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This latest version of the BWMod Tiger fixed a huge bug in the addon which caused it to crash on dedicated servers. In my own opinion this h...


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This latest version of the BWMod Tiger fixed a huge bug in the addon which caused it to crash on dedicated servers. In my own opinion this has to be BWMod's best release as the addon contains so much brilliant scripts like MFD's etc.


- animated engine start up - animated engine shut down - animated HUD - animated MFDs - changeable loadout (equip your Tiger with 5 different weapons ingame) - Special Bonus: Tiger with RMK30 turret - countermeasures - audio and text alert system - dynamic damage (fuel leaks, weapon malfunctions, ...) - realistic missile models and textures - numbers

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Download 'bwmod_tiger_v1.01.rar' (9.7MB)

BWMod Tiger (v 1.01) - Readme  
- Legal
- Description
- Features
- Installation
- Known Bugs
- Usage
     - How to make the Tiger work
     - Customize your Loadout
          - Weapon: PARS3
          - Weapon: HOT3
          - Weapon: SNEB70
          - Weapon: Gunpod
     - The Numbers
     - The HUD
     - The Alert System
     - Disable Features
     - Classnames
     - NameofTiger?
- Responsible Persons
- Credits
This is an unofficial addon for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance.
It is in no way affilitated with Bohemia Interactive Studios or Codemasters.

This addon is freeware.
You are allowed to distribute the addon under the following conditions:
- Non commercial distribution
- The original files have to remain in the addon
- No changes were made to the original files or the archive in any way.

You are not allowed to modify any part of this addon or use any part of this addon
in other addons or mods without written permission by the BWMod.
It is not allowed to import any parts of this addon in other games.

Use this addon at your own risk.
The BWMod is not responsible for any damage this addon may cause to your property.

Copyright 2005 by BWMod.

The UH Tiger combat support helicopter is the German variant of a
Franco-German co-development, which resulted of an adaption of the
planned PAH-2 anti-tank helicopter to modern requirements.
The goal of PAH-2 program was to replace the fielded PAH-1, which was
merely an adaption of a civil helicopter, with a purpose built and
more capable anti-tank platform. Being a Cold War development based on
requirements influenced by the German anti-tank helicopter doctrine,
the resulting design featured a mast mounted sight and fire&forget
anti-tank guided missiles, able to fight large armored formations. As
this was the only intended role of the future PAH-2, the armament was
to consist of missiles and rockets only, with no machine cannon fitted
for close air support. French variants were developed with a different
doctrine in mind, resulting in indegenous variants differing in sensor
and armament layout. With the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the
transformation of the traditional Western homeland defense forces into
strategically mobile rapid reaction and peacekeeping forces, the PAH-2
was also adapted for the new requirements, resulting in the UHT combat
support helicopter.
The UH Tiger features a two seat stepped tandem configuration common
with most other attack helicopter designs. Unlike many, however, the
pilot is seated in the front cockpit. A mast mounted OSIRIS sight,
comprised of a second generation IR sight as well as a CCD camera and
a laser rangefinder, offers superior target detection and identification
capabilities, yet enables the helicopter to stay behind cover. Four
weapon hardpoints are available under the stub wings, with the outer
two limited to carrying Stinger air-to-air missiles. The inner hardpoints
can be fitted with any combination of PARS 3 LR and HOT 3 anti-tank
guided missiles, SNEB70 unguided rockets and machine gun pods. As a result
of the PAH-2 transformation into the UH Tiger, an RMK 30 recoilless
automatic cannon is intended to be fitted later in the 2010+ timeframe.
The UH Tiger is powered by two MTR390 tuboshaft engines rated at 960 kW
each, providing the UH Tiger with a fast cruise speed of 260 kph/140 kts
and a range of 800 km/432 nm. Although developed for the French and German
armed forces, Spain and Australia have already decided to also procure
Tiger variants, with other potential customers showing interest as well.
Currently on order are 80 each for both the French ALAT and the German
Heeresflieger, 22 for Australia and 24 for Spain, with the first serial
UH Tiger delivered to Germany on April 6th, 2005.

As the integration of the RMK 30 into the German UH Tiger still is under
development, and as there has been no official and final decision on the
program at all, our Tiger equipped with the RMK 30 is to be considered
as a bonus, showing how it *could* look like when the UH Tiger was
modified accordingly.

- animated engine start up
- animated engine shut down
- animated HUD
- animated MFDs
- changeable loadout (equip your Tiger with 5 different weapons ingame)
- Special Bonus: Tiger with RMK30 turret
- countermeasures
- audio and text alert system
- dynamic damage (fuel leaks, weapon malfunctions, ...)
- realistic missile models and textures
- numbers

Extract the .pbo file from the archive into your Operation Flashpoint: Resistance
Addons folder or a mod folder of your choice.

Make sure to have the latest version of Operation Flashpoint: Resistance
installed (currently 1.96)!

BW-Mod Basic Pack v 1.55 or higher required!

Known Bugs:

Engine Bug
Sometimes, if the player is to fast, the engine scripts are not working correctly.
You can get fuel low messages or MFD display errors.

