FlashFX Units Replacement Pack Patch

The latest FlashFX patch, hoped to have fixed all the bugs identified with version 4.0.

You will need FlashFX Units Replacement Pack 3.5,...

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File Description

The latest FlashFX patch, hoped to have fixed all the bugs identified with version 4.0.

You will need FlashFX Units Replacement Pack 3.5, available here.

Actually the FlashFx Units Replacement mod is a serious competitor to the Y2K3 mod by my old friend Pappy, although my mod has improved more things so far, and innovated more. I'd prefer not to do too much publicity, to respect the friendly relationship I have with Pappy Boyinghton, who's been a nice person and who has helped me more than once. I also thank you for all your support which has allowed the FFUR mod to stay alive and to continue improving the simulator.

I'm glad to present to you Patch 4.2, which comes with a lot of new enhancements and fixes all bugs.

Here's the list of the enhancements and the changes :

-The US Specops can give orders using handsignals.(I prefered to add this sequence only to specops because the leaders of the US infantry rarely use handsignals in missions contrary to the specops.)

-RPG-7 replaced by the Very High Quality RPG-7V for the east side and the resistance side uses the old soviet RPG-7 in the goal to improve the realism.

-Mi-24 replaced by the last version of vit's Mi-24 , all the scripts have been introduced.

-The US officers carries the M1911 and the specops use the Beretta because at the year 1985 the US army has started to equip its units by the M9.

-New realistic sound for the Beretta M9.

-Voices introduced to the abrahms/M60 (reload sequence) and to the Mi-24 (engine start sequence).

-New Realistic sight for the AH-64 Apache and added new sounds too.

-Smoke wall effect improved , now the AI can't see you behind the smoke only if you launch the smoke grenades and you change quickly and immediately your position, the smoke effect can only used by the gunner of the heavy tanks.

-New flak effect for the Shilka and the Vulcan.

-New splash effect appears when soldiers run in the water.

-RPG-7 replaced by the Very High Quality RPG-7Ve for the east side.

-Added smoke sequence to the RPG-7 and the RPG-7E.

-Added smoke effect to the machine-guns of heavy tanks.

-The sequence of wound has been improved a lot.

-Now weapons won't stay near the dead soldiers , if a soldier has been killed when he was runing the weapon'll fall from him

-Sometimes If a soldier's been killed in the water , his blood'll float on the water.

-Following the request of a lot of people , I've replaced the M16 and the M16M203 by InQ stuff

-Improved GUI : the Police of the letters has been changed in the goal to enhance the style of the GUI and the names of the all the units have been replaced by complete military ones in all languages that OFP can uses .

-4 Configs are available , 2 powerful configs (with and without the body explosion) , a Multiplayer config wich allows you to play online with all servers without any problem , and finally a Low Cpu Config wich allows one to use the FFUR mod without any problem on middle high Cpu ( >1300 mhz ).

-All Bugs have been fixed.

The installation is very easy , just launch the setup and follow each step then everything will be well installed.

Big thanks to

Rommel for his scripts. Laser for the beretta. Vit for the Mi24 v1.1 ORCS team for the high quality work. VME mod and especially to Tony ranger for his help on some scripts.

and special thanks

Tomislav : "Main Adviser" of the FlashFx Units Replacement Mod. Reven : "General manager"of the FlashFx Units Replacement Mod.

Enjoy It :)

Best Regards FFUR Leader and mod maker - Thunderbird84

FlashFX Units Replacement Pack 3.5 (Required)

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