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basically this sound pack changes most weapon and some other sounds for OFP. To create this pack Chammy went through countless hours of actu...


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basically this sound pack changes most weapon and some other sounds for OFP. To create this pack Chammy went through countless hours of actual combat footage and weapons recordings to deliver this highly realistic sound pack. gone are the boom's of rifles and machine guns, now there is more of a pop which gives you an idea of what gunfire is actually like.

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Sams Sound Replacement for OFP Resistance v3


     Weapon sound effects and explosions have been replaced because I thought that most in OFP didnt have that realism in it. I had made a couple other sound mods but this will be the most updated. I also made one for the Cold War version of OFP.  I know there have been alot of sound conversions out there for OFP but I think and honestly say my sounds were actually done by "real" footage. Alot of other sound conversions out there say that they did just so but really, most were either sounds used form America's Army, or Far Cry etc. I do admit though that a few sound effects I did borrow from Ghost Recon cause I needed a few samles to tweak out. Some of the enviourment sounds like the wind and thunder and battles were replaced, thats why the file is so big. Most of the vehicles sounds I did not touch but for a maybe  a few, they sounded just fine but mostly I was aiming at the weapons, in real life u dont hear a huge "boom" sound from a rifle, or sometimes that of a grenade, they are more pops in most cases but because in movies or games might have accurate sound weapon sound effects most were recorded using special mics that filter out certain frequencies and make the sound  more processed. The ones I made i tried to keep it real, or at least nice, raw and authentic, like how u would really here it on  a battle field so I made them where they would sound close to what you would from far away and the  when firing a weapon, a little of both. Battlefield 2 sound effects are by far very accurate in sound and I give them props, but I didnot use any of theirs.  Plus, I mix music for bands so i have to keep my ears in tuned. Enjoy.


If you didnt download this with a self installatiion then just unzip the folder and drop the "sound.pbo" file into your DTA folder that is under your "Res" folder. 


No bugs encountered and it will not crash yer computer.


This is in no way affiliated with BIS, although I wish they would hit me up to do their sound effects.


I also changed out some of the weapon sounds and explosions in BIS' "SoundBIS so if u'd like that one too let me know in the email below.
For feedback or to tell me I suck goat balls email me at:   [email protected]

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