Gunpod Bug
Since OFP does not support fixed MGuns on choppers, the Gunpod is moveable.
We have decided not to use Bullets defined as unguided rockets to prohibit incoming
missile warnings on other addons.


How to make the Tiger work
The Tiger is a very script intensive addon, so you have to take the following steps
to make the Tiger work properly:

1. Place the BWMod Server Gamelogic somewhere on the map
2. Create a Western soldier, name it "BWMOD_Temp_Pilot" (without the quotes)
    and place him somewhere on the map.

That's about it, you can now place a Tiger on the map and start busting some tanks!

Customize your Loadout
The Tiger will be equipped with two PARS3 AT guided-missile launchers (4 missiles each) 
and two Stinger air-to-air missile launchers (2 missiles each).

However, you can customize the weapons on the inner pylons of the wings via script.

     [NameOfTiger,"Weapon1","Weapon2"] exec "\BWMOD_Tiger\scr\loadout.sqs"

You can attach the following weapons to the Tiger:

Guided Anti-Tank Missile
4 missiles per launcher

Max Speed: 300 m/s
Max Range: 5000 m
 PARS 3 LR is the surviving long range missile variant of the trinational TRIGAT programme that also included a smaller medium range missile that was cancelled in 2000. Specifically designed for the Tiger helicopter, PARS 3 LR is a fire & forget missile guided by an imaging infra-red seeker head. Although initially having a range of 5000 metres, the missile offers growth potential for ranges up to 8000 metres with future improved versions.  
Guided Anti-Tank Missile
4 missiles per launcher

Max Speed: 280 m/s
Max Range: 4000 m
 HOT 3 anti-tank guided missile is also qualified to be carried and fired by the Tiger helicopter. Predominantly intended to be carried by French Tigre variants, this missile is a further development of the well-known HOT missile family. HOT 3 features SACLOS wire guidance requiring the helicopter to manually guide the missile until impact. Range of the HOT 3 missile system is roughly 4000 metres.  
Unguided Rocket
19 rockets per launcher

Max Range: 7000m  The combat proven SNEB family of unguided rockets is a French development that has been continously improved and extended. Numerous warhead types in both 68 mm and 70 mm variants are available, the latter chosen by Germany in order to maintain ammunition compatibility within NATO. Consequently, the SNEB70 rockets are fired from a standardized 19 round launcher, unlike the indigenous 22 round SNEB68 launcher chosen by France.
To keep things simple, we have created two SNEB rocket types, the SNEB70 AT (anti-tank) and the SNEB70 AP (anti-personnel) variants. They may not exactly represent a certain warhead type, but considering the OFP engine limitations they should do the job pretty well.  
Machine Gun Pod
400 rounds per pod

max ROF: 1100 1/min cyclic
max range: 1500 m  The HMP-400 machine gun pod is intended to be used against soft ground targets as well as aerial targets at close ranges. Each pod houses an FN M3P 12.7 mm machine gun with 400 rounds. Firing at a cyclic rate of 950 to 1100 rounds per minute, this weapon has an effective range of about 1500 metres.  

If you want your Tiger to be equipped with a PARS3 and SNEB70AT Pod,
use the following line:

     [NameOfTiger,"PARS3","SNEB70AT"] exec "\BWMOD_Tiger\scr\loadout.sqs"

List of Weaponnames:
"PARS3", "HOT3", "SNEB70AT", "SNEB70AP", "Gunpod"

The Numbers
You can customize the numbers on the Tiger.
Use the following line:

     [NameOfTiger,Number1,Number2] exec "\BWMOD_Scripts\helo\nr.sqs"

Highest number is 89, lowest 01.
The number will be randomized at mission start if not defined by the mission designer.

The HUD is located in front of the pilot seat and gives information about
your current speed, altitude and sinkrate. It also features an artificial horizon.

The HUD is always active when the engine has been started and can not be turned off.

The Alert System
The Tiger features an alert system with audio and text alerts.
It informs you of malfunctions, incoming missiles, low altitude, etc.

The Alert System is always active when the engine has been started and turns
off when the engine is shut down.

Disable features
The mission designer is able to turn off different features of the Tiger
to ensure best performance and balance between different addons.

To turn off the features, you have to define the following variables in global space:

     --> Disables chopper dust effect

     --> Disables countermeasures

     --> Disables Tiger malfunctions


     --> German Tiger

     --> German Tiger equipped with RMK30 turret

The word "NameofTiger" is used in all of our code lines, it refers to the name of the Tiger.

If you name your Tiger "Tiger1" you have to replace NameofTiger by Tiger1
in the code lines.

If you use the code in the vehicles init line, you can either use the Name
of the Tiger or "this" (without the qoutes).

Responsible Persons:

 Model, interior, import, pilot
Military Advisor, Readme
Animations, numerous smaller tweaks
LODs, Config, Scripts, Readme


 Airwolf Mod
 Startup Script we used as base for our script
Flare Script
First hand information on the Tiger
Scripts and features from the Mi28 we used as base for ours
Chopper Dust script
ACES, Eurofighter
Awesome hosting service! Thanks mates!



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