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This is in archive form, so it will not install itself. This is for advanced users wishing to install it themselves.

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File Description

This is in archive form, so it will not install itself. This is for advanced users wishing to install it themselves.

This is the long-awaited FFUR 2005 modification from the FFUR Team. This pack replaces all defaul Bohemia Interactive Studios units with community-made, high-quality addons and effects set in the time in and around 2005.

After installation, this modification will use roughly 800MB of disk space. In addition, you will need to create a launch icon yourself, by following the instructions which come with the download.

The following machine specifications have been recommended by the FFUR Team:

Windows XP 1.8 GHz Pentium 4 or Athlon XP 512Mb DDR RAM

A graphics card with Pixel Shader 3.0 would help, along with high-framerate bump mapping. If you wish to use the additional Sky Pack within the modification, you will need a GeForce 5 Series or Radeon 9 Series or above to provide good enough framerates.

General Improvements

Realism Enhancements: * AI hears and sees better to varying degrees, Specops and Snipers have higher settings. * AI Heavy Tanks will throw Smoke when they’re attacked. * AI intelligently uses 3 firing modes: Single Shot from 500 meters, Burst Fire from 300 meters and Full Auto mode from 100 meters. * AI is more aggressive and more tactically aware. * AI understands when to press home a tactical advantage, and when to pull back. * AI sometimes panics. * Realistic Tracers based on NATO data. * Realistic Recoils based on Real-Life experience of the actual weapons provided by experienced military personnel. * Realistic Bullet values based on actual military information. * Realistic Firing Modes: for example : the MP5 has 3 firing modes and the AK74 or the AK47 have 2 firing modes, just like the real weapons. * Realistic Gunfire Sounds: especially the M16 and the AK74 sounds which have been recorded by our military advisors especially for the FFUR mod. * Realistic sounds for the M2 and the Dshk. * Realistic tracers matching real-life heavy weapons. * Realistic M2 gunner position. * Realistic shielding values. * Realistic Ironsights for all firearms. * Realistic and authentic weapons copied from real-life. * Realistic Tracers different for each tank based on NATO data. * Realistic Sights for gunners and commanders based on real ones. * Realistic Smoke Walls for heavy tanks * Realistic Engine Sounds. * Realistic explosive bullets for AA units (Shilka and Vulcan). * Realistic Eject Sequence for jet fighters. * Realistic flares for jet fighters. * Realistic and authentic weapons. * Realistic Tracers based on Nato Data. * Realistic Armor values. * Realistic sounds. * US BlackOps units carry Binoculars and a Beretta * US Machine Gunners carry a M1911 * US Pilots carry Handguns. * US Crews carry Handguns. * US Soldiers carry the M61 grenade. * US Snipers and Special Forces are able to treat wounds. * Soviet Spetznatz Units carry an AK74 PBS or an ASS VAL * Soviet RPG soldiers carry an AK74Su * Soviet Spetznatz units carry a Handgun and Binoculars * Soviet Pilots have Handguns. * Soviet Soldiers carry the F1 grenade. * Realistic aiming capability for all soldiers. * 10 meter spacing between each soldier in a squad - no more taking out an entire squad with a single grenade.

Gameplay and Interface Improvements * New custom GUI for the main screen. * New Mission editor interface. * New Briefing book. * New Computer. * New realistic sounds for all weapons , vehicles, aircrafts and explosions. * New Music based on patriotic music samples oand war movie samples - all from the 1985 Cold War era. * New Animations based on the popular DMA NextGen (relax) + DMA pistol animations. * Standing and Crouching lean actions implemented, together with rolling while prone. * BIS quotes which appear at the death of soldiers replaced by more topical ones from the Cold War era. * New Pictures for all weapons. * New Information available for all weapons based on FAS.org data. * New Compass. * New Radio. * New Map design.

Regular Improvements * All addons have been decompressed to further reduce lag and framerate difficulties. * Only relevant and required P3D models and textures have been retained for this pack.

Unit Conversions

· US SIDE · US Soldiers -> HYK Modern Soldiers (US Military) · US Blackops -> Bambi Blackops · US pilots -> LSR Army Pilots · M16 -> SJB M16A4 · M16M203 -> SJB M16A4M203 · M60 -> BOH M249 · M21 -> SJB Woodland M24 · Law -> Laser AT4 (M136 -> US Version) · Carl Gustav -> Earl & Such Javelin · Beretta -> SJB Beretta · Glock 17 -> SJB Glock 18 · hk -> Wipman M4sd ACOG · Satchel -> C4 · Mines -> Spetznatz Mod US Mines · Handgrenade -> US M67 · M113 -> CBT M113A3 · M1A1 -> HEP M1A2 · M60A1 -> Sigma M60A3 · M2A2 -> CBT M2A2A3 · M163 -> INQ M163 · M998 -> CBT M1098 · Trucks 5T Support/Fuel/ammunitions -> CBT Hemmts · Trucks 5T Transport soldiers -> [IEF] Mp 5T Trucks · Jeep -> Hmmwv Open · JeepMG -> Hmmwv Open with M2 · Ah-1 -> Vit AH-1w · Ah-64 -> Hfk AH-64D · UH-60 (mg/ffar) -> CSLA UH-60 (s) · A-10 -> Diesel A-10 . LST -> LSD Ashland

· RUSSIAN SIDE · Ru Soldiers -> RHS Russian Motorized Infantry · Ru Spetznatz -> RHS GRU Spetznatz Units · Ru Pilots -> OW Russian pilots · Ak74 -> RHS AK74M · AK74GP15 -> RHS AK74GP25 · Ak74su -> ORCS AK-74u · -> (Added AKS74B PSO-1 for Spetznatz units.) · PK -> CSLA PK · SVD -> CSLA PK · RPG -> ORCS RPG-7V · AT-4 -> ORCS RPG-22 · Makarov -> OW APS · Bizon -> ORCS As Val · Satchel -> C4 · Mines -> Spetznatz Mod Russian mines · Handgrenade -> Ru F1 · BMP-1 -> CSLA BMP-2 · BMP-2 -> Vit BMP-3 · T-72 -> ORCS T-72BV · T-80 -> ORCS T-80UM · Ural Transport soldiers -> Spetznatz Mod Ural · UAZ -> CSLA UAZ · Support Urals -> Spetznatz Mod Support Urals (Repair , ammo and fuel) · Mi-17 -> CSLA Mi-17 · Mi-24 -> CSLA Mi-24 · V-80 -> DKM Mi-28N · Su-25 -> TomiD Su-39

· RESISTANCE SIDE · Re Soldiers -> Edge Resistance soldiers · AK47 -> RHS AKM · AK47GP15 -> RHS AKMGP25 · PK -> ORCS PK · RPG -> ORCS RPG-7 · BMP-1 -> CSLA Camo BMP-1 · Uaz -> CSLA Gaz-169 · Truck -> CSLA FIA Truck

· CIVILIAN SIDE · Civilians -> Mig/Edge Civilian Men · Cars -> Vilas/Sigma Cars

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