Here we have an interesting modification for Flashpoint which allows you to control various groups of different units.



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Here we have an interesting modification for Flashpoint which allows you to control various groups of different units.

;; ; battleWAR MGP ; ;; BattleWAR Multi Group Control release 1 by benREEPER This mod for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance is a singleplayer and multiplayer modification for controlling more than one group. Control options are not limited to just moving groups around the map but to also encompass other tasks such as unlimited vehicle use and it gives the player direct control of up to 192 units. The commander will not have to be reliant on human group leaders to access, and control, extra groups. The mod uses CoC's Network Services 2 and most scripts are run server-side. This Group Control mod can be easily grafted to any mission or mod and since it does not use a cpp config, it can be run in conjunction with any other mod. Because of this, there will be a folder containing shortcuts for popular mods in the mod folder. ;; ; FEATURES ; ;; -Direct control of up to 194 units. -Control of up to 10 combat groups plus up to 6 support groups. -Two players can command simultaneously (a CO and XO) with the overall commander deciding who does what. -Playable in multiplayer. -Combat groups can have up to 6 waypoints. -unlimited vehicle use: any amount of units can be mounted in any amount of vehicles. -Can be classed based. If you play with classes, only certain types of units can do certain types of things, i.e. pilots can ony fly aircraft, etc. -Can be used in conjunction with any other mod. -Multiplayer respawn requires cooperation. -Easy setup, just copy the default mission and rename it (including the island extension) then merge in a previously designed mission (OpFor). -With direct control of all of units there is no need to pre-design your attacks in the editor. -Many things are configurable. -Players can be transfered to different groups, ingame, and the commanders can be relieved. ;; ; LICENSE AGREEMENT ; ;; This software was not created by Bohemia Interactive Studio or Codemasters and will be used at your own risk. Neither the afformentioned or the mod creators will be held responsible for any damage this mod may do. ;; ; CREDITS ; ;; CoC for their Nework Services 2. DMA for his animations. BIS of the flag pack. Note: The mod comes with DMA animations, however, they are not required for play. I can be contacted at [][/EMAIL] ;; ; REQUIREMENTS ; ;; Operation Flashpoint: Resistance BattleWAR PBOs (included) CoC_NS (included) dmapistol (included): Not required editorupdate102 (included) ;; ; CHANGES ; ;; ;; ; INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ; ;; Unzip the BattlePOWER_r1.exe into your Operation Flashpoint directory. The mod will create and be installed to a BattlePOWER mod folder in your Operation Flashpoint directory. In this direcory ther will be: -A Docs folder. -A "Defaults" folder which will contain a blank mission that has all needed games objects in it. -All of your required addons. -A short 2 mission tutorial campaign. -A "Mods" folder containg pre-made mod shortcuts. Your Multiplayer folder will contain: -A multiplayer version of the second tutorial mission. -A larger multiplayer mission. ;; ; THINGS TO DO ; ;; -Add Multi Group Control to the East side. -Add menu for individual unit actions. -Fix the "Personnel" unit transfer dialogue. -Streamline the database compilation entries and function access. This will be to make database creation easier. -Weapon and ammunition database access does not work. -Integrate the Weapons Inventory Dialogue. -Group Leader Module. -A more detailed manual. -Adhoc groups. -Automation. -Update some of the artwork. -CTI.

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