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Here's the updated version of the FlashFx Units replacement for players who wish to play with authentic units from the year 1980-1985 , I've...

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File Description

Here's the updated version of the FlashFx Units replacement for players who wish to play with authentic units from the year 1980-1985 , I've done new enhancements, a lot of new improvements, I've introduced the AI script ,I've added the best scripts ever done by OFP comunity,the best effects, I've fixed all bugs, It's intended only to Single players

The FlashFx Units replacement 1.2 is a mod wich replace all Operation Flashpoint Resistance 1.96 addons by the best ones using the best effects scripts , by respecting the period of the years 1980-1985 to make more realistic the game.

So after a length and hard work, I ended up carrying out these replacements and improvements by basing me on the effects of FlashFX 1.9 which offers multitudes of excellent effects such as the effects of explosions or the effects of splash or the effects of smoke .


*98 % of addons replaced by the best ones respecting the years 1980 -1985 : -Better models than BIS ones -New animations introduced to tanks and helicopters. -Best tracers effects introduced to the config respecting nato data . -Textures have new light and dark effects

*Artifiel intelligence improved -Soldiers keep move and advance -They hit and run -They won't stay organized if their officier is Killed in action -Enemy soldiers know what they may do if they're under sniper fire. -Soldiers panic under heavy fire -The machinegunners cover the team -The squad won't obey the officer in some situations if the soldiers think that's possible that they'll be killed if they obey to the officer.

*Misc pack added : -BIS sky replaced by Llaumax 1.2 -BIS Moon and Stars replaced By Llaumax ones -Llauma stormy sky replaced by Unsung pack one -BIS compass replaced by compass of WGL mod -BIS NVG replaced by InQ NVG -BIS apache replaced by Helifreak one -BIS NVG effect replaced By Kurayami one -BIS Cessna replaced by Silesian Cessna -Fixed CfgTextureToMaterial; and now it's compatible with FlashFX perfectly.

*New animations -All BIS animations replaced by new better ones

*New realistic Sound pack -BIS sounds replaced by the best sound pack

*Custom GUI

*The best scripts introduced to improve the game -Blood script -AI script -FlashFx Explosion effects script -Rocket flame,shok wave script -ORCS light script -Bn tracers script -Wbe tracers script -Pappy boyingthon pilots life vest script

*Most of military gear changed in editor by authentic names.

*No bug , No error.

Model changes

*US Soldier : HYK 85 Woodland Soldier *US Officer : HYK 85 Woodland Officer *US Sniper : GIG Scout Sniper *US Black Op : HYK SF (CQB) *US Crew : Rudedog's APC Crew 85 Woodland *US AH-1 : Vit Ah-1 *US UH60 : BAS UH60L *US UH60mg : BAS UH60L *US M1A1 : SIG M1A1 *US M60 : SIG M6OA3 *US M2A2 : Combat M2A2 *US Hmmwv : Combat Hmmwv *US M113 : Combat! M113A3 *US M113 Ambulance : Combat! M113A3 Ambulance *US 5T, 5T Open : MAF M925 *US 5T Ammo, 5T Repair : CBT M977 *US PBR : Carl boat

*RU Soldier : ORCS soviet soldier *RU Officer : ORCS soviet officer *RU Grenadier : ORCS soviet grenadier *RU medic : ORCS soviet medic *RU Sniper : Neoko soviet Sniper *RU Spetsnaz : Suchey & Earl naval Spetsnaz (recon) *RU Crew : RHS Crew *Ru Pilot : Our weapon PIlot *Ru Fighter pilot : Rzn Pilot *RU T-72 : SIG T-72B/Kontakt ERA *RU T-80 : SIG T-80UE *RU BMP-1 : CSLA BMP-1 *RU BMP-2 : CSLA BMP-2 *RU Mi-24 : CSLA Mi-24 *RU Mi-17 : CSLA Mi-17 *RU Ural : LWP Ural *RU UAZ : CSLA UAZ *RU M2: AKM Kord

*Res Soldier : Retextured resistance soldier *Res Grenadier : Retextured resistance Grenadier *Res machinegunner : Retextured resistance machinegunner *Res Officer : Retextured resistance officer *Res RPG Soldier : Retextured resistance RPG Soldier *Res T55 : RHS T55

*M60 : Win$e M60 *M21 : Win$e M21 *M16 : Suchey & Earl M16A2 *MP5 : LSC MP5 SD Aimpoint *M16/M203 : Suchey & Earl M16A2/M203 *XM-177E2 : Suchey & Earl M4A1 *Law M72 : Win$e Law *Carl Gustav : CBT M47 Dragon *AK-74 : ORCS AK-74 *AK-74/GL : ORCS AK-74/GP25 *AKS-74su : ORCS AKS-74su *Rpgnh75 : ORCS RPG-7 *Sa-58 : CSLA Sa-58 *PK : ORCS PKM *Dragunov : ORCS SVD camoufled Dragunov *AK47 : ORCS AK47 *AK47gp : ORCS AK47

*civilian man 2 : Edge Farmer

misc :

*BIS Satchel : Bidas *Now Kalashnikov's riffles have only a single and full auto like in reality. *BIS tracers : FXtracers + BN tracers, usable only in "single versions". *Now the Mp5sd have 3 mods like in reality : "single" , "burst" , " full' , usable only in "single versions".

Patch 1.6 is now available and regroups all previous patches. Patch 2.2 is available for download here.

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