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Thunderbird84 has brought us another installment of the high quality FFUR mod. The FFUR team have put a huge amount of effort into this mod...

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Thunderbird84 has brought us another installment of the high quality FFUR mod. The FFUR team have put a huge amount of effort into this mod as they have combined it with SLX making it the ultimate Total Conversion mod. Some SLX features had to be cut out due to instabillity.

Patch 1.01 ---- Patch 1.01


The SLX MOD created by Solus has proven to be one of the largest, most featured, and most successful Mod's ever created for Operation Flashpoint. Solus'SLX mod focused on regrouping, compiling and polishing high- quality community- made scripts with the spirit of making a very realistic challenge in terms of game- play and combat effects.

By popular demand, we have combined the modern units and effects in FFUR 2007, with the even more special effects and enhancements seen in the SLX mod (1.093). We hope to provide a new feeling and deeper immersion to OFP' s Game- play.

With the permission and support of Solus, the combined mod features almost every change, improvement and enhancement, of the 2 mod' s. All default Bohemia Interactive Studios units have been replaced with high- quality models set in the time period in and around 2007. Although I'm seriously lacking time, I have been working hard on connecting and making compatible SLX/FFUR scripts, animations and values trying to include almost all of SLX features without breaking BIS default missions and story- lines, the Beta testers exerted a huge amount of effort in making this possible.

I just would like to let you know that, simultaneously running both mods by using the old classical way to run two mods would have never been properly playable because several of SLX/FFUR features were disabled.

In terms of gameplay stability, immersion feeling and realism, this is probably the most well-advanced FFUR pack carried out thus far, due to the experience gained from the previous releases, every day we have been editing OFP's engine has been interesting, rich and stimulating. Concerning the multiplayer side of the MOD, unfortunately no tests have been done because of the lack of time, but logically, the MOD should work on dedicated servers, but with no guarantee from our side, though.

The successful merger of both mods would have never been possible without Solus' support. Please join me in thanking him for his efforts to make this mod possible. We hope you will enjoy this new "FFUR 2007/SLX" Mod.



AI routines roughly follow Sun Tzu's "The Art of War." Calculations measuring strength: Morale (strength, skill of leaders, backup, etc), Weather(bad weather affects things, like aircraft and munitions), Terrain (higher altitude versus enemy = tactical advantage) and Skill (of leaders, units).

Squads scan through all other squads to collect information about known friendly and enemy forces and they pass information about enemy squads to each other.

Groups shout out relevant commands while performing most actions and maneuvers.

The strength of a squad is based on the number of armed units, type of vehicles, skill of units, skill of leader, and strength of nearby squads.

Infantry squads rush weaker enemies using bounding over- watch. Squads split up into teams and try to stay in a small group when they are rushing while the other teams are laying down. By rushing in a team it's more likely that one of them will get a shot off when they run into an enemy, where as if they were alone they could be picked off one by one.

Squads take cover when over- matched.

As an US squad leader or RTO, you can call for “AIR Support”, heavy bombers (A10 or F16 CAS) drop M- 82 bombs on the position you set on the map.

Squad radios for communications. Default radio is SINCGARS (Single Channel Ground and Air Radio System), each side can be set up to have their own type of radio but only the SINCGARS is included as default for all sides, some modern Russian man- pack radios may look similar to the SINCGARS though.

Suppressive fire on squads. Rate of fire is determined from any known enemy, so two rifle squads could suppress if they are all firing. A unit can suppress by quickly firing a weapon at an enemy squad.


Working smoke concealment. Smoke can not be seen through by AI's but can be walked and shot through.

Munition effects. Firing munitions creates effects such as smoke around the barrel, muzzle, and ejection port, a faint vapour trail along the munition's trajectory, tracers, munitions are affected by wind, hit effects with debris and dust, and ricochets. Smoke grenades create actual concealment, it takes a few seconds for the AI' s to lose track of you if you're already in their sights, and don't shoot while depending on concealment or the AI's will fire at you. If the AI' s are not targeting you then they will never see you if you stay behind the smoke. The smoke screen is affected by the wind, so if the wind changes the screen will move with it. Smoke is hazardous to breathe in for too long, and being in a confined space with smoke can be deadly. Firing a lot of tracers or explosives can set things on fire. Grass can be set on fire with machine gun tracers. Fire flows downwind, so you can plan for where it might go, but beware a change in wind direction sending the fire somewhere else. Uncontroled fires can cause widespread destruction. Launched grenades are not armed until they reach a safe distance of 14 to 27 meters, but unarmed grenades can still ricochet and hurt things that they hit. If you are using a weapon with good optics and the conditions are right you can see the "trace," or vapor trail, of the shot even if it's not a tracer round. You can use the trace to make corrections to your aim.

