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Mission and island makers, this is the pack for you! It adds a variety of new trees, houses, fences and farms for your island or m...


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Mission and island makers, this is the pack for you! It adds a variety of new trees, houses, fences and farms for your island or mission. It really adds to the atmosphere, and trust me, islands with new objects always look better then the ones with the same old BIS objects. From the screenshot you can see that its really worth getting it. The good thing is that you can even add the objects to whatever island you want, so you can increase the atmosphere in your missions.

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                  Project Farmland Objects 

                              Version 1.20 - May,26,2004

                       (only compatible with OFP version 1.91 or higher)

                                       MiG and Powerslide
                          Windmill scripts by JörgF from Mapfact Project

                  This is an Unofficial addon for Operation Flashpoint(TM) 
                           and Operation Flashpoint Resistance(TM).

-This Farm Pack will supply your needs of farm buildings and other farm stuff :).
It contains all the configuration needed to work properly.
We recommend not to modify this file. We've binarize all the addons to reduce the pack size to half.

This is a free addon made only for joy. No profit at all for the authors or Project Farmland. 
We are interested in your opinion or constructive criticism in order to improve 
or correct our addons. 
You can e-mail us at [email protected] or you can also register and give us your suggestions in
our forums at

Place the fml_objects.pbo in your ...\Codemasters\OperationFlashpoint\Res\AddOns folder.
If you want to test them there is a sample mission showing all the addons. Place the objects.intro folder in your users\...\missions folder
Corrected Bugs:

1 - Windmills bug fixed. They don't work as tanks anymore :) ;

2 - Fields are now working better with AI and no lag. Transparency problem still present;


1 - Added more farm buildings - pack has now 75 addons;

2 - Added forests class;

3 - Added new road;

4 - Added scripts folder.

This is the complete list of the farm Objects released with this pack organized by MiG and with Powerslide contribution:

Farm Buildings:

            barn - barn type 1;
            oldbarn - barn type2;
            house1 - Farmhouse with several floors (cellar, basement, 1rd floor...);
            house2 - Small house;
            house3 - Farm house type 2;
            house4 - Farm house type 3;
            ruin - small ruined building;
            silo - silo;
            farmshop - farm shop;
            deerstand - deer stand;
            oldgranary - old Granary;
            pool - swimming pool;

Farm Plants:

            freecornfield,- Maize Field (1st stage);
            freecornfield1 - Maize Field (2nd stage);
            grainfield - Rye field; 
            grassfield - Grass field;
            corn - single corn plant 1;
            corn1 - single corn plant 2;
            vine - Tall Grapevine branch;
            svine - Small Grapevine branch;
            tomatoe - tomatoe plant;
            potatoe - potatoe plant;
            tojo - new bush;
            Carqueja - Baccharis bush;
            Feto - Aspidium plant;
            sunflower - sunflower plant;
            Glaucium - Glauncium plant;
            Mushrooms - Mushrooms (two types)
            Pine tree - Mediterranean Pine tree.


            Mediterranean Standard forest - 3 files (We don't recommend the use of forests in Mission Editor)

Farm Small Objects:

            woodbarrel - wood barrel for wine;
            waterbarrel - barrel with water;
            grill - barbecue (type 1);
            grill1 - barbecue (type 2);
            clothes - hanging Clothes to Dry;
            meda - Straw mount;
            bale - bale;
            balestack - balestack;
            well - well;
            wood - Wood.

Farm Fences and walls:

            barbed - barbed Wire fence;
            barbedend - barbed Wire fence (end);
            rockwall - rock wall;
            rockwall1 - ruined rock wall;
            rockwall2 - rock wall (entrance);


            nc - Nitrato do Chile (wall advertisement);
Static vehicles:
            caf_tractor - static tractor;

Farm paths:
            Stone Road
            Farm road

            watermill - watermill;
            watermill - Ruined Water Mill (static);
            windmill* - Small Wind Mill;
            windmill1* - Large Wind Mill.

Some aditional notes:

WRP Editing:

*All this addons are binarized and ready for wrp editing.The windmills movement can
be activated in the mission editor by calling the script in a trigger [(object 020069)] exec "\FML_objects\Windmill.sqs" In this sample Object 020069 represents the ID number. The forests must be used only in wrp files otherwise AI will have problems.

Project Farmland Team Members are:


Special Thanks or Credits go to : (there is always someone that we forgot. If it happens this time, sorry about it and let us know, so we can correct the info of this readme in a future release).

BIS - for the creation of the best game of the world and the use of his great tools (mainly Oxygen) and use of many textures; team members - Always available friends when we need them :)

JörgF - for the script used in the windmills movement;

Ebud - for helping me (MiG) understand how to work properly with alpha channels. Thanks friend;

KLALLO - for helping me (MiG) understand fields making by studing his erba addon. 

Jean Cristophe - For the adaptation of two of his textures from JCnormandy_v2 (Jean Cristophe cereal2.paa > MiG gran.paa; Jean Cristophe lande.paa > MiG gras.paa) and his windmill idea. MiG_windmill1 was inspired in his work.

AXE - For the use of two of his textures from his addon vbswatowr (Small Water Tower) :vbswatowr08.paa/vbswatowr09.paa.

INVICTUS GAMES Ltd - Tractor Original model and textures by: Invictus Games Ltd.

MEDAL OF HONOUR ALLIED ASSAULT & EA GAMES - for the use of several textures.


NOTE: Project Farmland wont take any responsability for any lost or damage of information, hardware, software, etc. 
caused directly or indirectly by this Addon. Use this by YOUR OWN RISK!

© 2002 Bohemia Interactive Studio and The Codemasters Software Company Limited ("Codemasters"). 
All rights reserved. "Codemasters"® is a registered trademark of Codemasters. 
"GENIUS AT PLAY"(TM) and "Operation Flashpoint"(TM) are trademarks of Codemasters. 
Developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio.


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