FacePlant Civillian Pack

Cameron McDonald has released the Civillian Pack of his FacePlant mod. The FacePlant team's object is to create great addons using llauma'...

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File Description

Cameron McDonald has released the Civillian Pack of his FacePlant mod. The FacePlant team's object is to create great addons using llauma's high poly head model to make them look even cooler.

I hate time. And sadly, I've run out of time to finish everything I'd have liked to in my mod, partially because Armed Assault is around the corner, and I'm already planning my next insidious actions in the modding world, and partially because due to the closeness of Armed Assault, I have lost quite a bit of interest in my mod.

In the best interest of the community, however, I'd like to present a consolation gift to those who are making mods of their own, and also to those other smacktards out there who just like to collect addons, like me. It won't be long before the first mod without a BIS head will make it on the scene, hopefully, and these will lend a hand to those who need civilian models. So will my BIS => Llauma face change project, but that is still unfinished.

So, you say, what is the reason of this? Well, ~100 civilian models with Llauma's head is the reason! Featuring over 50 male models, not including police, workers, farmers and others (uber thanks to FarmLand Mod, FDF, Deadmeat XM2, Helping_Hand, RHS, OWP, Dr. Pepper (especially - what a champ), Mapfact and DMA) and at least 30 female models, this pack should help y'all out a lot. If I've missed you on the credits, feel free to launch a frying pan at me. Check the readme for the full scoop, as per usual.

Yes, most of the modelling is not mine, I acquiesce, so don't come stomping into my thread saying "McDonald, u r a jckass u didnt do th3se models lol!" Though noone else was bothered to do such a thing, so if you don't like what I've done, don't download them. Smacktards.

Comes with blood textures, and all units are unarmed so you can add/remove weapons as you like. 'Nuff said.

Here's some piccies:

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You will need:

Latest FacesTex2 by Llauma


Smack the FP_C folder into your Res\Addons folder, or the mod folder of your choice. Piss easy.


A shitload of civilians, with uber hands and heads, under "Civilian Men." Also some generic insurgents, under "Militia." There are around ~50 male models, not including police, scientists, farmers and workers, and around 30 or so women models.


- Detailed models.

- Blood textures.

- Gas mask script for riot police.


- These are not lightweight units. They are designed for serious nutcases like myself with serious computers. I'm running about 6 squads worth on Retextured Malden as I write this, and it runs sweetly. I apologise to those with weaker computers, but I'm really not willing to sacrifice niceness for speed, especially since FacePlant is not really lower-computer friendly.

- May be a missing NVG proxy here and there, not too sure, and I really couldn't be fecked checking near 100 models for them.

- Some clipping issues with the uber hands in the female models especially - the damn things were made to take crappy BIS hands, but hey, take it or leave it.

CREDITS (no particular order):

		- Dr. Pepper
		- FarmLand Mod
		- MapFact
		- DMA
		- FDF
		- Deadmeat XM2 (BAS)
		- HYK
		- RHS
		- OWP
		- Helping_Hand
		- Serial Killer


		- NSX	


This addon remains the original property of Operation FacePlant, namely Cameron McDonald. Please ask for permission before altering its contents. You MAY NOT re-release this addon under any circumstances unless you have my specific permission that you may do so. 

Most of the modelling work contained in this addon is NOT my own (me being Cameron McDonald). However, in the most part, I have recieved permission to use these models and retexture them for this addon. If any of the above are NOT satisfied with the way I have used their models in this addon, or wish to discuss with me any aspect of their use, feel free. And if you feel like bitching about it, shmah.

This addon is IN NO WAY official, or affiliated with BIS or Codemasters. It is distributed FOR FREE by the Operation FacePlant team for the OFP/AA community, and therefore you use this addon at your own risk. Thus, if this addon causes grief to you, your possessions or your privates, it is YOUR fault. We didn't force you to use it.

If you made it this far, thanks. You make it worthwhile, eh!

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