FlashFX 2.0 adds new visual effects to Operation Flashpoint: Resistance. This is not the same as FlashFX Units Replacement.

New features...

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File Description

FlashFX 2.0 adds new visual effects to Operation Flashpoint: Resistance. This is not the same as FlashFX Units Replacement.

New features from 1.9:

  • Tracers from 30mm cannons on aircraft.
  • Fireplaces have flames and embers.
  • Extra embers from vehicle explosions.
  • The ground of initial vehicle explosions have a 50/50 chance of smoking.
  • Water explosions are less "blue'ish" than before.
  • LGBs from A10s produce a much larger explosion(both water and ground)
  • More water thrown up in water explosions
  • Dust from vehicles driving in Desert Island and other desert/dusty environments (CAT Afghanistan, Tonal, Desert Everon, and Desert Malden)
  • A lot of stuff I'm not gonna mention...

This is the updated version of 2.0. Within hours of the first version being released, a bug was spotten and it was pulled from the site. This version will hopefully have fixed all errors.

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This is my FX(effects) mod for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance. It is made out of a lot of existing scripts, while I, too, personally
have made several of them and edited/tweaked/heavily changed a lot of them.


Place the FlashFX folder in your Operation Flashpoint directory.

The EffectPack 0.81, OFPEC_Blood, ICP_Effects, FlashRAM, and KTE_grenades addons are included in the download. Extract these PBOs to your RES/ADDONS directory.

Now, download the following addons -

Download the Marine Assault Pack from the the following link and do the same thing - http://www.mtco.com/games/downloads/usmc/go.html

We're almost done. Now, right click the FLASHPOINTBETA.exe / FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.exe and click, "Create Shortcut", name it anything you want. Now, Right click it and choose Properties.
Then, in the Target line, add the following text to the target line, after the flashpointbeta.exe, of course - " -mod=FlashFX -nosplash"

That's it, you're all set.

This mod, in its present form, includes the following changes -

* The default explosion has been changed.

* Tanks and jeeps have a new burn and smoke effect. 

* Rotorwash for all choppers. 

* Shockdust for tank-cannons.(Desert, grass, snow, and water)

* Smoke for tank mounted machine-guns.

* Fuel/ammo explosions.

* Chopper tail-rotor failure.

* All default weapons have smoke effects when fired. Also grenade-launchers. 

* A lot of the default effects have been modified. These include blood, tank barrel fire and smoke, and the water-splash generated by bullets.

* Metallic debris from tanks and other vehicles when hit or destroyed by rocket-launchers or any form of grenades.

* Burn effect for planes going down.(One when in air, and one when at ground, crashed.) , 

* Rocket-launchers have backblast.

* A big muzzleflash when tanks fire their main gun.

* Tank-shells visible while travelling down-range.

* Better looking tracers for the Shilka.

* Dustwave when land vehicles are destroyed.

* Some vehicles carry extra fuel that others can refuel from.

* Waterwave when boats are destroyed.

* Fire, smoke, and exhaust effects for helicopters and fighter-planes.

* New effect for tank-shells when they hit water and land.

* Rifles fired at night illuminate the surroundings.

* Dust/sand kicked up when infantry run on Desert Island and most other desert/sand islands.

* Bullet cartridges from rifles stay on the ground for some time after being shot off.

* All default rockets and missiles have extra flame effects. 

* Excessive rotorwash on Desert Island and any other desert/sand islands.

* Fuel-stations and fuel-trucks explode much more realistically when destroyed.

* Houses burn and or smoke when they are destroyed.

* Timed grenades; Grenades DON'T just explode upon impact.

* Barrels explode, fly into the air, and burn.

* Smoke from MG barrels when fired, and bullet-cartridges/brass is ejected.

* Burning debris sometimes fly off when aircraft are destroyed in the air.. 

* Water is tossed up into the air when a boat is destroyed. 

