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File Description

To use this addon to its full potential you will need to download Desert Combat Pack 2.

The Desert Combat mod for OFP is just like the popular OFP mod, WW2 Collection. It combines some of the great and popular desert addons out there into one pack. It comes with its own folder, so it won’t have anything to do with the regular OFP and OFPR addon folders. This means there will be no problems such as the “cannot read memory error”, or the “black screen of death” error. Unlike the WW2 Collection mod, it doesn’t come with its own start up screen, but that is not a big problem. Most of the addons in this pack are really high quality with awesome textures. There are a huge variety of vehicles with different camouflage and weapons. Most of the vehicles and units offer new sounds, and new armament such as stinger missiles on the Apache or Bradley. The addon makers even took the time to add little, but impressive details such as recoil on the M2 machinegun mounted on top of an M113. A lot of vehicles have their own burning, and smoke features when destroyed. The pack also contains the popular aircrafts by VIT. From the Tomcat to the Iraqi MIG 29. If that’s not enough there’s even the USS Nimitz included. It features its own AA defense system from mini guns to AA missiles. The aircraft carrier comes in more then one part, and I couldn’t figure out how to put it together, but I’m sure somebody will. There is also a wide variety of Humves with different weapons and features. The pack also includes three islands: CAT Central Afghanistan, Asahmi, and Leusderheide.

and a list of some of the addons in use

-USMC Suchey's troups -Laser's Ranger's -Hyakushiki Modern U.S. Infantry Pack -CBT Bradley's, Hummies, etc. -SIG M1 Tanks -VITAPC Russian Tanks -STT Desert T80/72 Shilka -some retextured desertcamo Chopers -VIT Aircraft MIG29 / F15 + Nimitz Aircraft landingship -Ashami & CAT SHIT ONE Desert Island -llaumax sky & nvg -RLSK & L1A1 Camonet & Sniper -LAV25, T90, Zodiac boat, -30 usmc camofaces -Leusderheide Island -CBT MHQ -HTTV -MI28a -Laser's Spetznaz -PFLP Terrorists -T55/65 -UCE Russian Soldiers -CoC Divers -Desert Trucks -object 1,2,4 -F14 Tomcat -and more 'n more

Sadly, there are no missions included, meaning we have to test all the vehicles and units in the editor. Hopefully, user made missions will surface for this mod. The mod comes in two packs with two detailed read me. It also includes a new sky and water texture for those who want to chance the BIS texture, however there reflection from the DXDLL doesn’t work with the sky and water texture. The water and sky textured can be installed and uninstalled separately for everybody’s wants.

In overall, this pack owns, and everybody should definitely take a look at it!

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Re-Upload Request Restoration



1. put @dc and the llaumax folder into your flashpoint folder

2. go into the llaumax folder and execute the install.bat

3. copy your flashpoint shortcut and add at the end of your target
    .......Flashshpoint\FLASHPOINTBETA.EXE -nomap -nosplash [email protected];llaumax
    and rename it like you wanna to

PS: if you dont wanna use the excellent llaumax sky/nightvisiongoogles, remove the ;llaumax

credits: All OFP Addonmakers out there !!!

for further questions:

msn/email: [email protected]

guerilla [1st MCY Platoon]

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