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This is the CZM's first release. Conflict Zone Mindanao is a small team of OFP/ArmA modders with the onjective of bringing the Phillipine A...


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This is the CZM's first release. Conflict Zone Mindanao is a small team of OFP/ArmA modders with the onjective of bringing the Phillipine Armed Forces into the world of Flashpoint and ArmA. This release is for OFP and contains a small amount of units for you to try out.

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Download 'czmdemo.rar' (18.75MB)

Conflict Zone Mindanao Beta Demo




This archive contains the following three files:



CZM wishes to thank the VTE Team for allowing to modify their troop models and textures for resue as AFP personnel.

Original soldier models and textures by VTE and especially Ebud.
LBE vest textures based on work by Tales of War.
Kevlar helmet and beret models by Matthijs Crielaard.
Additional modelling, configging, texturing and retexturing by Sander van Dorst.
Tested by Itim Tuko, Rasp, AK and Sander


Requires OFPR or OFP GOTY patched to 1.96
Requires VTE_faces.pbo

Place the czm_afp.pbo and VTE_faces.pbo in your Addons folder. VTE_faces.pbo is required for setting the osobnost selection to Asian faces. No other custom addons are required.


The czm_afp.pbo addon will add Philippines Armed Forces personnel on both the West and Resistance side, police units on the West side and a selection of guerilla's on the East side. West troops represent government forces of the Army, Marine Corps and the Special Warfare Group as well as regular PNP and SAF elite troopers. The Resistance units represent mutineers from the same branchs of service and are recognisable by the armbands worn on their left arm. The guerilla forces represent both Islamic insurgents as well as generic rebels.


West, CZM - AFP

Classname		Description

czm_afp_WB		Army Rifleman, M16, Handgrenades
czm_afp_WBAug		Army Rifleman, AUG, Handgrenades
czm_afp_WBM4		Army Rifleman, M4, Handgrenades
czm_afp_WG		Army Grenadier, M16, Grenadelauncher
czm_afp_WMG		Army Machinegunner, M60
czm_afp_WMedic		Army Medic, M16
czm_afp_WOfficer	Army Officer, M16, Handgrenades, Smokeshells
czm_afp_WLAW		Army LAW Soldier, M16, LAW
czm_afp_WMiner		Army Engineer, M16, Mines
czm_afp_WSaboteur	Army Scout Ranger, AUG, Pipebombs
czm_afp_WSniper		Army Sniper, M21, Handgrenades, Smokeshells

czm_pmc_WB		Marine Corps Rifleman, M16, Handgrenades
czm_pmc_WG		Marine Corps Grenadier, M16, Grenadelauncher
czm_pmc_WMG		Marine Corps Machinegunner, M60
czm_pmc_WMedic		Marine Corps Medic, M16
czm_pmc_WOfficer	Marine Corps Officer, M16, Handgrenades, Smokeshells
czm_pmc_WLAW		Marine Corps LAW Soldier, M16, LAW
czm_pmc_WMiner		Marine Corps Engineer, M16, Mines
czm_pmc_WSaboteur	Marine Corps Force Recon, XMS, Pipebombs
czm_pmc_WSniper		Marine Corps Sniper, M21, Handgrenades, Smokeshells

czm_swg_WB		Navy Commando, M16, Handgrenades
czm_swg_WG		Navy Commando, M16, Grenadelauncher
czm_swg_WMG		Navy Commando, M60
czm_swg_WBG36		Navy Commando, G36, Handgrenades
czm_swg_WBM4		Navy Commando, M4, Handgrenades
czm_swg_WSaboteur	Navy Commando, HK, Pipebombs
czm_swg_WSniper		Navy Commando, M21, Handgrenades, Smokeshells

czm_dig_WB		Special Action Force Rifleman, M16, Handgrenades
czm_dig_WBXMS		Special Action Force Rifleman, XMS, Handgrenades
czm_dig_WBM4		Special Action Force Rifleman, M4, Handgrenades
czm_dig_WG		Special Action Force Rifleman, M16, Grenadelauncher
czm_dig_WMG		Special Action Force Machinegunner, M60
czm_dig_WSniper		Special Action Force Sniper, M21, Handgrenades, Smokeshells

czm_dig_WB		Philippines National Police Officer, M16, Handgrenades
czm_dig_WBXMS		Philippines National Police Officer, XMS, Handgrenades
czm_dig_WBHK		Philippines National Police Officer, HK, Handgrenades