Vehicle damage. When a vehicle is damaged an effect will happen relevant to the amount and position of the damage. Vehicle damage effects include munitions malfunctions, fuel leaks, fire, tire blowouts, broken glass, main rotor damage, tail rotor failure, and temporary engine failure. For example, if a helicopter gets hit in the tail rotor causing too much damage it will fail and start to go down. If a vehicle is hit in the engine, fuel tank, or body, it has a chance of starting a fuel leak. If a vehicle is leaking fuel it is vulnerable to catching on fire if it gets damaged again. The extent of the fire is based on the amount of damage the vehicle has, starting out as a small fire and eventually consuming the entire vehicle, then burning back down before extinguishing. The fire does damage to the vehicle and nearby things, ammunition cooks off while burning, and sometimes nearby things get set on fire. Fire can be put out by repairing the vehicle, submerging it in water, going over 400 kph, or if the fire is small enough you can try using the "put out fire" action (which has a somewhat random chance of working) until the fire goes out. People disembarking from a burning vehicle have a chance of catching fire proportional to the damage of the vehicle. They can put the fire out by getting healed or by keeping moving. People on fire will automatically crawl forward prone to keep moving, you can also try rolling on the ground to put the fire out if you are using a rolling mod such as DMA' s. Helicopters with main rotor damage become more unstable the more damaged they are, eventually tearing themselves apart and crashing if they are too damaged. When a helicopter with main rotor damage crashes it throws up lots of dirt and dust as the blades are smashed apart on the ground.

AI' s do not eject from damaged helicopters while in the air to increase AI survivability.

Realistic blood effect that appears every time you shoot at a human, even if the body is dead.

The explosion effects follow the basic descriptions of an explosion written in "U.S. Army Field Manual 3- 50 Smoke Operations | Appendix G : Munition- Produced Dust"(http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/army/fm/3- 50/Appg.htm), the dust/fire ball, the dust skirt, the rising column of smoke, and some small lingering smoke. They are also based on videos of explosions of laser guided bombs, explosive ordinance disposal, hand grenades, aerial rockets and missiles, and improvised explosive devices. The fireball is usually very brief being usually a bright flash then mostly dust, but sometimes has a lot of fire. The dust skirt comes quickly after the dust/fire ball, it lingers for a while after the explosion before disipating. For larger explosions it spreads out over a large area but for smaller explosions it is just a single cloud and looks fairly good for the low fast appearing smoke from hand grenades. The smoke column rises after the explosion and dust skirt and drifts away in the wind, it is usually light grey and sometimes darker. Then a thin low smoke lingers near the crater.

The unguided rocket smoke is based on a videos of helicopters firing rockets, it starts off dark black and then thins out turning grey.

The guided missile smoke is based on pictures and videos of TOW missiles firing, a thin grey smoke that can be seen through, especially since some missiles are gunner controlled

The water hit effect is based on videos and pictures of bullets hitting water, a thin plume of water.


Disabled wound effects because they are not well optimized, when the AI drags and heals a wounded enemy, a few seconds later the AI kills him after healing him, which makes no sense at all.

Disabled the surrendering feature in the aim to avoid breaking BIS missions.

Disabled Melee features because they were not that necessary in-game, moreover only special troops do focuse on their use.

Disabled APCs and Tanks deploying smoke walls feature in order to considerably increase the frame-rate level during huge firefights.

Disabled the Main Commander's MG feature because when changing the ammunition type you are using, this feature tend to block the gunner's cannon during a couple of seconds, which might cause some annoying issues, plus the commander's MG uses the gunner's Muzzle Flashes.

Disabled the Garrison script because OFP' s engine isn't that optimized for 'Inside- Building' combats, the AI tends to act in a weird way.


