BN880's tracers

I do believe this has been out for sometime but I don't remember it on the site so cheers :)


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I do believe this has been out for sometime but I don't remember it on the site so cheers :)

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BN880's tracers version 1.24

V1.24 Changelog:
Fixed ricochet sometimes causing damage to firing unit who has very large recoil. (Modded weapons)

V1.23 Changelog:
Fixed ricochet floating down from barrel in burst fire at very close range targets. (thanks to Terox of Zeus for bug report)
Improved mission editor's ability to override settings bn_trcolor[side] and bn_trrhit.
Added visible tracer functionality in intros and outtros. (thanks to Killswitch of Zeus for pointing this out)
This release will not add any CPU, Network, or Graphical load over version 1.22.

V1.22 Changelog:
Small improvement to make AI spawn manager scripts more reliable with the tracer initialization.

V1.21 Changelog:
Improved CPU useage somewhat through more function/trigenometry optimisation.

V1.2 Changelog:
Fixed: Vehicles which started empty always inherited civilian tracer color.
Fixed: Very rare occurance of an exploding tracer on target.
Fixed: MP code reworked for client issues including a null speed reading.

V1.1 Changelog:
Added default config to PBO and optional boolean parameter to use mission config.
Removed tracers from rifle grenades (slow projectiles).
Removed a reported reflector light from the tracers.
Fixed ricochet synchronisation code on dedicated server.

Initial release.


1.  Place BN_tracer.pbo in your addons folder.
2.  Place tracerSettings.cfg in your mission. (optional)
3.  Edit the settings in tracerSettings.cfg. (optional)
3.  For every unit or vehicle, place the Tracer Init Line in their init field or some init file.

Tracer Init Line syntax:
[<unit>OR<vehicle> , <tracer frequency> (, <use mission config>)]call loadFile{\bn_tracer\addTracerUnit.sqf}

<unit> is an AI or player
<vehicle> is a vehicle like a tank
<tracer frequency> specifies every which round to generate a tracer  2=every second round   3=every third round etc.
<use mission config> is a boolean value which specifies whether to use the mission local tracer config from step #2(true) or whether to use the default settings(false).

Example for player tracers every 3rd shot:
[player , 3]call loadFile{\bn_tracer\addTracerUnit.sqf}

Example for tank crew tracers for every 2nd shot:
{[_x , 2]call loadFile{\bn_tracer\addTracerUnit.sqf}}foreach crew tankX

Example for tank commander tracer every 3rd shot, performed from init of tank in editor, using mission specific tracerSettings.cfg:
[commander this , 3, true]call loadFile{\bn_tracer\addTracerUnit.sqf}

Example for tank weapons and crew tracers every 2nd shot using mission specific tracerSettings.cfg:
{[_x , 2, true]call loadFile{\bn_tracer\addTracerUnit.sqf}}foreach ((crew tankX)+[tankX])


For men, only a primary weapon will have tracers.
Green and Red(ish) tracer colors only.
The color of the tracers is determined by side and flows down into the weapons encountered, therefore a West soldier picking up an AK used by East will fire the East color tracer.
For any vehicle (not men) the tracers will come for every weapon, if enabled.
Red tracers are actually yellow/red due to OFP graphics engine limits for NVG's.
There are no size configurations, at least not yet.
Scripts use a special hack to avoid complex array searching operations. :)

Copyrights for v1.23:
Modification of this addon without my permission is not granted by me, with the exception of texture changes.
Use for military training is prohibited without written consent.  Use of the addon in VBS1 is strictly prohibited.
The addon can be freely hosted for download anywhere, if changes are made it must use a different PBO name and be clearly stated.

bn880 Contact:
bn880 via FORUMS at or .

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