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After many hours at the computer Thunderbird84 has finally released the brand new version of FFUR 2006 to the public, originally this was me...


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After many hours at the computer Thunderbird84 has finally released the brand new version of FFUR 2006 to the public, originally this was meant to be a patch, however, due to the huge amount of changes it became a full blown pack.


After several weeks of work, marred by the huge lack of time I had to manage to get the pack out the sand, pondering bugs, fixing them and upgrading a huge part of the mod by making new model replacements as well as game-play and realism enhancements, the FFUR 2006 2.5 pack is finally complete, and should theorically be the last FFUR release for Operation Flashpoint, due to Armed Assault's impending release. (FFUR 2006 2.5 turned to a full pack instead of being a patch because of its size, which is close to the full pack, mainly caused by the amount of changes that have been carried out).

The new pack features all sorts of game-play/realism benefits, like mounting scopes on firearms and large, impressive firefights that last longer and a bunch of new US Army models designed with authenticity in mind. Furthermore, the playability of the multi-player aspect enhanced by the pack is also quite an important feature of the mod, which wasn't the case with the previous releases. We hope you enjoy the number of enhancements made to the mod.

The FFUR Team and I have been really honored and humbled to be playing a part in the great and demanding OFP community, which has always supported the mod with a lot of amazing ADDONS to allow it to reach every objective we set out to make it reach and as the mod 's leader, mod 's coder and texture maker,

I would sincerely like to thank all those involved in the mod and all of the people that have supported us on a daily basis thus far, including Bohemia Interactive Studio for making the best infantry simulation ever.

FFUR 2.5 Features: (2.0-> 2.5)

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed the mission editor wizard. -Fixed the multi-player texture ratio issue. -Fixed the error message that happens when playing on-line from time to time. -Fixed the Bradley's TOW issue, now you can lower/raise the TOW launcher. -Fixed the speed meters of several vehicles and aircraft. -Fixed the smoke grenades models. -Fixed the Resistance crews helmet. -Fixed the Ka-52 eject script issue. -Fixed the F-16 message issue. -Fixed the shotgun cartridges (now they remain on the ground). -Fixed the Hind 's engine sound. -Fixed the NSV Tripods, they are higher now and allow shooting over sandbags. -Fixed the G36, RPK-47 and Steyr Aug muzzle flashes.

Game-play and Realism enhancements:

-Added the ability to mount scopes on firearms as long as they comply with the soldier's abilityand speciality (including the ability to deploy/raise RPK-47 Bipod ) [Exclusively for the player and not for the AI]:

->AIMPOINT M68 CCO : M16A4, M4, MP5SD5. ->ACOG TA01NSN : M4. ->PSO-1 : Ak-74M (Exclusively for Squad Leaders).

-Important Increase of the frame rate level, now with the ability to play big battles. This is due to the fact that the main scripts have been disabled or slightly modified as described below:

->Replaced tracked/light vehicles explosion effect script by a lighter version, the same goes to the blood effect, which now looks even more realistic with a negligible frame rate overhead. (Blood Fx enabled only in the [all effects config]) ->Replaced grenades bouncing/fuse effects for the same purpose, not only AI use grenades now, but there is a new and realistic explosion effect (Thanks to Kylesarnik). (Bouncing grenades enabled only in the [all effects config]) ->Heavy fuel explosion effects replaced by lighter variants, and now ammo trucks feature the same effects upon destruction. ->Updated several effects in order to make'em friendly cpu, making'em looking better and more realistic in-game (Rocket and missile smoke effects... etc).

-Incorporated the ability of swimming with the appropriate animations and this goes to all troops [Exclusively for the player and not for the AI]

-Update of the AI 's combat skills and dispersion values increased a lot in order to make combat more immersive, tactical and authentic.

-Major Upgrade of the US Army personnel models (including Special Forces).

-Major Upgrade of the Russian infantry (Including Pilots and Crews), and helicopters pilots now carry Ak-74su riffle. [Combination between RHS new and previous releases to get friendly cpu models]. All RHS 1024x1024 textures have been resized to 512x512.

