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This modification is the highly-esteemed FFUR 1985 Woodland conversion, which replaces all of the standard Bohemia Interactive Studios units...


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This modification is the highly-esteemed FFUR 1985 Woodland conversion, which replaces all of the standard Bohemia Interactive Studios units with high-class, high-quality community-made addons from the 1985-era. New effects are also added, in the aim to update Operation Flashpoint for modern times.

This modification, once installed, will require roughly 700MB of uncompressed backing storage.

If you intend on running the Sky Pack (installable via the modification folder within your Operation Flashpoint directory), it is recommended that you have at least a GeForce 5 Series or Radeon 9 Series chipset. Whether you are going to use the Sky Pack or not, you should have the following to play the modificiation smoothly:

Windows XP 1.8 GHz Pentium 4 or Athlon XP 512Mb DDR RAM

However, with tweaking the modification could run quite flawlessly on the minimum Bohemia Interactive Studios-set requirements.


Realism Enhancements: * AI hears and sees better to varying degrees, Specops and Snipers have higher settings. * AI Heavy Tanks will throw Smoke when they’re attacked. * AI intelligently uses 3 firing modes: Single Shot from 500 meters, Burst Fire from 300 meters and Full Auto mode from 100 meters. * AI is more aggressive and more tactically aware. * AI understands when to press home a tactical advantage, and when to pull back. * AI sometimes panics. * Realistic Tracers based on NATO data. * Realistic Recoils based on Real-Life experience of the actual weapons provided by experienced military personnel. * Realistic Bullet values based on actual military information. * Realistic Firing Modes: for example : the MP5 has 3 firing modes and the AK74 or the AK47 have 2 firing modes, just like the real weapons. * Realistic Gunfire Sounds: especially the M16 and the AK74 sounds which have been recorded by our military advisors especially for the FFUR mod. * Realistic sounds for the M2 and the Dshk. * Realistic tracers matching real-life heavy weapons. * Realistic M2 gunner position. * Realistic shielding values. * Realistic Ironsights for all firearms. * Realistic and authentic weapons copied from real-life. * Realistic Tracers different for each tank based on NATO data. * Realistic Sights for gunners and commanders based on real ones. * Realistic Smoke Walls for heavy tanks * Realistic Engine Sounds. * Realistic explosive bullets for AA units (Shilka and Vulcan). * Realistic Eject Sequence for jet fighters. * Realistic flares for jet fighters. * Realistic and authentic weapons. * Realistic Tracers based on Nato Data. * Realistic Armor values. * Realistic sounds. * US BlackOps units carry Binoculars and a Beretta * US Machine Gunners carry a M1911 * US Pilots carry Handguns. * US Crews carry Handguns. * US Soldiers carry the M61 grenade. * US Snipers and Special Forces are able to treat wounds. * Soviet Spetznatz Units carry an AK74 PBS or an ASS VAL * Soviet RPG soldiers carry an AK74Su * Soviet Spetznatz units carry a Handgun and Binoculars * Soviet Pilots have Handguns. * Soviet Soldiers carry the F1 grenade. * Realistic aiming capability for all soldiers. * 10 meter spacing between each soldier in a squad - no more taking out an entire squad with a single grenade.

Gameplay and Interface Improvements * New custom GUI for the main screen. * New Mission editor interface. * New Briefing book. * New Computer. * New realistic sounds for all weapons , vehicles, aircrafts and explosions. * New Music based on patriotic music samples oand war movie samples - all from the 1985 Cold War era. * New Animations based on the popular DMA NextGen (relax) + DMA pistol animations. * Standing and Crouching lean actions implemented, together with rolling while prone. * BIS quotes which appear at the death of soldiers replaced by more topical ones from the Cold War era. * New Pictures for all weapons. * New Information available for all weapons based on FAS.org data. * New Compass. * New Radio. * New Map design.

General Improvements * All addons have been decompressed to further reduce lag and framerate difficulties. * Only relevant and required P3D models and textures have been retained for this pack.


