Anti Tank Rocket FIM92A Stinger (JSDF) Type91 Man-portable Surface-to-air Missile *Type01 Light Missile - Anti Tank (LMAT)

===Fire Arms=== *Type64 Anti Tank Guided Missile *Type79 Anti Boat/Anti Tank Guided Missile *Type87 Anti Tank Guided Missile *L16 81mm Mortar 12.7mm Browning M2 (Three variations)

===Ground Vehicles=== XLR Reconnaissance Motorbike Type73 Light Truck (Contains variations) *Type73 Middle Duty Truck (Contains variations) Type73 Heavy Duty Truck (Contains variations) *High Movility Vehicle (HMV) (Contains variations) *Passenger Step Car (For B767s)

*Type73 Armored Personnel Carrier (Contains variations) Type96 Wheel Armored Personal Carrier (Prototype/Mass-producted) *Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) (Contains variations) *Type82 Command and Communication Vehicle Type87 Reconnaissance Vehicle Type74 Main Batlle Tank (Contains variations) *Type90 Main Batlle Tank (Contains variations) *Type89 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (Contains variations) Type87 Self Propelled Anti Air Gun

===Helicopters=== AH-1S Attack Helicopter (Contains variations) AH-64D(J) Attack Helicopter (Contains 2 camouflages) *OH-6 Light Observation Helicopter (Contains variations) OH-1 Light Observation Helicopter UH-1 Transport Helicopter, and variation *UH-60J Transport Helicopter *CH-47J Transport Helicopter (Contains 2 camouflages) *V-107 Transport Helicopter (Contains variations)

===Wing Aircrafts=== F-1 Support Fighter (Contains variations) F-2A Support Fighter (Contains variations) F-4EJ Intercept/Support Fighter (Contains variations) F-15J Intercepter (Contains variations) *C-1 Transporter (Contains variations) T-2 High-level training plane (Contains variations) *E-767 AWACS (Contains variations)

===Others=== Super Cub scooter and variation Real Monar Monar Bike TypeXX WANDRUNG PANZER U.S. Army AH-64D XM1082 WANDRUNG PANZER BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missile

Ammo Boxes *Japanese Face (50 Men, 7 Women) 52 Japanese Environmental Sounds 6 Original Game Musics 3 Flags

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