-Material effects enabled for all models' textures (Excluding Human models for a matter of realism).

-New and very immersive sounds which make you feel involved and immersed to the combat.

-New animations based on CQB Tactical Operations, with the ability to shoot while running (special thanks to Sanctuary for the great input).

-New music selection list by zGuba.

-Wilco 's Armed Assault Radio ending instead of Bohemia Interactive studios's one.

-US Light Infantry will have the M4 (semi, and burst) and the M16A4 if they are mechanized.

-Added RPK-74 to Russian Infantry (ORCS Model because of a lod issue with RHS RPK-74).

-Added RPK-47 to the Resistance (WWIII Model).

-Only the AH-64D Longbow is available in the mission editor, but the Apache (which was intended to replace the Bohemia Interactive Studios Cobra) is available in-game (for missions and campaigns that use the Cobra), however.

-4 squads are now available for the US side (ACU regular troops, ACU Special Forces, BDU regular troops and BDU Special Forces).

-Re-added Bohemia Interactive Studios 's parachute due to realism requirements; the previous parachute was exclusively used by HALO troops and not regular troops.

-Size of the addons folder decreased due to removal of unused, previously-disabled files.

-Countless minor changes and improvements. (Addition of light automatic riflemen and medics to squads, addition of Long Range Groups (F2)... and much more).

Model Changes and enhancements:

-Previous M1A1 replaced by an updated version of Sigma's M1A1.

-Franze 's Apache/Longbow helicopters replaced by a lighter version to increase the frame rate level in game.

-Resistance trucks/support trucks and cars replaced by CSLA S-1203 and Gaz-66/69.

-Russian Ambulance replaced by CSLA MTLB Ambulance.

-Resistance BMP-1P replaced by a another variant (CSLA).

-Shilka & Vulcan (thanks to the REM/Combat mods for the Vulcan model) are back again due to popular demand.

-Resistance sniper replaced by an enhanced variant of the UCS Mod 's sniper (BDU camouflage).

-Replaced Bohemia Interactive Studios 's small tent by Mapfact 's tent.

-Replaced Bohemia Interactive Studios' s wrecked jeeps and Urals by better versions that fit with the concerned vehicles.

Available Configs:

-There are 2 configs available in the \ffur2006\bin\ folder: [All effects config] & [Light effects config] the only difference between both configs is that the [All effects config] enables bouncing grenades and blood Fx, it is recommended to systems lower than 3.0 ghz to run the [Light effects config], which is set as the defaut config, though.

Multiplayer Support:

-Now you can exclusively play the FFUR 2006 2.5 on dedicated servers (Servers running the FFUR 2006 2.5 only), but first, make sure you have taken out the previous FFUR 2006 2.0 and that you have installed the FFUR 2006 2.5 correctly, including the "FFUR 2006 2.5 MP Patch", it is recommended to run the FFUR 2006 2.5 with Vanilla OFP 1.96.

Known Bugs:

-Due to some unknown reasons, the NVG don't appear on some infantry models, we think that the binarization process is behind the issue, you have to live with it, though, but fortunately it is not an important problem.

-Minor animation issue with the BTR-80 when a soldier sits on the top left of the BTR.

-Ratio texture error sometimes may occur with CTIs

Suggested external packs:

-Kegety's Dxdll: Enhances the graphics within the game through use of post-processing and by forcing trilinear filtering (because of this you'll need a GeForce 5 Series or above, or a Radeon 9 Series). [According to OFP2Files]

-Mr. Burns AEC Islands selection: An amazing islands selection carried out by Mr. Burn from OFPC in order to replace BIS islands by the best islands carried out thus far, this replaces standard BIS files, so be sure to back them up (ones within /worlds and /dta, mainly).

-Llauma Sky 1.2: Probably, the best sky pack carried out thus far for Operation Flashpoint, first, because of its great visual quality and secondly, because of its stability, just extract the files to your ffur2006 folder and run'em as stated in the readme (you'll need a GeForce 5 Series or above, or a Radeon 9 Series).

