DMarkwick's CTI using DAC



In my opinion this is the ultimate CTI available for OFP, no longer does a CTI dissolve into a boring time running around the country side trying to capture the town that's been fought over for the last 30 minutes, now CTI's become challenging in a new way.

I've made a very nice CTI mission that uses the very excellent Novajev island, into which I've converted across an MFCTI mission, and also added some DAC scripting also. I must stress right off the bat here that I am not taking any credit AT ALL for any of the excellent scripting done by much more talented people than me, I am very much riding on the shoulders of giants here

The Novajev island, although using a modified landmass from Nogova, has a totally redone town, road and vegetation layout and is in my opinion the best ever map for OFP. I use it almost exclusively now, it's that good. (I really hope to see it ported over to Armed Assault, that would be perfect ) I've had to somewhat fiddle around with the conversion, there's more towns for example (from 28 in Nogova to 34 in Novajev) and the spawning positions, flags, triggers etc can only be tweaked as I see problems ingame. I think I've ironed out the vast majority of problems, and now I see a game that is at least as consistent as an official CTI mission.

I've also added some extra touches, at random farmsteads & buildings I've added ammo crates that only have a very small chance of existing (only western ammo though so far), I view them as found resistance caches, luck and observation will find them, they are by no means numerous. Also there's some cars to be found in towns, again randomised and not numerous.

The above gave us (I play in a small group) a very nice game indeed, speaking for myself it's now my favourite CTI mission (I would say that though wouldn't I? ) but I added more. One thing I found is that CTI missions tend to become races to the next town, lone wolves can run rampant, because apart from the towns there is no danger at all in moving about.

To combat this I added a DAC script which adds into the mix some random resistance patrols. At first it had several ground troop groups, several unarmoured groups and some armoured groups, but this proved slightly too laggy for the host's machine to cope with, so I rebalanced it to have less troops, more armour, and the performance seems to be OK. Ingame experience ranges from not seeing hardly any resistance patrols, to being inundated with armour backed up with reserves of more armour and ground troops. A very nice change, it's no longer safe to go blasting from town to town.

A nice touch of course is that the eastern side has the same problems, and distant running battles can often be heard.

The mission takes about 30 seconds to a minute to initialise, during which you'll get slowdown, slideshows and an error message about not naming units, just click continue it's of no consequence at this stage. Pretty soon the mission will have fully initialised and things should smooth out.


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