The models used in this conversion are high quality made Add-Ons by OFP' s community, including FFUR, these changes are intended to bring OFP to a new era, in terms of visual quality.

- US SIDE - US Soldiers : FacePlant ACU Troops - US Special Forces : FacePlant ACU Special Forces - US pilots : FFUR/Laser Army Pilots - M16 : SJB M16A4 - HK : SJB M4 SD ACOG - STEYR AUG : Win$e F- 88 - G3 : NorFor G- 3 - G- 36 : B3liar G- 36 - M4 : SJB M4 AIMPOINT - M16M203 : SJB M16A2M203 - M60 : BOH M249 - M21 : SJB Woodland M24 - Stinger : CSLA Stinger - Law : Laser AT4 (M136 : US Version) - Carl Gustav : Earl & Such Javelin - BERETTA : SJB BERETTA M9 - GLOCK 17 : SJB GLOCK 18 - Satchel : C4 - Mines : SPETSNATZ Mod US Mines - Hand- grenade : US M67 - M113 : CBT M113A3 - M1A1 : KH/InQ M1A2 - M60A1 : Sigma M1A1 - M2A2 : CBT M2A2A3 - M163 : INQ M163 - M998 : CBT M1098 - Trucks 5T Support/Fuel/ammunitions : CBT HEMMTS - Trucks 5T Transport soldiers : [IEF] Mp 5T Trucks - Jeep : CBT HMMWV Open - Jeep- MG : CBT HMMWV Open with M2 - HMMWV : HMMWV troops - Ah- 1 : Franze AH- 64A - Ah- 64 : Franze AH- 64D - UH- 60 (mg/ffar) : CSLA UH- 60 (s) - OH58 : Franze Kiowa - A- 10 LGB : Diesel A- 10

- Added SJB M82 BARETT - Added SJB M240 - Added SJB M1911 - Added SJB P228 - Added Footmunch F- 16 (CAS)

- RUSSIAN SIDE - Ru Soldiers : RHS Russian Motorized Infantry - Ru SPETSNATZ : RHS GRU SPETSNATZ Units - Ru Pilots : OW Russian pilots - Ak74 : RHS AK74M - AK74GP15 : RHS AK74GP25 - Ak74su : CSLA AK- 74u - PK : CSLA PK - SVD : CSLA SVD - RPG : ORCS RPG- 7V - AT- 4 : ORCS RPG- 29 - M2 : VIT NSV - TOKAREV : ORCS MAKAROV - BIZON : ORCS VSS VINTOREZ - Mines : SPETSNATZ Mod Russian Mines - Hand- grenade : Ru RGO - BMP- 1 : CSLA BMP- 2 - BMP- 2 : Akm74 BMP- 3 - BRDM : Akm74 BTR- 80 - T- 72 : RHS T- 80UM - T- 80 : Timmamas/ORCS T- 90 - Ural Transport soldiers : SPETSNATZ Mod Ural - UAZ : Python art's studio UAZ - Support Urals : SPETSNATZ Mod Support Urals (Repair , ammo and fuel) - Mi- 17 : OWP Mi- 17 - Mi- 24 : RHS Mi- 24 - V- 80 : Evgeni KA- 52 - SU- 25 : TomiD SU- 39

- Added RHS OSV- 96 - Added ORCS GSH- 18 - Added RHS MAKAROV PM - Added SPETSNATZ Mod SU- 27 Flanker

- RESISTANCE SIDE - Re Soldiers : Williec Resistance soldiers - AK47 : RHS AKM - AK47GP15 : RHS AKMGP25 - PK : ORCS PK - RPG : ORCS RPG- 7 - BMP- 1 : CSLA Camo BMP- 1 - UAZ : CSLA GAZ- 169 - Truck : CSLA FIA Truck

- Added Soldier with G3 - Added Soldier with FAL - Added Res NSV

- CIVILIAN SIDE - Cars : Vilas/Sigma Cars


Higher AI rates of fire at longer ranges, higher man class armor for more wounding while still being easily killed, smaller grenades for more capacity, many changes to missiles to make them work with manual control smoke, vehicles don't deform when they are destroyed, spent casings stay around, less accurate aiming precision, no radar on tanks or APCs, ammo counter removed (only number of magazines or last bullets shown), and many more all listed in the config.cpp.