FFUR 2.0 Features: (OFP 1.96 -> 2.0)

Visual Effects Improvements :

Tank Effects: -A Tank’s machine guns now use tracers which help to improve the gameplay through making missions more immersive. Each side has its own NATO color. -The new tank explosion has debris, bellowing smoke, flames, and for heavy tanks, turrets blow off. Our tests show that we can blow up several tanks at once and still incur no lag whatsoever. -Tank shells have yellow/white flashes when being fired like in real life.

APCs: (Armored Personnel Carriers) -Anti-Air units such as the Shilka and Vulcan use very authentic tracers. -Realistic smoke for machine guns after periods of prolonged fire.

Vehicle Effects: -Fuel trucks have more realistic and impressive explosions than before. Huge flames, flying debris and other effects can be seen due to the large amount of ammunition and petrol onboard. -Civilian/military cars and trucks have flames once exploded which can burn you if you go near them. In addition, they produce a which smoke from the shockwave due to the impact.

Helicopter Effects: -Helicopters now have a rotor failure effect - it produces black smoke and huge flames while falling to the ground, simultaneously twisting uncontrollably in the air. -Dust on the ground and water in the sea is affected when helicopters fly low. You can see waves and ripples formed while hovering. -Helicopters produce shockwaves when they hit the ground or sea. -Helicopters’ rockets produce smoke and sparks upon launch. -Realistic cannon smoke. Plane effects: -Ejection sequence added for jet fighters, so when a plane is damaged the pilot is able to eject using their seat, with the parachute opening once clear of the aircraft. -You are given warning messages when coming under attack from enemy fire. -Jet planes can launch flares to evade enemy missile fire. -Realistic cannon smoke.

Soldier Effects: -Realistic blood effect -Realistic grenades, along with unique timings and explosions for each side. -Realistic tracers from light machine guns based on NATO data. -Realistic rocket impacts based on flashes, flames and huge smoke. -Realistic smoke from firearms.

General Improvements:

-All addons have been decompressed to further reduce lag and framerate difficulties. -Only relevant and required P3D models and textures have been retained for this pack.

Interface Improvements:

-New custom GUI for the main screen. -New Mission editor interface. -New Briefing book. -New Pictures for all weapons. -New Information available for all weapons based on FAS.org data. -New Compass. -New Map design.

Gameplay Improvements:

-AI hears and sees better to varying degrees, Specops and Snipers have higher settings. -AI intelligently uses 3 firing modes: Single Shot from 500 meters, Burst Fire from 300 meters and Full Auto mode from 100 meters. -AI is more aggressive and more tactically aware. -AI understands when to press home a tactical advantage, and when to pull back. -New realistic sounds for all weapons , vehicles, aircrafts and explosions. -New Music based on patriotic music samples and war movie samples -New Animations for all soldiers. Based on the so popular DMA NextGen animations. -Standing and Crouching lean actions implemented, together with rolling while prone. - BIS quotes which appear at the death of soldiers replaced by more topical ones from the Cold War era.

Loadouts and ammunitions:

