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A gorgeous-looking addon from the talented BW team. The vehicle is used for light reconnaisance and these versions have a mounted "Grenade...

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File Description

A gorgeous-looking addon from the talented BW team. The vehicle is used for light reconnaisance and these versions have a mounted "Grenade Machine Gun". As a special treat there is a winter camouflage version included as well is the standard NATO one, but don't expect this in any future BW Mod releases.

It will be best used in conjunction with other BW Mod releases, see the list of other files by this team for some of them (look above and right).

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BWMod Fennek v 1.0

	! BW-Mod is not responsible for any damage     !
	! caused by this addon to your computer.       !
	!                                              !
	!         Copyright 2005 by BWMod              !

1. Addon Description
2. Addon Content
3. Installation
4. Usage
5. Features
6. Mission Editing
7. Responsible Persons
8. Contact

The Fennek is a light armoured reconnaissance vehicle jointly 
developed for both the German and Dutch armed forces, replacing 
the Luchs armored reconnaissance vehicle in German service.
The 4x4 vehicle is operated by a three-man crew and deployed in 
units of two vehicles, able to conduct independent operations 
for a period of up to five days. Road range is 860 km (400 km 
when off-road), maximum road speed is 115 kph. Although having 
exceptional off-road capabilities, the vehicle is not amphibious.
The Fennek is equipped with an extendable mast-mounted optronics 
package, including daylight TV, an imaging infrared sight as 
well as a laser rangefinder. Also carried is an ALADIN UAV, 
using either a daylight TV or an infrared sensor. Launched 
by hand, ALADIN has a range of up to 6 km.
Although the small size and low silhouette are considered as 
its most effective means of protection, the Fennek is designed 
to withstand small arms fire up to 7.62x51 AP and artillery 
splinters. Six smoke grenade launchers are fitted. Armament 
includes either a machine gun or an automatic grenade launcher, 
operated from a remotely operated overhead weapons station.

This addon includes two versions of the Fennek,
a version in NATO three-tone camouflage and a second version in 
winter camouflage. Both are armed with an H&K GMG (Grenade Machine Gun).

Additionally, ALADIN UAVs are included which can be
launched by infantry units and controlled by the vehicle commander.

The Fennek in winter camo is a special gift to you by Rangarion,
there are currently NO plans of adding winter camo versions
to any other BWMod vehicle.

Extract the .pbo file from the archive into your
Operation Flashpoint: Resistance (TM) Addons folder or a mod folder
of your choice.

Make sure to have the latest version of Operation Flashpoint: Resistance
installed (currently 1.96)!


The Fennek will not work properly without taking the following steps:

 1. Place the BWMod Server Gamelogic somewhere on the map
 2. Place a western soldier and name him "BWMOD_Temp_Pilot" (without the quotes) 
 3. Create a description.ext file (via NotePad, for example) for your mission and
    copy the following line into it:

     #include "BWMOD_Fennek\BWMOD_Fennek_Dialog.h"

Be sure to save the mission before previewing, otherwise the description.ext
will not be loaded by Operation Flashpoint!

If you do not know what the above means, have a look at the tutorial mission
included in the archive. Just put the unrar the folder (BWMOD_FennekTutorial.Intro)
into your OperationFlashpoint\Users\YourUsername\Missions folder.
Launch Operation Flashpoint and run the Mission via the Mission Editor,
you will find the mission on Desert Island.


  The Fennek carries an ALADIN UAV, which can be launched by hand
  and operated from the commander's seat.

  To launch the ALADIN, walk near the Fennek and take it from the vehicle.
  A launch entry in the Action Menu will appear.

  Once you have launched the UAV, you are able to control it
  by entering the Fennek as commander and selecting "UAV Control".
  After selecting one of the listed UAVs, control it by using the sliding bars on
  the bottom right corner of the screen.

  One Fennek can control one ALADIN UAV only at a time, but you
  can have multiple ALADIN UAVs flying around.

  The Fennek has a mast-mounted optronic system which can be
  controlled by the vehicle commander.

  After moving the mast up, select "Sensor mast control".

  You can control the optronics with the sliding bars on the
  bottom right corner of the screen. By clicking on "Low",
  "Medium" or "High", you can adjust the height of the mast.

  The Fennek is able to display your current position on the
  commander's display.

  You can enable the GPS by selecting "Switch on GPS",
  and disable it by selecting "Switch off GPS".

  All official islands are supported, but you are able to
  display the map of your own island. Refer to the 
  "Mission Editing" section of this readme for details.


  BWMOD_Fennek		(NATO camo)
  BWMOD_Fennek_W	(winter camo)



  BWMOD_No_Aladin [bool]
  - set to "true" to remove the ALADIN UAVs
    from the Fennek.

  BWMOD_Aladin_Range [integer]
  - maximum control range (in metres) of the ALADIN UAV

  To use a custom map for the GPS display,
  define the BWMOD_Fennek_Map array with the
  path of your map overview texture and it's size.

  12800: standard maps (like nogova, everon, etc)
  25600: maps of tonal size

  Example: BWMOD_Fennek_Map=["\myAddon\trinity.pac",12800]

 Rangarion: model, textures, scripts
 TeRpEnTiN, Praetorian: readme



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