New realistic sounds for all weapons , vehicles, aircrafts and explosions.

New Music based on patriotic music samples and war movie samples.

New Animations for all soldiers. Based on the so popular DMA NEXTGEN animations.

Standing and Crouching lean actions implemented, together with rolling while prone.

Added the ability to mount scopes on firearms as long as they comply with the soldier's ability and Speciality.

Incorporated the ability of swimming with the appropriate animations and this goes to all troops [This exclusively goes to the Player].

Wilco 's Armed Assault Radio ending instead of Bohemia Interactive Studio's one.

Increased the number of groups in the groups selection menu based on real life combat sections.

New custom GUI for the main screen.

New Mission editor interface.

New Briefing book.

New Pictures for all weapons.

New Information available for all weapons based on FAS.org data.

New Compass and New Map Design.


Realism Loadout, gear ammunition values and recoils, that fit in an authentic way with real life. (Thanks to the WGL MOD)

- US Side - Anti- Air Specialist - M16A4/Stinger - Anti- Armor Rifleman - M4A1 AIMPOINT/M136 AT4 - Anti- Armor Specialist - M4A1 AIMPOINT/Javelin - Armored Crew - M4A1 - Combat Pilot - M9 - Helicopter Pilot - M9 - Engineer - M4A1 AIMPOINT/Mines - Grenadier - M4A1/M203 - Grenadier - MM- 1 - Laser Specialist - M4SD ACOG/SOFLAM - Machine Gunner - M240B - Rifleman - M4A1 - Rifleman - M4A1 Scope - Sniper - M24 - Sniper - M82 - Special Forces (Day) - M4A1 Scope - Special Forces (Day) - M4A1SD ACOG/P228 - Special Forces (Night) - M4A1SD ACOG/GLOCK- 17S - Special Forces (Night) - MP5SD/GLOCK- 17S - Squad Automatic Rifleman - M249 - Squad Leader (Night) - M4A1/Flares - Squad Leader - M4A1 Reflex/M1911 - M113A3 - HB M2 - M2A2 - Bushmaster (HE - AP)/ M240/ M220 TOW - M1A1 - Sabot/MPAT/ HB M2/ M240 Coax - M1A2 - Sabot/MPAT/ HB M2/ M240 Coax - M163 - Vulcan Cannon - Truck 5T (covered & open) - Light firearms magazines & grenades - HEMMT (Repair) - HEMMT (Fuel) - HEMMT (Ammo) - HMMWV - M2HB - HMMWV (Open - troops) - HMMWV (Covered - troops) - UH- 60 (FFAR) - 38mm Rockets - UH- 60 (MG) - HB M2 - CH- 47 - OH- 58 - Laser Designator/ 38mm Rockets - AH- 64D - M230/ AGM- 114L Hellfire Missiles/ Stingers/ M229 70mm Rockets - A- 10 - GAU- 8/ AGM- 65 Maverick Missiles/ Hydra- 70 HE Rockets/ AIM- 9 - Sidewinder Missiles/ MK- 82 Bombs - F- 16 - M61 Vulcan/ AGM- 65 Maverick Missiles/ AIM- 9 Sidewinder Missiles/ MK- 82

- RUSSIAN SIDE - Anti- Air Specialist - AK- 74su/STRELA - Anti- Armor Rifleman - AK- 74su/RPG- 7v - Anti- Armor Specialist - AK- 74su/RPG- 29 - Armored Crew - AK- 74su - Engineer - AK- 74m/Mines - Fighter Pilot - APS - Helicopter Pilot - APS - Rifleman - AK- 74m - Sniper - SVD - Sniper - V- 94 - SPETSNATZ Operator - AK- 74/PSO- 1 - SPETSNATZ Operator – VSS VINTOREZ - Squad Automatic Rifleman - PK - Squad Leader - AK- 74m/PM - Squad Leader - AK- 74m/Flares - BMP- 2 - 30mm (HE - AP)/ PKT/ AT- 5 SPRANDEL Missiles - BMP- 3 - 2A70/ 2A42 (HE - AP)/ PKT/ 9M117 Missiles - BTR- 80 - KVPT/ PKT - T- 80UM - 3BM42M/3BK29M/3OF26/ PKT/ NSV - T- 90 - 3BM42M/3BK29M/3OF26/ PKT/ NSV - Ural - Light firearms magazines & grenades - Ural (Repair) - Ural (Fuel) - Ural (Ammo) - UAZ - Mi- 17 - 57x192 Rockets/ PKT - Mi- 24 - YAKB/ AT- 6 Missiles/ 80mm Rockets - KA- 52 - 2A42 (HE - AP)/ VIKHR Missiles/ IGLA Missiles/ 80mm Rockets - SU- 39 - H29T Missiles/ R- 60 Missiles/ 57x64 Rockets/ GSH- 30 - SU- 27 - R- 27 Missiles/ GSH- 30