-US SIDE * AntiAir Specialist - M16A2/Stinger * AntiArmor Rifleman - M4A1 Aimpoint/M136 AT4 * AntirArmor Specialist - M4A1 Aimpoint/Javelin * Armored Crew - M4A1 * Combat Pilot - M9 * Helicopter Pilot - M9 * Engineer - M4A1 Aimpoint/Mines * Grenadier - M16A2/Mortar * Grenadier - M4A1/M203 * Grenadier - MM-1 * Laser Specialist - M4SD Acog/Soflam * Machine Gunner - M240B * Medic - M16A2 * Rifleman - G36 * Rifleman - M4A1 * Rifleman - M4A1 Scope * Rifleman - Steyr Aug * Sniper - M24 * Sniper - M82 * Special Forces (Day) - M4A1 Scope * Special Forces (Day) - M4A1SD Acog/P228 * Special Forces (Night) - M4A1SD Acog/Glock-17S * Special Forces (Night) - M4A1SD Acog/P228 * Special Forces (Night) - MP5SD/Glock-17S * Squad Automatic Rifleman - M249 * Squad Leader (Night) - M4A1/Flares * Squad Leader - M4A1 Reflex/M1911 * M113A3 - HB M2 * M2A2 - Bushmaster (HE - AP)/ M240/ M220 TOW * M1A1 - Sabot/Mpat/ HB M2/ M240 Coax * M1A2 - Sabot/Mpat/ HB M2/ M240 Coax * M6 - Bushmaster (HE - AP)/ M240/ Stinger * Truck 5T (covered & open) - Light firearms magazines & grenades * Hemmt (Repair) * Hemmt (Fuel) * Hemmt (Ammo) * Hmmwv - M2HB * Hmmwv (Open - troops) * Hmmwv (Covered - troops) * UH-60 (FFAR) - 38mm Rockets * UH-60 (MG) - HB M2 * CH-47 * OH-58 - Laser Designator/ 38mm Rockets * AH-64A - M230/ AGM-114L Hellfire Missiles/ M229 70mm Rockets * AH-64D - M230/ AGM-114L Hellfire Missiles/ Stingers/ M229 70mm Rockets * A-10 - GAU-8/ AGM-65 Maverick Missiles/ Hydra-70 HE Rockets/ AIM-9 Sidewinder Missiles/ MK-82 Bombs * F-16 - M61 Vulcan/ AGM-65 Maverick Missiles/ AIM-9 Sidewinder Missiles/ MK-82 Bombs

-RUSSIAN SIDE * AntiAir Specialist - Ak-74su/Strela * AntiArmor Rifleman - Ak-74su/RPG-7v * AntiArmor Specialist - Ak-74su/RPG-29 * Armored Crew - Ak-74su * Engineer - Ak-74m/Mines * Fighter Pilot - APS * Helicopter Pilot - APS * Rifleman - Ak-74m * Sniper - SVD * Sniper - V-94 * SpetsNatz Operator - Ak74Pso-1 * SpetsNatz Operator - Vss Vintorez * Squad Automatic Rifleman - PK * Squad Leader - Ak-74m/PM * Squad Leader - Ak-74m/Flares * BMP-2 - 30mm (HE - AP)/ PKT/ AT-5 Sprandel Missiles * BMP-3 - 2A70/ 2A42 (HE - AP)/ PKT/ 9M117 Missiles * BTR-80 - KVPT/ PKT * T-80UM - 3BM42M/3BK29M/3OF26/ PKT/ NSV * T-90 - 3BM42M/3BK29M/3OF26/ PKT/ NSV * Ural - Light firearms magazines & grenades * Ural (Repair) * Ural (Fuel) * Ural (Ammo) * Uaz * Mi-17 - 57x192 Rockets/ PKT * Mi-24 - YakB/ AT-6 Missiles/ 80mm Rockets * Ka-52 - 2A42 (HE - AP)/ Vikhr Missiles/ Igla Missiles/ 80mm Rockets * Su-39 - H29T Missiles/ R-60 Missiles/ 57x64 Rockets/ GSH-30 * Su-27 - R-27 Missiles/ GSH-30

RESISTANCE SIDE * AntiAir Specialist - Ak-47/Strela * AntiArmor Soldier - Ak-47/RPG-7v * AntiArmor Specialist - Ak-47/RPG-29 * Armored Crew - Ak-47 * Grenadier - AKM/GP15 * Machine Gunner - PK * Medic - Ak-47 * Officer - Ak-47 * Officer (night) - Ak-47/Flares * Officer - Fn Fal/Cz-75 * Pilot - Ak-47 * Sniper - Remington * Sniper - SVD * Soldier - Benelli * Soldier - Fn Fal * Soldier - G3 * Soldier - Sa-58 * BMP-1 - Sabot/Heat/ PKT/ AT-3 Missiles * T-80UM - 3BM42M/3BK29M/3OF26/ PKT/ NSV * T-90 - 3BM42M/3BK29M/3OF26/ PKT/ NSV * PV3S (Covered) - Light firearms magazines & grenades * PV3S (Repair) * PV3S (Fuel) * PV3S (Ammo) * Gaz-69

