FlashFX Units Replacement Pack Patch

ffurpatch4.5.exe —


This file will upgrade the version of the FlashFX mod to 4.5.

Hi all

Here's the patch 4.5, which fixes, updates and innovates few things. Here's the list of changes :

-All BIS War Quotations (42 sentences) which appear at the death of soldiers have been replaced by units more suitable for the cold war crisis.

-US grenades (smoke/frag) have new realistic textures based on real photos.

-Animations replaced by the best ones ever done, Added lean and rolling animations in 3 positions (up, crouch and prone). To use it in game you've to press "the sprint key + left or right".

-Bugs fixed

-Editable configs introduced

-This patch regroups all patches, so you won't need any patch except this new one and the full pack 3.5.

-You've the choice between several configs.

I'm currently trying to come with a script which will allow to the AI the use of lean animations in game. Tony Ranger is also working on it.

The incoming full pack 5.0 will be the last huge release of the FFUR mod and will allow you to choose between several configs during the installation.

Big thanks to [email protected] for the new animations -Sanctuary for his great work on animations -Tony ranger who's helping me on the AI script.

Special thanks to the FFUR team, which incidentally has also taken on a new member who is an ex-British Army soldier.

-Tomislav "The Main Adviser" -Reven "The Manager" -Dan "Adviser and beta tester"

And also to all people who support us and follow us. :)

Enjoy it

Thunderbird84 - Leader and mod maker of the FFUR project. Europe rides again... :;):



Run the .exe installer.

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