· US SIDE · US Soldiers -> HYK 85 era Soldiers (US Army) · US Blackops -> HYK 85 era SpecOps · US pilots -> LSR Pilots · M16 -> SJB M16A2 · M16 -> SJB M16A2M203 · M60 -> Win$e M60 · M21 -> LSR Woodland M21 · Law -> Laser Law · Carl Gustav -> CBT Dragon · Beretta -> SJB Beretta · Glock 17 -> SJB Glock 18 · Hk -> LSR Hk · Satchel -> C4 · Mines -> Spetznatz Mod US Mines · Handgrenade -> US M67 · M113 -> CBT M113A1 · M1A1 -> HEP M1A1 · M60A1 -> Sigma M60A3 · M2A2 -> CBT M2A2A2 · M163 -> INQ M163 · M998 -> CBT M998 · Trucks 5T Support/Fuel/ammunitions -> [IEF] Mp T5trucks · Trucks 5T Transport soldiers -> [IEF] Mp 5T Trucks · Ah-1 -> Vit AH-1w · Ah-64 -> Hfk AH-64A · UH-60 (mg/ffar) -> CSLA UH-60 (s) · A-10 -> Diesel A-10 . A-10LGB -> Footmunch F-16

· SOVIET SIDE · Ru Soldiers -> ORCS/RHS/OPCAT Soviet Soldiers · Ru Spetznatz -> ORCS Spetznatz Units · Ru Pilots -> OW Russian pilots · Ak74 -> RHS AK74 · AK74GP15 -> RHS AK74GP25 · Ak74su -> ORCS AK-74u · -> (Added AKS74B PSO-1 for Spetznatz units.) · PK -> CSLA PK · SVD -> CSLA PK · RPG -> ORCS RPG-7V · AT-4 -> ch_123 AT4 · Makarov -> Kegetys Makarov · Bizon -> ORCS As Val · Satchel -> C4 · Mines -> Spetznatz Mod Russian mines · Handgrenade -> Ru F1 · BMP-1 -> CSLA BMP-1 · BMP-2 -> CSLA BMP-2 · T-72 -> ORCS T-72 · T-80 -> RHS/CSLA T-80 · Ural Transport soldiers -> Spetznatz Mod Ural · UAZ -> CSLA UAZ · Support Urals -> Spetznatz Mod Support Urals (Repair , ammo and fuel) · Mi-17 -> CSLA Mi-17 · Mi-24 -> CSLA Mi-24 · V-80 -> CSLA V-80 · Su-25 -> TomiD Su-25

· RESISTANCE SIDE · Re Soldiers -> Edge Resistance soldiers · AK47 -> RHS AKM · AK47GP15 -> RHS AKMGP25 · PK -> ORCS PK · RPG -> ORCS RPG-7 · BMP-1 -> CSLA Camo BMP-1 · Uaz -> CSLA Gaz-169 · Truck -> CSLA FIA Truck

· CIVILIAN SIDE · Civilians -> Mig/Edge Civilian Men · Cars -> Vilas/Sigma Cars

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Download 'FFUR 1985 Final.exe' (415.68MB)

The installation is very easy, but if you still have difficulty then here is a guide:

At first make sure you installed correctly the patch 1.96 from BIS then make sure you deleted all previous FFUR versions from your 'Operation Flashpoint' folder.

If you downloaded the pack in archive form (.rar), installation involves extracting the archive to your ‘OperationFlashpoint’ or ‘Operation Flashpoint’ directory and creating a shortcut within that folder to your main OFP launch icon (usually FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.EXE). After that, add the following to the end of the target line in the shortcut (without quotes): “-nosplash -nomap -mod=ffurxxx” where xxx = the pack you downloaded (eg. ffur1985).

For those who download the installer, simply run the executable from the location you saved it and follow the instructions.

When the installer starts, you will be told to select the location for the install. This should be correct without you changing anything, but in a small number of cases this is wrong. Depending on the version you bought of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, the game’s main files will be installed in a directory either named “OperationFlashpoint” or “Operation Flashpoint”. If you installed the original game to “OperationFlashpoint” then you will need to change the install path given to reflect this.

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