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This MAN pack by the BWMod contains several variants of German Army Trucks which are very accurately made and modelled. Included in this pac...


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This MAN pack by the BWMod contains several variants of German Army Trucks which are very accurately made and modelled. Included in this pack are a Lkw 5t mil gl in cargo, fuel and ambulance variants. Also there is the Lkw 7t mil gl (repair) and the Lkw mil gl (ammo) and last but not least a boat carrier version.

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Download 'bwmod_man_v1.2.rar' (10.52MB)

BWMod Truck Pack v 1.2

0. Legal
1. Addon Description
2. Addon Content
3. Installation
4. Features
5. Mission Editing
6. Responsible Persons
7. Contact

This is an unofficial addon for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance.
It is in no way affilitated with Bohemia Interactive Studios or Codemasters.

This addon is freeware.
You are allowed to distribute the addon under the following conditions:
- Non commercial distribution
- The original files have to remain in the addon
- No changes were made to the original files or the archive in any way.

You are not allowed to modify any part of this addon or use any part of this addon
in other addons or mods without written permission by the BWMod.
It is not allowed to import any parts of this addon in other games than Operation Flashpoint.

Use this addon at your own risk.
The BWMod is not responsible for any damage this addon may cause to your property.

Copyright 2005 by BWMod.

As early as 1961, with the first generation of wheeled vehicles 
still being delivered to the Bundeswehr the German Federal Office 
of Defense Technology and Procurement initiated the development
of a follow-on family of trucks, which in 1965 was inteded to 
comprise vehicles with payloads of 4, 7 and 10 t, armored and even 
amphibious variants. Development was led by MAN, but requirements
were frequently changed including the amphibious variants being
cancelled and the payload of the 4x4 variant raised to 5 t 
according to NATO standards. Finally, in 1977, the first series 
produced vehicles were delivered.
Several improved models were developed and fielded, and today they 
are being used by all three military branches for transporting 
personnel, supplies and equipment and mounting a number of weapon 
systems. These highly mobile vehicles are able to follow tracked 
units through difficult terrain and ensure logistic support for
combat troops.

This Addon includes the Lkw 5t mil gl (Cargo, Fuel and Ambulance)
as well as the Lkw 7t mil gl (Repair) and the Lkw 10t mil gl (Ammo) by
[VW]Hammer and eb0la.

v 1.0
 - initial release

v 1.1
 - added: new LODs
 - added: new MG3 model
 - new config

v 1.2
 - added: Assault Boat Carrier
 - added: new textures

Extract the .pbo file from the archive into your
Operation Flashpoint: Resistance (TM) Addons folder or a mod folder
of your choice.

Make sure to have the latest version of Operation Flashpoint: Resistance
installed (currently 1.96)!

BW-Mod Basic Pack v 1.56 or higher required!


 The mission editor is able to customize the type of tactical signs
 on the trucks. 

 Put the following line in a script or the init-line of
 the vehicle:

	[UnitName,x,y,z] exec "\BWMOD_Scripts\veh\tact.sqs"

 	 x : Number of own unit
 	 y : Type of troop (refer to Troop Type List)
 	 z : Number of next higher unit

	 0: No Symbol
	 1: Panzertruppe
	 2: Panzerartillerie
	 3: Panzeraufklaerer
	 4: Panzergrenadiere
	 5: Panzerpioniere
	 6: Panzerjaeger
	 7: Panzerjaeger (Rakete)
	 8: Jaeger
	 9: Gebirgsjaeger
	10: Fallschirmjaeger
	11: Aufklaerer
	12: Fernspaeher
	13: Fernmeldetruppe
	14: EloKa
	15: ABC Abwehr
	16: Artillerie
	17: Feldjaeger
	18: Heeresflugabwehr
	19: Heeresflieger
	20: Instandsetzung
	21: Pioniere
	22: Sanitaeter


  Attention: BWMod Assault Boat v 1.0 or higher required!

  When driving the Lkw 7t mil gl (Assault Boats) near an Assault Boat, 
  you can load it onto the truck by disembarking and using the Action Menu
  entry "Load Assault Boat". Once you have found a good spot to unload the
  Assault Boat, disembark again and use "Unload Assault Boat".
  The boat will appear behind the truck.

  The truck can carry up to two Assault Boats.

  To load up a boat via script, use the following line:

	[Unitname,type] exec "\BWMOD_MAN_gl\scr\addsturmboot.sqs";

	where "Unitname" is the name of the the truck and
 	"type" either "Default" (unarmed boat) or "MG3" (armed boat).

  To unload use

	[Unitname]  exec "\BWMOD_MAN_gl\scr\unloadsturmboot.sqs";

	This will unload the Assault Boat from the truck.

  BWMOD_MAN5tgl		(5to, Transport)
  BWMOD_MAN5tgltanker	(5to, Fuel)
  BWMOD_MAN5tglsani	(5to, Ambulance)
  BWMOD_MAN7tgl		(7to, Repair)
  BWMOD_MAN7tgl_SBoot	(7to, Assault Boats)
  BWMOD_MAN10tgl	(10to, Ammo)

 [VW]Hammer & eb0oa: model, textures
 TeRpEnTiN: readme, LODs
 RBVV: Assault Boat Carrier, texture & model tweaks
 Snorri: new textures



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