Feldish Expedition - Taking Everon

If download The Feldish mod you need this excellent mission to make the mod complete, here is an After Action Report by the mod creator Comb...

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File Description

If download The Feldish mod you need this excellent mission to make the mod complete, here is an After Action Report by the mod creator Combat-Agent.

I just got my ass handed to me in the mission. Im going to post some pictures and the AAR.

Started off the south Eastern coast of everon. Patroled the intended drop point with ships. No contact. One ship disembarked in a bay the other on a peninsula. My plan was to take the entire South eastern peninsula to gain a foot hold on southern Everon. I spread bravo section across the opening of were alpha section landed. Alpha section secured the peninsula, no contact. My plan went into effect to take the South Eastern penisula. I set up a line expecting to sweep the the entire peninsula in one swoop. ERROR: I should have sent out 1 recon section then reacted from that point. All out rushes will get soldiers killed. I set up my sweep then executed it. For about 500 meters there was no contact. Alpha section came across some Kossian patrols to the north. Alpha section began taking casualties.

The area where alpha section was a valley with no cover. ERROR: #1 no cover, #2 Long range engagement with Kossians soldiers, WRONG. Kossian soldiers are expert shartshooters. Alpha section was nearly wiped in 6 minutes. A Feldish soldier is an average shot with bolt action rifle, however the best engagement range is probably 3-400 meters.

While Alpha section was getting slaughtered to the north, I came across a Kossian village, with lots and lots of Kosians. Bravo Sections mission was to patrol the southern end of the peninsula. This area was the same valley that Alpha section was in, except there was more trees. However, the enemy was 5-700 meters away. Alpha section was pretty much decimated at this point. I had them retreat towards the southern coast. At the start of the sweep, I placed the both ship along the souther coast: GOOD MOVE. Having the ships cover infantry is highly advantagous, ALL of my troops would of been dead if i hadnt of done this.

Once the one man left of the orginal 20 man alpha section got me I retreated south with him and my HQ unit, although my XO was killed early in the battle. I also had bravo section retreat south also. I would of had bravo team cover the retreat, but there was only 2 of us because I had sent my 2 soldiers and medic to bravo section already. About half way through all this I called for reinforcements, all soldiers. When all the units were done retreating the transport finally made it to land, but they wouldnt get out of damn transport. So I "Surrendered. In the end, I took more than 75% casualties. I didnt check the final casualties but at one point it was 34 us and 40 them. The Force starts out at 59 soldiers including the 14 sailors and 5 man HQ.

I thought this was pretty neat, because I thought I was going to slaughter the kossians. Boy was I wrong. Anyway, learn from mistakes, and try this mission.

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Download the Feldish mod from this site to be able to play the mission.

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