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The FlashFx Units Replacement 3.0 is a total conversion mod which replaces all BIS units in the 4 sides (west,east,resistance,civil) with the best addons and effects ever done by the community. This total conversion mod is based on the era 1985 to make more realistic and authentic BIS campaigns and missions. A new "multiplayer config" is available in the FFUR Full pack 3.0 and you also have the choice between several configurations to allow you to use the one best suited to your CPU.


*98 % of addons replaced by the best ones respecting the years 1980 -1985 : -Better models than BIS ones -New animations introduced to tanks and helicopters. -Best tracers effects introduced to the config respecting nato data . -Textures have new light and dark effects

Pack 3.5

Hi All ,

After a lot of hard work I've finally accomplished my goal by replacing everything "Islands,music,Menu GUI,Editor GUI,Clean Editor,Addons by 1985 ones,skies,compass,Sounds, Effects, Improved the realism" , that was very hard and that took a lot of time of my life but it's a real passion, I'm happy and proud to present you (again but the final one)lol,a totally new full pack based on realism and fun,I've combined everything in the goal to make more easier the installation to people , a shortcut is also available ,but this pack is only intended to "Solo players with configs higher than 1.4ghz" except if all players have all the FFUR pack to play "online", I really hope that you'll enjoy it , please read carefuly the new Enhancements :

*Realism enhanced* -New recoils for all weapons based on military informations and tested by an US Military -Realistic damage values -Added Emergency smoke wall to tanks -Ennemy AI improved without using any script , now combats are more realistic and the engagements last a long time as in the reality. -Tanks attack Helicopters -Tracers of ammunitions of the Hind use the bouncing effect , and tracers improved -Tank tracers Improved -Added new Bouncing grenades to the US side -The US Officers brings bouncing smoke and flashbang grenades -The sniper riffles has very realistic 7.62mm cartridges -MP5 can turn on the light in night or in a dark zone -US armored crews carry the XM -BRDM is now the OT-65 -Satchels have "timer sound" -Improved effects of shades and lights -Blood effect improved -Fixed versions of T-80 and T-72 for more realism ///I'd prefer not to wait for the RHS ones as they'll be a while yet/// -Resistance tanks are based on the old ones for more realism because they aren't supposed to have the potential to maintain their tanks

*Animations improved* -New animations based on the high Quality Sanctuary ones and a few others done by hunter and wilco

*Sounds Improved* -M16 sound replaced by jam one who seems to be more realistic -PK sound by a very realistic PKM sound -Satchel explosion sound by a realistic new one -Added "timer sound" to Satchels"

*New Music* -BIS Music replaced by Hanz zimmer instrumental songs in the goal to make missions more immersive basing on the best movies songs

*New GUI (s)* - New Menu GUI - New sounds - New Mission editor GUI based on the swiss design (special thanks to them)

*Clean mission editor* - Revolutionary : After a lot of work , now one have a totally clean mission editor with only the important classes done by BIS.

*New replacement of Islands* -BIS Kolgujev textures replaced by High resolution ones , objects replaced by Resistances ones. -BIS Malden textures replaced by High resolution ones. -BIS Everon textures replaced by High resolution, objects replaced by Resistance ones. -BIS Desert Island replaced by InQ High resolution desert island

*Model Changes* -US mines : Spetznatz Mod US Mine -US XM : SV2000 XME2 -US magazimes ammocrates : Earl and Suchey ones -US FAL : Kabal Fal -US MP5 : InQ first MP5 -US G36 : InQ G36 -US AH-1w : Namcoogar AH-1G -US AH-64 : High resolution textures AH-64 -US OH-58 : Silesian Kiowa -Ru BRDM : CSLA OT-65 -Ru SU25 : TomiD Su25 -Ru Mine : Soviet mod Soviet mine -Ru T-80 : T-80 BV -RU T-72 : T-72 M1


-Add a new life bar (special thanks to my swiss neighbours for the script :)) -fixed the number of modes of the UZI (single and full auto). -BIS watch : Yukimituki military watch. -BIS magazine ammocrates : Earl and Suchey ones.

and a lot of other things...

*Installation* -Very easy , just follow the steps without any change ,everything will be installed,(addons,skies,music,animations...etc) once finished ,reboot your computer .

