Farmland Mod Horror Pack 3

Well it's finally here, Farmland Mods Horror Pack which contains the best zombies made for OFP to date. Somehow they managed to give the zo...


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Well it's finally here, Farmland Mods Horror Pack which contains the best zombies made for OFP to date. Somehow they managed to give the zombies custom animtaions,bloody bodies and their own custom sounds. All you need to do is put a bunch of them in the editor, add a gamelogic and let the killing begin!

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Download 'fml_hp3.rar' (2.39MB)

-=Farmland Horror Pack 3 readme=-

-1. Introduction
-2. Usage
--2.1. Installation
--2.2. Mission Editor Usage
--2.3. Troubleshooting
-3. Requirements
-4. Legal Stuff
-5. Credits

1. Introduction
Congratulations! You're now the proud owner of your own personal copy of Horror Pack 3! This pack includes zombies, which is probably what you've all been waiting for, so I'm going to keep this short so you can get playing ASAP. =)

2. Usage
2.1. Installation
Extract "FML_HP3.pbo" into your addons folder. Congratulations! You've now installed Horror Pack 3 successfully! =D

2.2. Editor Usage
Set up logic as you would with Scott's zombies, then place units from East/Res>Horror Pack 3 on your map.

2.3. Troubleshooting
Q. Wait, how is this any different From scott's zombies?
You've even used the same scripts! =O
A. Quite simple! Our zombies not only have custom animations and faces, but they also make random zombie sounds! Hooray!

Q. The zombies don't attack me! =O HELP!!!???
A. Firstly, check that you've set up the game logics properly, if your pretty sure it is right, try disabling any replacement or effects mod (such as FFUR or E.ECP). If this doesn't work, try again using the "Zombies attack player" logic. Failing this, please post on our forums on exactly what is happening (such as, how the zombies are behaving etc.) and how you set up the logics, and we'll see if we can help =).

Q. If a train leaving Manchester at 100kmph leaves at the same time as a bus from Leeds at 80kmph, both heading towards Glasgow, which would arrive first?
A. Damned if I know! =O

Q. The zombies just stand halfway through the ground, and don't move at all! HELP!??!?!?!
A. It looks like the animations aren't working, try reinstalling the file, if that doesn't work, download it again and make sure you've patched OFP to the latest version.

Q. Are they MP compatible?
A. Why yes of course!

Q. Is it true that you can't tickle yourself?
A. No. There's a spot on the top of your mouth where you can.

Q. Will you be making zombies that will work in XBox OFP:E?
A. ATM, it isn't planned, although we won't stop anyone who converts it, as long as they respect

the Terms and Conditions;)

Q. What about ArmA?
A. Yes. Very Yes. (Only a few more months!!! =O )

Q. Don't you have anything better to do than add Joke Questions in this?
A. No. =p

3. Requirements
-OFP V1.96
-Zombiescripts.pbo (included)
-Fully Functional Computer
-Reliable Power Source
-At least 1 Hand

4. Legal Malakey
4.1. You vill not copy zis addon und claim it as your own vork!
4.2. Should you choose to distribute zis addon you vill do it freely and vith zis file intact!
4.3. Should any damage come to your computer through use, or, misuse of zis addon, you vill not blame FML mod, BIS, BIA or Codemasters!!!
4.4. Installing zis file vill mean that you automatically agree to these terms und conditions!
4.5 You vill comply vith these terms, or you vill be shot by ze SS!!!

5. Credits
Credits due to;
Zombie1 - Coding and scripting
Mig - Coding and scripting
Cervantes - Scripting
Maccollo - Animations
Neilreed101 - Graphics
[email protected]Ā£ - Readme (as if you hadn't guessed XD )

Special Thanks to;
Teacup - Original Creator of the Dog
Scott_t - Original Creator of Zombie Mod
Hornet85 - Hosting the Zombie Battle video team - Hosting Mod files and Forums =)
Anyone else we forgot to mention - For reasons we forgot to mention


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How do I access the game logic to change behavior?

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