- RESISTANCE SIDE - Anti- Air Specialist - AK- 47/STRELA - Anti- Armor Soldier - AK- 47/RPG- 7v - Anti- Armor Specialist - AK- 47/RPG- 29 - Armored Crew - AK- 47 - Grenadier - AKM/GP15 - Machine Gunner - PK - Medic - AK- 47 - Officer - AK- 47 - Officer (night) - AK- 47/Flares - Officer - FN FAL/CZ- 75 - Pilot - AK- 47 - Sniper - Remington - Sniper - SVD - Soldier - BENELLI - Soldier - FN FAL - Soldier - G3 - Soldier - SA- 58 - BMP- 1 - Sabot/Heat/ PKT/ AT- 3 Missiles - T- 80UM - 3BM42M/3BK29M/3OF26/ PKT/ NSV - T- 90 - 3BM42M/3BK29M/3OF26/ PKT/ NSV - PV3S (Covered) - Light firearms magazines & grenades - PV3S (Repair) - PV3S (Fuel) - PV3S (Ammo)


This MOD doesn't need to be used with the SLX Mod anymore because this new FFUR release implements several almost all of SLX features, however, some of them haven't been included to avoid getting some compatibility and stability issues, as it has been mentioned above.

All Add-ons have been decompressed to further reduce lag and increase Frame-rates.

Only the required P3D models and textures have been retained for this pack.

2 Configs are available in the ffsx2007 folder : A multi-player config which does not include the “air support” feature to avoid an abusive use on-line, and a another single-player config, which does include a health bar that shows the soldier's status. As you can see HERE.


To play the FFUR/SLX 2007 Pack flawlessly, we recommend the following:

- Windows XP - 2,0 GHZ Pentium 4 or ATHLON XP - 512 MB DDR RAM - 1,5 GB Hard Disk Space (per pack) - For those wishing to use the Extra Effects Pack and High Resolution Islands:Fifth Generation Graphics Card (EG. GEFORCE 5 Series or RADEON 9 series).


The installation is very easy, but if you still have difficulty then here is a guide: At first make sure you installed correctly the patch 1.96 from BIS then simply run the executable from the location you saved it and follow the instructions. When the installer starts, you will be told to select the location for the install. This should be correct without you changing anything, but in a small number of cases this is wrong. Depending on the version you bought of Operation Flashpoint : Cold War Crisis And that's about it! The files will begin to install and soon you will be playing FFUR/SLX Modern Crisis.


Make sure to run the MOD with a clean version of Operation Flashpoint Resistance.

Some extra-addons wouldn't work that well with the MOD (Keg's editor...), this is due to the amount of changes brought to the MOD and we are not responsible about that.

Please, read the instructions to avoid getting problems, we spent a lot of time in carrying them out, a few minutes spent reading' em would avoid making installation's mistakes.

The MOD already provides a ".exe" file, you do not need to make a new one to play it.

Make sure to close all programs running in the background to run the MOD flawlessly, and to make it much more appealing.


-Kegety's DXDLL: Enhances the graphics within the game through use of post-processing and by forcing trilinear filtering (because of this you'll need a GeForce 5 Series or above, or a Radeon 9 Series).

-Mr. Burns AEC Islands selection: An amazing islands selection carried out by Mr. Burn from OFPC in order to replace BIS islands by the best islands carried out thus far, this replaces standard BIS files, so be sure to back them up (ones within /worlds and /dta, mainly).

-InQuisitor Desert Island InQuisitor Desert Island: A great desert island intended to replace BIS one, this desert island uses Resistance high quality textures.