IMPORTANT Delete the FlashFxUR/addons of the pack 3.0 if you have it before to install this new full pack

*Minor bugs* There are few minor visual bugs , but they don't affect the gameplay or mission in any way, -When you shoot at something very close, the flash from the weapon is smaller than normal -In the Civilian Cars section a menu item with nothing on it appears which should not be there -When you eject from an aircraft, sometimes a small error message appears at the top of the screen but it doesn't affect the game.

Special thanks to : -kylesarnik for the bouncing grenades -fatwombat for the high retextured islands -Tomislav , my best beta tester who helped me a lot. -Miles Teg , Ex US soldier who advised me a lot -Reven for the upload and the communications -kgb-cccp , a soviet comerade for the soviet music :P -Rommel for his light effect -Swiss mod for the nice design of their map objects -me :P and to all others , and thank you for your support , I hope that you've enjoyed the first version but this one rocks :P Have fun all :)

So let play a campaign or a mission , and have fun :)

*Model changes* -US Soldier : HYK 85 Woodland Soldier -US Officer : HYK 85 Woodland Officer -US Sniper : GIG Scout Sniper -US Black Op : HYK SF (CQB) -US Crew : Rudedog's APC Crew 85 Woodland -US AH-1 : Vit Ah-1 -US AH-64 : Silesian AH-64A -US OH-58 : Silesian OH-58 -US UH60 : BAS UH60L -US UH60mg : BAS UH60L -US M1A1 : SIG M1A1 -US M60 : SIG M60 -US A10 : Diesel A10 -US M2A2 : Combat M2A2 -US Hmmwv : Combat Hmmwv -US M113 : Combat! M113A3 -US M113 Ambulance : Combat! M113A3 Ambulance -US 5T, 5T Open : MAF M925 -US 5T Ammo, 5T Repair : MAF M925 -US PBR : Carl boat -RU Soldier : ORCS soviet soldier -RU Officer : ORCS soviet officer -RU Grenadier : ORCS soviet grenadier -RU medic : ORCS soviet medic -RU Sniper : Neoko soviet Sniper -RU Spetsnaz : Suchey & Earl naval Spetsnaz (recon) -RU Crew : RHS Crew -Ru Pilot : Our weapon PIlot -Ru Fighter pilot : Rzn Pilot -RU T-72 : SIG T-72B/Kontakt ERA -RU T-80 : SIG T-80UE -RU BMP-1 : CSLA BMP-1 -RU BMP-2 : CSLA BMP-2 -RU Mi-24 : CSLA Mi-24 -RU Mi-17 : CSLA Mi-17 -RU Ural : LWP Ural -RU UAZ : CSLA UAZ -RU M2: ORCS NSV -Res Soldier : Retextured resistance soldier -Res Grenadier : Retextured resistance Grenadier -Res machinegunner : Retextured resistance machinegunner -Res Officer : Retextured resistance officer -Res RPG Soldier : Retextured resistance RPG Soldier -Res T55 : RHS T55 -M60 : Win$e M60 -G36 : InQ G36 -M21 : Win$e M21 -M16 : Suchey & Earl M16A2 -MP5 : LSC MP5 SD Aimpoint -M16/M203 : Suchey & Earl M16A2/M203 -XM-177E2 : Sv5000 XMS -Law M72 : Win$e Law -Carl Gustav : CBT M47 Dragon -AK-74 : ORCS AK-74 -AK-74/GL : ORCS AK-74/GP25 -AKS-74su : ORCS AKS-74su -Rpgnh75 : ORCS RPG-7 -Sa-58 : CSLA Sa-58 -PK : ORCS PKM -Dragunov : ORCS SVD camoufled Dragunov -AK47 : ORCS AK47 -AK47gp : ORCS AK47 -civilian man 2 : Edge Farmer -Civilian cars : Vilas Cars

*Description of each config -Single Configs offer 3 configs , One Low Cpu Config and 2 Powerful CPU configs , the low cpu config is intended to low cpu as > 1300 Mhz, in the Powerful configs , you've the choice between the "explosion body config" or "without the explosion body" those configs use All the scripts. -Multiplayer config : After a lot of tests and improvements to fix the CTD , here's the "multiplayer config" wich allow you to play perfectly on line without any problem

