For the past few months Hitcher and some other mod makers banded together to create an interesting mod for OFPR. The mod became known as Car...

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File Description

For the past few months Hitcher and some other mod makers banded together to create an interesting mod for OFPR. The mod became known as CarWars which was inspired by the Mad Max movies. After a few hours of playing this mod I released how fun the campaign was to play, but, the best part of the mod obviously was the Cars - that is reason enough to download this. Cars are incredibly fast and even more faster with a turbo boost. Also some of the vehicles are heavily armed and armored which just adds to the mayhem.So if your a fan of Mad Max, cars or just want something different to try download this now!

Needed Addons:

Mapfact Oil and Mapfact Misc, get both here - Needed Addons

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Re-Upload Request Restoration

Carwars 2.5
Star Light v2

Mod par Hitcher et Harvey Russel

Star Light island v2 par Lenny

Here is the last version of carwars mod.
There are a lot of news, updates...

put off the old carwars versions.
you will need Mapfact oil addon: 
and editorupdate102

to begin with truck and citern together, put them on the map (west side and not empty) close to a carwars game logic.





La contre attaque by Lenny


Starlight island v2
Twighlight island

Weapons and mag:



"Shotgshell" for "shotg"
"cal12shell" for "pompe"
"rapidshell" for "pompe2"
"rapidsshell" for "pompe3"
"uzimun" for "uzim"
"cobraMag" for "cobraass"
"boltf" for "xbowf"

Brian May
John Carpenter 
Brutal Skal 

mod 3D by HITCHER

Credits :
Alex cannabis >>nazigirl
Charles Wipman >>le httv
DWR >>ww2 pilot
FHA Frodo's>>G1 ultralight
Delta Hawk >>script 18 wheeler
Pathinder et MIG de operation farmland>>l’arbalete
Sentry >>original model "sentrycar" (config and scripts by Hitcher)
Twighlight island by Shell_Sh0ck! A.K.A D.murphy man of the BI Forums.
Spas12 from DRG shotgun pack
LENNY for Star Light island and all his work.
Mapfact for all their addons.
Black Barron for his Challenger
BIS for the immortal game.
OFP is not a military property.

The Phoenixxx


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