* Blood squirt when units are hit.

* Some wrecks on the battlefield smoke.

* Water-splash effect for aircraft that crash in water/in the sea.

* Debris shoot off when aircraft are hit(not killed) in the air.

* Vehicles' speed is reduced a lot when destroyed or hits the ground(if it's not already there).

* Amphibious vehicles generate a waterous explosion when destroyed in water.

* Ammo depots make a big explosion when destroyed.

* Shilkas produce extra smoke.

* Tracers from aircraft 30mm cannons.

* Vehicles travelling in Desert Island, and other Desert/dusty ones (CAT Afghanistan, Tonal, Desert Everon and Desert Malden, among some.)

* Initial vehicle explosion craters have a 50/50 percent of smoking.

* Fireplaces now produce flames and embers.

* A lot of small features I'm not gonna mention! ;-)

* LGBs from A10s produce an extra large explosion on land and on the sea. A seperate effect from either of which.



Goldmember - I used one of his editable configs to get started on the mod. Also, he made the dustwave and waterwave scripts. The waterwave one has been modified by the ECP mod, however.

DKM-MOD - The burn and smoke effects were made by them. I extracted them and modified them slightly.

TJ - The rotorwash script which I've optimized and edited a lot, he also made the new FxCartridge model.

Tactician - He made the muzzle-smoke and backblast effects; the TACTEvents pack.

Myself, Nemesis6 - I made the debris scripts, the plane fire script, the flame scripts for the missiles, feet-dust script, the explosion-fireball script, and the tracer / tank-shell script.
I also edited, tweaked, and optimized the scripts for compatability and performance. Oh, and I made the mod. :-)

Vitja3000 - He made the tank-shell explosions.

The ICP team - They made the fuel-explosion script, the multiplayer gun-smoke scripts, and the tank muzzleflash script.

General Barron - He made the house fire script.

RamboOFP - He made the FlashRAM addon which enables light-flash from rifles fired at night.

Silola - He made the Fuel/ammo explosion script.

ECP mod (Zayfod) - They made the timed grenades script. Also the fire/smoke particle script for the debris, or at least edited it.

Ktotte - He made the grenade addon(KTE_grenades) utilized in the timed grenades script.

snYpir and Asmodeus - They made the OFPEC_Blood addon.

The OFPEC.com forum - They helped me quite a bit with this.

"I'm getting some kind of "onPlayerInit.sqs" error!" - This is because you haven't downloaded the Marine Assault Pack, or you're missing TACTEvents.pbo, which is contained within that very addon.

"The mod crashes!" - Try this: In the shortcut Target line, add -nomap to the end. This should very well help.

Misc. Stuff:

You are more than welcome to decompile, decrypt, whatever you want to with this mod. Just don't claim that any
of the work is your own. And for those of you who know what you're doing, I have included an editable config so you can customize it. Just remember to convert it to a .bin file when you're done!
An easy converter can be found here - http://ofp.gamezone.cz/utilities/cpp2bin_12.zip

On the subject of multiplayer, I ask you to use the multiplayer config instead of the default one. This is simply to avoid pissing off other players.
The multiplayer config uses the ICP version of the TACTEvents scripts, which doesn't have any new objects - at least not the infamous TACTObjCarry one that players complain about.
Other than this, I've played it safe and removed the FlashRAM and OFPEC_Blood addons.

Furthermore - Please do not post the Email-address provided in this Readme on any page. I've been recieving some spam, which may or may not be related to this. Once again, playing it safe.

Thank you for using/checking out my mod.

Contact: - Any questions, bug reports, death threats, marriage-proposals, praise, suggestions, anything related to FlashFX should be sent to Nemesis6@Eminem.com !

I, Nemesis6, cannot be held accountable for any damage, although highly unlikely, to your computer
or installation of Operation Flashpoint in ANY way, and neither can Codemasters or Bohemia Interactive Studios.


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