Fire and Smoke Effects

Fire and smoke effects which will replace the BIS ones. Be sure to read the readme.


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Fire and smoke effects which will replace the BIS ones. Be sure to read the readme.

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Download 'johns_smoke_fire.rar' (2.95MB)

--new fire & smoke--effects for OFP,OFP-RES & Goty,

add new fire and smoke textures into Data.pbo
And keep Ofp better looking.

unrar. the patch---into any folder u like.
Start the patch and click on Apply patch , a screen with a search 
for Data.pbo opens.
Double click on Data.pbo and apply the patch (simple)

Ok-be sure to make a backup from youre orginal Data.pbo 
Also you use normal Ofp:
--needs to replace the patched Data.pbo too times into ,
--(Dta folder) and in sub (Dta/HWTL folder) also too times 

for Ofp-Res:
--needs to replace the patched Data.pbo four times into ,
--(Dta folder) and in sub (Dta/HWTL folder) also too times. 
--(res/Dta folder) and in sub (res/Dta/HWTL folder) also too times.
--thats four times now. the same for the Goty ed.

Do you use as example Hisky ore any other mod,using his own 
modified Data.pbo and start parameter ,
you need to reinstall it new ore patch this Data.pbo too,
otherwise the new effects will only work under the normal Ofp start parameters
(means works only without any mod).

Also 2. example ....i use Libmod without hisky,but with a seperate
start parameter(thats normal by Libmod) IF ITS SO U DONT NEED TO REINSTALL LIBMOD
cse they dont use his own Data.pbo , they use Data.pbo from orginal game.
(thats already then patched)

If u use Libmod with hisky start parameter u have to reinstall hisky only new,
ore patch the hisky Data.pbo too times Hisky-DTA AND HWTL folder.

I know for some ppl out there who is not familar with Ofp editing , 
this can look quit hard to get them work.
But it isnt so small words find any Data.pbo in your flashpoint folder 
and patch them with my new files.-----------kk------------

good luck..JOHN

KNOWN bugs:
cat fire is a way to fast 
coded that means the fire anim is 
a way faster as its on Ofp normal fire.

This is NOT an official Addon. BIS or CODEMASTERS 
are not involved in any way into this addon.
Use at your own risk.(Not 100% fully tested) 
Do not edit any files of this addon without permission of John.
If you want to distribute this addon on your site, you can
do it as long as you keep it free and include all the original 
files in the rar archive unmodified.

i give no support for this addon and pls dont try to contact me and ask mad questions, i do this 
for me in privat lifetime and give them then to the Ofp community ,also i like this addon very much-
it gives Ofp something special and a smell of new what will be in ARMA.
If you dont like this addon ore this addon makes you problems,replace the patched Data.pbo
with youre backedup orginal Data.pbo thats it.

So too many ive written now have fun 


ps.: included a test mission...
     included Johns_fire.pbo
     included Johns_smoke.pbo

u find this effects special for the new fire textures and smoke under Objects 


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