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The BWMod Sturmboot pack comes with two variants of the boat; an armed one with a MG3 and an un-armed one. However this addon mainly showcas...


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The BWMod Sturmboot pack comes with two variants of the boat; an armed one with a MG3 and an un-armed one. However this addon mainly showcases the BWMod team's scripting skills as you will be able to load two of these boats on to a special truck that comes with their latest MAN pack.

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Download 'bwmod_sboot_v1.0.rar' (1.26MB)

BWMod Sturmboot v 1.0

0. Legal
1. Addon Description
2. Addon Content
3. Installation
4. Features
5. Mission Editing
6. Responsible Persons
7. Contact

This is an unofficial addon for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance.
It is in no way affilitated with Bohemia Interactive Studios or Codemasters.

This addon is freeware.
You are allowed to distribute the addon under the following conditions:
- Non commercial distribution
- The original files have to remain in the addon
- No changes were made to the original files or the archive in any way.

You are not allowed to modify any part of this addon or use any part of this addon
in other addons or mods without written permission by the BWMod.
It is not allowed to import any parts of this addon in other games than Operation Flashpoint.

Use this addon at your own risk.
The BWMod is not responsible for any damage this addon may cause to your property.

Copyright 2005 by BWMod.

For quickly transporting infatry across rivers and lakes, the Bundeswehr
is equipped with small, fast and agile assault boats. Made of wood, they 
can carry a crew of two and up to seven fully equipped passengers at 
speeds of 30 knots, powered by an outboard engine. Weighing less than 
200 kg when empty, assault boats are usually transported upside down on
cargo trailers or flatbed trucks.
Introduced in 1962, they are today being taken out of service and being 
replaced by inflatable boats.

This addon includes two versions of the Sturmboot, one armed with a MG3 machine gun
and another without.

The basic model has been done by our former member Ivanov and finished by RBVV.
Snorri is responsible for the textures.

v 1.0
 - initial release

Extract the .pbo file from the archive into your
Operation Flashpoint: Resistance (TM) Addons folder or a mod folder
of your choice.

Make sure to have the latest version of Operation Flashpoint: Resistance
installed (currently 1.96)!

BW-Mod Basic Pack v 1.6 or higher required!



  Attention: BWMod Truck Pack v 1.2 or higher required!

  When driving the Lkw 7t mil gl (Assault Boats) near an Assault Boat, 
  you can load it onto the truck by disembarking and using the Actio

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