FFUR CORE TEAM: Reven Website Design/Hosting/Distribution/Readmes/Installers Tomislav Lead Beta Testing (Former member) Benus Ironsights designer zGuba Second Coder and Music Manager Parvus Publicity Manager and Photoshop Artist Thunderbird84 (Team Leader) Main Coding/Script Writing/MOD Design

COMMUNITY: - FlashFx Mod/Nemesis6 for their basic scripts - CSLA Mod for their outstanding helicopter models - CameronMCDonald for allowing us to use his amazing FacePlant ACU troops - Codeblue Mod for their permission to edit their US soldiers entirely - RHS Mod for their outstanding armored,infantry and weapons addons - ORCS Mod for their nice models - DKM Mod for their armored units - OWP Mod for their great helicopters and pilots - UKF Mod for their soldiers models used in the FFUR Euro - BOH Mod & Hyakushi for all of the nice work they provided thus far - INV44 Mod for their permission to use and edit their unique tracers scripts, and for basing our GUI on theirs. - VME Mod for their support with a couple of scripts - NorFor Mod for their support - AKM74 Mod for his nice armored vehicles - SJB Mod & Jackal for his kickass weapons - Swedish Forces Mod (SFP) for their models used in FFUR Euro - ECP Mod for their support - WGL Mod for their realistic ammunition values - Y2K3 Mod for their support - FDF Mod for their support - BW Mod for their great addons used in the FFUR Euro - Turkish Union Mod for their support - TheSun and his Team for allowing us to use his unique UAZ models. - Kylesarnik for his great grenades pack, which features a bunch of nice effects. - DMA Mod & Sanctuary for their nice work and their great support - EECP Mod for their support - REM Mod for their support - Franze for his nice helicopter models and his usual support - Ingram for the nice screenshots - King Homer for his great tank models and his support - Oyman for his nice A10 - Laser for the great human models he’s done so far - Colorchanger for his nice airplane used in the FFUR Euro - Williec for his nice rebel models - iakr for his nice car - WWIII Mod for their lovely RPK-47 - Llauma for his popular sky pack - B3Liar for his G36 pack - Inquisitor for his tanks - AfrographX for his nice Ch-47 - Python Art Studios for their amazing Ak-74su and Stingers models - Combat Mod for the great collection of armored vehicles - BlackBlood for the nice british models used in the FFUR Euro - Fishkopp for his nice pilots and Humvees - Sigma for his old and still so good tank models

Huge thanks to FFUR partners for their great efforts towards us:

- Solus for his amazing support towards the FFUR MOD and towards the new MOD' s pack. - Shadow Nx for providing us several of his great models based on RHS outstanding models. - Jackal for providing us several of his ‘incoming’ weapons from his popular SJB - Sanctuary for his kindness and usual support - SamotH for his great sky pack especially done for FFUR - Franze for his support and help - Kenwort for the amazing promo movie he has done - Tovarish for the executable - Imshi-yallah for his support in fixing some english text - Thruyersternum for his support in fixing some scripts - Nubbin77 for his support in carrying out english fixes - Marco.A.Aguilar1 for his nice song used in the first cutscene - Mr.Zig for his support - Wilco for his support and kindness - Raptor (OFPC) for his usual support by mirroring almost all of ours packs - Recon Tom (Coop Center) for hosting the final releases and his great help for hosting the main mirrors. - OPEC Team for having hosted several of ours packs. - OFP.info (News posters) for their kindness and support - King Homer for the intensive beta tests he carried out and his usual support

Thanks to the BETA-TESTERS, the MOD has been accomplished and the biggest thank you has to go to all of them:

- CameronMCdonald - Ch_123 - CanadianTerror - Ingram. - GOL clan and especially to Lt.Chris for the MP tests, - battle hampster - william1 - triumph - V.P. - SamotH - froggyluv - GOL clan - Blazin And to all others who wanted to help us.

- Thanks to all the other great addon makers. Thank you for all for your hard work and enthusiasm in keeping the OFP community alive and kicking!

- Special thanks to all the military guys who do this stuff for real and graciously took the time to advise us.

- A lot of the used addons are the properties of their original authors. If you want to use them then ask the authors directly, not the FFUR members,

- All credits are supposed to be correctly done, in the other case, please let me know about it.

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