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The Finnish Defence Forces pack adds a whole new dimension to the game. In addition to loads of authentic addons based on the real life Finn...


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The Finnish Defence Forces pack adds a whole new dimension to the game. In addition to loads of authentic addons based on the real life Finnish Army, this mod also features some new scenery and a brilliant campaign.

The year is 1995. After the Soviets were driven out in 1982 a UN peacekeeping mission was set up in Nogova, Finland and NATO participated in it. The NFOR forces are still at Nogova, things have been pretty calm lately but there are rumors that the communist partisans led by Radom Tosev are making a comeback to Nogova, there are also unconfirmed rumors that they are being supported by Russian Federation army hardliners led by his somewhat distant relative Vladimir Tosev. The Russian economy has not shown signs of improvement despite the fall of communism almost 5 years ago, large military cutbacks have increased the support of subversive elements in the Russian army and the situtation is starting to become even worse...

The basic story of the mod is followed through the eyes of a few soldiers:

honka_ms.jpg Petri Honka

DOB: 27/03/1973 Military rank: Private First Class Background: After completing his mandatory military service in the Finnish Rapid Deployment forces (FRDF) in 1994. Petri Honka requested to participate in the Nogova peace keeping mission 5 months ago, due to his excellent service record he was granted a transfer to Nogova.

radom_ms.jpg Radom Tosev

DOB: 12/02/1944 Military rank: N/A Background: A fierce "old-school" communist and the leader of "Nogovas Socialistic Liberation Front", the infamous extremist communist movement in Nogova. So far they have mainly harrassed the locals but the incidents have started get more violent day by day. The movement is funded and supported by nationalist hardliners in the Russian Federation army. The Russian goverment denies any involvement. His wife was killed during the 1982 uprising.

vladimir_ms.jpg Vladimir Tosev

DOB: ??/??/195? Military Rank: General Background: Charismatic leader of the recently formed "unofficial" faction of hardline generals in the Russian army who blame the economic and social collapse on the moderate Russian goverment. Despite not being very communist-oriented faction the hardliners are supporting the communist rebels in Nogova, being a not-so-distant relative of Radom Tosev Vladimir considers him as his most closest friend despite some ideological differences. Russian goverment is afraid to confront Tosev because of the possibility of an army uprising.

Additional notes: Despite appearing calm on the surface it is rumoured that Vladimir has a tendency to go postal when pushed too far...

The MD5 checksum for this mod is "b510d959629a8e1aecc00afc36deb415". Use this to make sure you have an uncorrupted download.

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Download 'fdfmod13_installer.exe' (464.48MB)

Working installation of Operation Flashpoint: Resistance 1.94 or higher.
Latest patches can be downloaded from

Campaign and some missions need following addons to work properly:

- Winter Nogojev 1.1 by Kegetys
- Russian Weapons Pack 1.1 by Kegetys

You can download them for example from

1. Locate your OFP installation directory.

First find out where you have installed Operation Flashpoint.
Default location is C:\Program Files\Codemasters\Operation Flashpoint\

Start Explorer and head for that directory. Your OFP directory should look something (not exactly similar!) like picture below.


Ok. Now try to remember that for a while.

 2. Install FDFMOD 1.3.

Your original OFP files will remain intact when installed as instructed here. Please follow these instructions unless you know what you are doing.

Start self-extracting installer by doubleclicking it.

Still remember your OFP directory? Ok. If not, don't worry.
Default location is C:\Program Files\Codemasters\Operation Flashpoint\.
Browse for your OFP directory or type it in text box. Click Ok.

3. Play!

FDFMOD 1.3 is now succesfully installed. Start FDFMod.exe and go play some!

If problems occur, yell them at FDFMOD Forums.

3b. Alternative method: creating shortcuts

Sometimes FDFMod.exe included may not work or you may want to give some extra command line parameters to your OFP. For this, you just need some shortcuts to launch it.

This is basics of Windows, but we found it necessary to include here. 


Type -mod=finmod to Target-textbox after OFP filename. Then click Ok. Now on double clicking that shortcut will launch FDFMOD 1.3.

No? You don't have such shortcuts? Then create one. Just look for your OFP directory with Explorer and by right clicking FLASHPOINTBETA.EXE (that's default file name for OFP patch 1.94b) select Create Shortcut.

Now you got one brand new shortcut.

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