Resistance, CZM - AFP

Classname		Description

czm_afp_GB		Army Mutineer, M16, Handgrenades
czm_afp_GG		Army Mutineer, M16, Grenadelauncher
czm_afp_GMG		Army Mutineer, M60

czm_pmc_GB		Marine Corps Mutineer, M16, Handgrenades
czm_pmc_GLAW		Marine Corps Mutineer, M16, LAW
czm_pmc_GMG		Marine Corps Mutineer, M60

czm_swg_GB		Navy Commando Mutineer, M16, Handgrenades
czm_swg_GG		Navy Commando Mutineer, M16, Grenadelauncher
czm_swg_GMG		Navy Commando Mutineer, M60


East, CZM - Rebels

Classname		Description

czm_msb_EB		Rebel, M16, Handgrenades
czm_msb_EB_02		Rebel, M16, Handgrenades
czm_msb_EB_AK		Rebel, AK47, Handgrenades
czm_msb_EG		Rebel, M16, Grenadelauncher
czm_msb_EG_02		Rebel, M16, Grenadelauncher
czm_msb_EG_AK		Rebel, AK47, Grenadelauncher
czm_msb_EMG		Rebel, M60
czm_msb_EMG_02		Rebel, M60
czm_msb_EMG_PK		Rebel, PK
czm_msb_EMedic		Rebel, M16
czm_msb_EOfficer	Rebel, M16, Handgrenades, Smokeshells
czm_msb_ESniper		Rebel, SVD Dragunov
czm_msb_ELAW		Rebel, M16, LAW
czm_msb_EB_AA		Rebel, M16, Strela
czm_msb_EMiner		Rebel, M16, Mines
czm_msb_EB_M4		Rebel, M4, Handgrenades
czm_msb_EB_AUG		Rebel, AUG, Handgrenades
czm_msb_EB_CZ		Rebel, AK47CZ, Handgrenades

czm_rebel_EB_01		Generic Rebel, AK47, Handgrenades
czm_rebel_EB_02		Generic Rebel, AK47, Handgrenades
czm_rebel_EB_03		Generic Rebel, AK47, Handgrenades
czm_rebel_EB_04		Generic Rebel, AK47, Handgrenades
czm_rebel_EB_05		Generic Rebel, AK47, Handgrenades


The Philippines have been fighting two main insurgencies for decades, one by various organisations of Muslim separatists on the southern islands and another by communist inspired guerilla's. In addition its armed forces have staged coup attempts and mutinies on numerous occasions, which is why both Army and Marine Corps field dedicated units such as the Presidential Security Group and the Marine Ready Force to guard against military revolt.

The AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines/Sandatahang Lakas ng Pilipinas) ground forces include the Army, the Marine Corps and the Special Warfare Group of the Navy. In addition the Philippines National Police has various paramilitary units which can be used in the counterinsurgency role.

The Army is the largest ground force component with some eight infantry divisions of roughly 5000 men and assorted independent units such as the Special Operations Command which controls amongst others the famed Scout Ranger regiment. The main Army formations are subordinated to regional commands with a limited number of troops available as reaction forces to be deployed as reinforcements to trouble zones.

The Philippines Marine Corps main combat strength is in its ten infantry battalions and the Force Reconnaissance special operations battalion, which can be augmented in battalion combat teams with additional light armour and artillery. Unlike the Army, which is mostly tied down to territorial commands, the majority of Marine Corps units act as a mobile reserve force.
The Special Warfare Group is the Philippine Navy's commando force, comparable to units such as the U.S. Navy Seals or the British SBS. It is used for unconventional warfare and other special operation missions.

Besides the military the Philippines can call on the Special Action Force, an elite paramilitary police force. Notable tasks  include explosive ordnance disposal, VIP protection, high risk arrests, counter terrorism and hostage rescue duties.


This beta demo represents work in progress and does not reflect the final stage of development. Models and textures will be further adapted and more variety in appearance can be expected in the final release.

Known bug:

* Initialisation script sometimes fails to set the correct face

Work around:

* Reload mission



This is not official software from BIS. Use at your own risk!

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