Model Changes:

-US SIDE * US Soldiers -> FFUR BDU/ACU Soldiers * US Blackops -> FFUR/Laser Special Forces Units * US pilots -> FFUR/Laser Army Pilots * M16 -> SJB M16A2 * HK -> SJB M4 SD Acog * Steyr Aug -> win$e F-88 * G3 -> NorFor G-3 * M4 -> SJB M4 Aimpoint * M16M203 -> SJB M16A2M203 * M60 -> BOH M249 * M21 -> SJB Woodland M24 * Law -> Laser AT4 (M136 -> US Version) * Carl Gustav -> Earl & Such Javelin * Beretta -> SJB Beretta * Glock 17 -> SJB Glock 18 * Satchel -> C4 * Mines -> Spetznatz Mod US Mines * Handgrenade -> US M67 * M113 -> CBT M113A3 * M1A1 -> KH/InQ M1A2 * M60A1 -> Sigma M1A1 * M2A2 -> CBT M2A2A3 * M163 -> INQ M163 * M998 -> CBT M1098 * Trucks 5T Support/Fuel/ammunitions -> CBT Hemmts * Trucks 5T Transport soldiers -> [IEF] Mp 5T Trucks * Jeep -> CBT Hmmwv Open * JeepMG -> CBT Hmmwv Open with M2 * Hmmwv -> Hmmwv troops * Ah-1 -> Franze AH-64A * Ah-64 -> Franze AH-64D * UH-60 (mg/ffar) -> CSLA UH-60 (s) * OH58 -> Franze Kiowa * A-10 LGB -> Footmunch F-16

-RUSSIAN SIDE * Ru Soldiers -> RHS Russian Motorized Infantry * Ru Spetznatz -> RHS GRU Spetznatz Units * Ru Pilots -> OW Russian pilots * Ak74 -> RHS AK74M * AK74GP15 -> RHS AK74GP25 * Ak74su -> ORCS AK-74u * PK -> CSLA PK * SVD -> CSLA SVD * RPG -> ORCS RPG-7V * AT-4 -> ORCS RPG-29 * Tokarev -> ORCS Makarov * Bizon -> ORCS Vss Vintorez * Mines -> Spetznatz Mod Russian Mines * Handgrenade -> Ru RGO * BMP-1 -> CSLA BMP-2 * BMP-2 -> Akm74 BMP-3 * BRDM -> Akm74 BTR-80 * T-72 -> RHS T-80UM * T-80 -> Timmamas/ORCS T-90 * Ural Transport soldiers -> Spetznatz Mod Ural * UAZ -> CSLA UAZ * Support Urals -> Spetznatz Mod Support Urals (Repair , ammo and fuel) * Mi-17 -> OWP Mi-17 * Mi-24 -> RHS Mi-24 * V-80 -> Evgeni Ka-52 * Su-25 -> TomiD Su-39

-RESISTANCE SIDE * Re Soldiers -> Williec Resistance soldiers * AK47 -> RHS AKM * AK47GP15 -> RHS AKMGP25 * PK -> ORCS PK * RPG -> ORCS RPG-7 * BMP-1 -> CSLA Camo BMP-1 * Uaz -> CSLA Gaz-169 * Truck -> CSLA FIA Truck

-CIVILIAN SIDE * Civilians -> Mig/Edge/Peepers Civilian Men * Cars -> Vilas/Sigma Cars

Model Additions:

-US SIDE * Added ACU Soldiers/Crews/Pilots/Special Forces * Added M82 Barett * Added M240 * Added M1911 * Added P228

-RUSSIAN SIDE * Added V-94 * Added GSH-18 * Added Makarov PM * Added Su-27 Flanker

-RESISTANCE SIDE * Added Soldier with G3 * Added Soldier with Fal * Added Res Kord


The installation is very easy, but if you still have difficulty then here is a guide: At first make sure you installed correctly the patch 1.96 from BIS then make sure you deleted all of the previous FFUR 2006 versions from your 'Operation Flashpoint' folder. Then simply run the executable from the location you saved it and follow the instructions. When the installer starts, you will be told to select the location for the install. This should be correct without you changing anything, but in a small number of cases this is wrong. Depending on the version you bought of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis And that's about it! The files will begin to install and soon you will be playing FFUR Modern Crisis .

