DanAK47's Guerrilla Pack

Alright , here we have some beefed up Guerrilla units from Danak47. Over all they seem to be almost like any other soldier in the game excep...


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Alright , here we have some beefed up Guerrilla units from Danak47. Over all they seem to be almost like any other soldier in the game except he tried to make them react much quicker in combat then others because,

I was tired of slow reacting AI teammates getting me killed. I sped up their engagement time, then expanded the pack to add on other things.

. Well they are not very nice to look at but react decently there are still some bugs in them since they are beta.

-CTDs with random units the first time they are used. Seems to go away or happen infrequently. -"Missing addon BIS resistance" message in MP when using a soldier equipped with a pistol. -Crappy shadows. Could only use crappy ones or have no shadows at all thanks to setobjecttexture. -No blood textures. No time. -Brief freeze at mission start. Caused by uniform application/other script initialization. -Long loading times. Lots of textures loaded. -Units look like crap. Didn't make them to look good, made them to be functional. -M112s not fully MP functional -Animations override other packs (DMA, etc)

Personally if I was looking for a group of Universal Soldiers with higher then normal reaction and such this would do. So if you are looking for some super soldiers here you go. I just wish they could take more hits like a super soldier.

Anyway , if you think you will like them , or need them to whip out some commies download now.

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Download 'danguer.rar' (19.38MB)

DanAK47's Guerrilla Pack Beta 1

No longer have time to work on this, so I'm releasing it as-is. Units are available under Resistance > DanAK47's soldiers.

-Weapon specific animations (for a handful of supported, BIS original weapons).
-Machineguns that are actually functional.
-Faster aiming AI (again, for a handful of original BIS weapons).
-AI will now bound foward. Use "vee" formation to enable bounding. 
-M112 explosive charges with detonator occupying pistol slot.
-Commando mortar useable by AI via commands (under actions). Click the map to target a grid.
-McMillan TAC-50 rifle which can disable light vehicles and shoot through some things.

Known issues
-Soldier sometimes lies down or stands up after picking up a different weapon. Caused by my rudimentary stance detection which is subject to error under times of CPU lag.
-M112 and detonator functioning is fishy in multiplayer. 
-Missing addon messages in MP when using a soldier armed with a BIS handgun. This one has me stumped.
-Crappy shadows. Caused by my use of setobjecttexture to apply uniforms. I could either have crappy shadows or no shadows.
-No blood textures. No time to make them.
-Brief freeze when beginning/resuming a mission. Caused by uniform application. 
-Long loading screens.

-Earl for his weapons. I changed the stock textures on the AKM and AK74, so their suckiness is my fault and not his. Some other minor things were changed as well.
-Blackdog for hosting and the little beta testing we did.
-Peter Pan for getting Blackdog banned from the forums.

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