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The Douglas DC-3, one of the most famous aircraft ever made and it's various versions now available for download. For the ones who don't know the DC-3 is what the Douglas C-47 Skytrain was made from and the Douglas C-47 Skytrain was the lovely plane that the US Airborne jumped out of during D-Day and Operation Marketgarden and this lovely pack has it. This pack also contains the Russian built version of the plane aswell as the South Vietnamese version and civilian versions. Also as a bonus they added a Nogova version.




This addonpack is based on Martin's aka MTY's DC-3, it's pilot and a textureset for FS2004.

It includes various versions of the Douglas DC-3 which was known as C-47 Skytrain at the military and produced in license in the USSR under the name Lisunow Li-2.

At the beginning just some Vietnam-era versions were planed but soon some other fictive or versions based on real examples were added.



Copy all files from the included "AddOns" folder to your Resistance-addonsfolder:

Path: ...\OperationFlashpoint\Res\AddOns

The better way is of course to create a MOD folder.



Informations about side and editorname of the diffrent versions:

West - Mapfact Air:

- C-47 Air America (dc3_air_america)
- C-47 US Air Force (dc3_usaf)
- C-47 South Vietnamese Air Force (dc3_vnaf)

East - Mapfact Air:

- Li-2 CCCP (dc3_cccp)
- Li-2 Redstar (dc3_redstar)

Resistance - Mapfact Air:

- Li-2 FIA (dc3_fia)

Civilian - Mapfact Air:

- DC-3 Air Service Berlin (dc3_air_service_berlin)
- DC-3 Air Vietnam (dc3_air_vietnam1)
- DC-3 Air Vietnam (China) (dc3_air_vietnam2)
- DC-3 Island Hoppers (dc3_island_hoppers)
- DC-3 Royal Air Lao (dc3_royal_air_lao)
- Li-2 Aeroflot (dc3_aeroflot)
- Li-2 Aerolinie Nogova (dc3_aerolinie)
- Li-2 United Nogovan (dc3_united)

Civilian - Men:

- DC-3 Pilot (dc3_pilot)



As first I want to thank Martin for his permission to use his addon.

As second I want to thank all people that were involved in reworking this addon...

- Sniping-Jack (textures, aeroplane performance and tests)
- Flashpoint_K (config and tests)
- Raedor (tests)
- Chneemann (tests)
- Badass (tests)



For questions, critics, ideas...

- Forum - www.mapfact.net
- Forum - www.truesoldiersclique.com



This is not an official addon. Use at your own risk!

The creator(s) and/or the hoster(s) aren't responsible for any hard- and/or software-defects!

Spreading via OFP news-/fanpages and P2P is tolerated.

Have fun!


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