System Requirements:

To play the FFUR Packs flawlessly, we recommend the following: Windows XP 1.7 GHz Pentium 4 or Athlon XP 512Mb DDR RAM 400Mb Hard Disk Space (per pack) For those wishing to use the High Resolution Islands:Fifth Generation Graphics Card (eg.GeForce 5 Series or Radeon 9 series).


Thunderbird84 (Team Leader) Script Writing/MOD Design Reven Website Design/Hosting/Distribution/Readmes/Installers Tomislav Lead Beta Testing Benus Ironsights designer zGuba Second Coder and Music Manager Parvus Publicity Manager and Photoshop Artist Mike for 3D light support

Military support : Olemissrebel


*FlashFx Mod/Nemesis6 for their basic scripts * BW Mod for their great addons used in the FFUR Euro * Codeblue Mod for their permission to edit their US soldiers entirely * RHS Mod for their outstanding armored,infantry and weapons addons * ORCS Mod for their nice models * DKM Mod for their armored units * OWP Mod for their great helicopters and pilots * UKF Mod for their soldiers models used in the FFUR Euro * BOH Mod & Hyakushi for all of the nice work they provided thus far * VME Mod for their support with a couple of scripts * NorFor Mod for their support * AKM74 Mod for his nice armored vehicles * SJB Mod & Jackal for his kickass weapons * Swedish Forces Mod (SFP) for their models used in FFUR Euro * ECP Mod for their support * WGL Mod for their realistic ammunition values * CSLA Mod for their outstanding helicopter models * Y2K3 Mod for their support * FDF Mod for their support * Turkish Union Mod for their support * Kylesarnik for his great grenades pack, which features a bunch of nice effects. * DMA Mod & Sanctuary for their nice work and their great support * EECP Mod for their support * REM Mod for their support * Franze for his nice helicopter models and his usual support * Ingram for the nice screenshots * King Homer for his great tank models and his support * Oyman for his nice A10 * Laser for the great human models he’s done so far * Colorchanger for his nice airplane used in the FFUR Euro * Williec for his nice rebel models * iakr for his nice car * WWIII Mod for their lovely RPK-47 * Llauma for his popular sky pack * B3Liar for his G36 pack * Inquisitor for his tanks * AfrographX for his nice Ch-47 * Farmland Mod for its civilian models * Combat Mod for the great collection of armored vehicles * BlackBlood for the nice british models used in the FFUR Euro * Fishkopp for his nice pilots and Humvees * Sigma for his old and still so good tank models * To all the other great addon makers. Thank you for all for your hard work and enthusiasm in keeping the OFP community alive and kicking! * All the military guys who do this stuff for real and graciously took the time to advise us.

Huge thanks to FFUR partners and beta testers for their great efforts towards us:

* Shadow Nx for providing us several of his great models based on RHS outstanding models. * Jackal for providing us several of his ‘incoming’ weapons from his popular SJB weapons pack. * Sanctuary for his kindness and usual support * Franze for his support and help * Tovarish for the executable * Imshi-yallah for his support * Thruyersternum for his support * Marco.A.Aguilar1 for his nice song used in the first cutscene * Mr.Zig for his support * Wilco for his support and kindness * Raptor (OFPC) for his usual support by mirroring almost all of ours packs * Recon Tom (Coop Center) for hosting the final releases and his great help for hosting the main mirrors. * OFP.info (News posters) for their kindness and support * King Homer for the intensive beta tests he carried out and his usual support * CameronMCdonald for the beta tests and advices about the ACU issue. * Ch_123 for the intensive beta tests and some models. * CanadianTerror for his usual support and help * Ingram for the outstanding screenshots he carried out so far. * Kenwort for the amazing promo movie he has done.

· A lot of the used addons are the properties of their original authors. If you want to use them then ask the authors directly, not the FFUR members.

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