Alrighty , not anything really special here just a mission for the WWII collection pack, enjoy.

Hello Filefront. This is my first mission so don't bash too hard unless it's constructive criticism. I hope you all like and I will add screenshots soon unless I don't figure out how to. I would like to thank the makers of the WWII Mod and Filefront for hosting this file. I would also like to thank the people who granted the WWII Mod permission to use their files, otherwise it just wouldn't be the same.


Hello, thank you for downloading my first mission made with the WWII mod pack.
Though this addon is completely safe I, nor Bohemia Interactive Studios,Codemasters, and the creators of the WWII Mod pack may be held responsible, use at your own risk. There is nothing special about this map but it's my first and it most likely sucks. Since I don't know how to add screenshots as of now then heres a basic description. It's D-Day but not historicaly accurate but somewhat fun heh. You begin as a paratrooper behind the Omaha Beachhead. Your mission is to go and take out the Flak to assist the Rangers on the Higgens. If you would prefer a version of this as one of the Rangers, please e-mail me at [email protected] and I will send you a different version. Thanks to Bis, CM, and the makers of the WWII mod found at http://operationflashpoint.filefront.com/file/WW2_Collection_Pack;34894 Have fun, goodluck, and cap some Nazi Fascists!

OFPR requirements and WWII Collection pack.

Follow along please, if it gets confusing post a comment.

Start Menu>Computer>C;>Codemasters>Operation Flashpoint (or OperationFlashpoint, depending on how you installed it)>Users>(Your Profile Name)>Missions> and pluck it in right there.

You can redistribute this file as long as credit is given to me, FlashpointPlayer,and is not sold with a money benefit (like selling it for money).

NOTE:I did not read anywhere that permission is required by the creators of the WWII mod.

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