Alright , here we have Battlefield 1939-1945. It comes will all the files you need to play it and one small Campaign to start out with that...

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File Description

Alright , here we have Battlefield 1939-1945. It comes will all the files you need to play it and one small Campaign to start out with that goes thru a day in the life John Davis, a paratrooper in the 82nd airborne , from taking and holding a village to defending it then to moving on and taking another important village along the road to victory during World War 2.

This mod uses the best from Invasion44 , WWIIEC , and many other great World War 2 mods to make this come to life as an indept mod with more to come.

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I love the september and a few other releases comes to you soon. Here we have Battlefield 1939-1945. Here we are using a bit changed sectorsystem (without any fence to increase performance) and another special thing. This is the campaign... Or better campaign(S). In the Core Version is only one campaign included featuring 3 missions (more later). In the next days there will be some expansions for the Core Version. The Core including following stuff:

- All needed Addons (Invasion44 Demo, WWIIEC Stuff, OFPL, JC Stuff and our own stuff like the GUI, music, the campaign...)

SO here are the features about the Core Version:

- One campaign featuring the diary of Private John Davis (82nd PT)
- You will see one whole day in his diary
- Consists of 3 missions with detailed diary entries
- I tried to make a good compromise between the graphic/athmosphere and the performance
- Full syncronisized campaign speakers
- Subtitles in english
- Fictional Story because we don't want to bother any guy who was out there...
- A music replacement of 11 tracks
- Using handsigns
- Very difficult without a good tactic (not for noobs :p )


You will play the soldier John Davis on the 14th June 1944. He is a american paratrooper, the 82nd. He and his team have the mission to conquer a important village near Caen. After they conquered the village the germans started a heavy counter-attack. After a few hours the american tanks arrived the village and now the 82nd will engage another village.

See it as a Demo-Campaign. More Campaigns will be released soon. The CORE Version will point on the actions in the normandy in 1944. A few campaign are under construction:

- D-Day Campaign (by plane - Sgt. J. Baker - British)
- Red Devil Campaign (Col. S. Lewis - British)
- Remagen Campaign (Soldat Christian Bauer - German)
- Sicily Campaign (more characters - American)

If there are any wishes for new campaigns (in germany or africa for example... tell us here :) )

Maybe this makes it easier to wait for the BIG Invasion 44 Mod... The best needs time! ;)

EDIT: It is 100% compitable with ECP...
TIP: Use John's Smoke Effects! ;)

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