*BIS ammunition replaced by realistic ammunitions basing one WGL manual and FAS.org infos -M1A1 uses the M829A1 120 APFSDS 30 sl ; M2 12.7mm 100/9 rs ; M240 7.62mm Co-ax 11400 rs -M60 uses the M900 105 APFSDS 30 sl ; M2 12.7mm 100/9 rs ; M240 7.62mm Co-ax 11400 rs -M2A2 uses the M242 25mm APDS 300 rs ; M240C 7.62mm 500/3 rs ; M220 TOW-2 5 ms -M113 uses the M212.7mm 100/4 rs -M163 uses the M168 20mm Cannon 2000 rs -AH-1 uses the M197 20mm 750 rs ; TOW 8ms ; FFAR 38 rkts -AH-64 uses the M230 1200 rs ; Helfire 8 ms ; FFAR 38 rkts -A-10 uses the GAU 8/A Avenger 1350 rs ; AGM-65B Maverick 6 ms ; Hydra-70 HE 14 rkts ; AIM-Sidewinder 2 ms ; MK-82 Low-Drag 4 Bs -BMP uses the Sabot 15 sl ; PKT 7.62mm 250/2 rs ; AT3 launcher 8ms -BMP2 uses the 30mm cannon AP ; PKT 7.62mm 250/2 rs ; AT5 Launcher 8ms -Shilka uses the AZP-23 2000 rs -T-72 uses the 3BM3 APFSDS 25 sl ; PKT 7.62mm 250/7 rs ; NSV 100 rs -T-80 uses the 3BM42M APFSDS-T 25 sl ; PKT 7.62mm 250/7 rs ; NSV 100 rs -MI-24 uses the YaKB 12.7mm MG 1470 rs ; AT6 8ms ; 57mm 64 rkts -SU-25 uses the Ch29-T 6 ms ; Gsh-30-2 30mm 250 rs

*Misc pack added : -BIS watch replaced by Gachopin watch -BIS sky replaced by Llaumax 1.2 -BIS Moon and Stars replaced By Llaumax ones -Llauma stormy sky replaced by Unsung pack one -BIS compass replaced by compass of WGL mod -BIS NVG replaced by InQ NVG -BIS apache replaced by Helifreak one -BIS NVG effect replaced By Kurayami one -BIS Cessna replaced by Silesian Cessna -Fixed CfgTextureToMaterial; and now it's compatible with FlashFX perfectly.

*Realism -BIS informations about weapons replaced by more complete and more detailed information with the history of each weapon (only for english users). -Briefing improved by replacing the images of weapons by new ones. -Added ejection sequence for the jet fighters. -Added "Incoming missile sound" to all aircrafts -Added "autoflares" to all aircrafts -Added "wave effect" when jet fighters fly very low over the sea -Added "new splash effect" when jet fighters fall in the water -Added "new explosion effect" for the jet fighters wich occur a huge explosion and let debris over the ground -Added M9 Berreta to the US Officer, machine gunner,armored crew,blackOP and the sniper -Added Makarov to the Russian Officer,sniper and the Spetznatz -Added AK74su to all russian soldiers using Rocket-launchers -Added new tracers effects for the tanks wich have been realized on the basis of NATO data after watching a lot of movies and M1A2 movies . -shielding of the Russian tanks based on the config of SIG for more realism -Added Binocular to the SpecOps -Added a "special tracer effect" to the Vulcan and the Shilka basing on Wbe tracers

*New animations -All BIS animations replaced by new better ones -New Patrol animations

*FFUR mod is intended to all CPUs -you've the choice between several configs to choose the more adapted one to your CPU and your "Style" -Multiplayer config available

*New realistic Sounds -BIS sounds replaced by the best sound pack -Authentic sounds

*Custom GUI -FFUR has its own GUI

*The best scripts introduced to improve the game -FlashFx Explosion effects scripts -ORCS light script -ORCS Effects -Thunderbird84 explosion effects -Bn tracers script -Wbe tracers script -Pappy boyingthon pilots life vest script

*Most of military gear changed in editor by authentic names. -Authentic names of the gear of the era 1985

*No bug , No error and Lag decreased.



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