Kutya his back with a new version of his GDCE, that stands for Generic Dynamic Campaign Engine. GDCE has more atmosphere and features that any other dynamic campaigns out there, it actually feels that there is a huge war going on and your squad is a small part in a massive operation. A download that will keep you glued to your PC for hours.



GDCE v1.10
by kutya (Frontline Assembly)

Special thanks to:
tacrod 		- firstly for making CoIn which is the foundation for todays dynamic campaigns for OFP (including GDCE). Also many thanks go to him for helping me in various problems that risen in the development of GDCE
Sanctuary	- for developing the DMA Dynamic War Template, which was my first (and very good) guide into OFP scripting. I surely wouldn’t even think about scripting if I wouldn’t come across the DMA template
Silola		- for making DAC, which is a great software for heating up the atmosphere in missions. I hope, in future versions of DAC and OFP (ArmA) the possibilities will be even greater
snYpir		- for using his great functions: distanceToPos, DirToPos and some others
rune		- for making the great saving functions (Sinews of War saving). These functions avoided the CTDs and they made able the carrying of data from one phase to the other

Q, colligpip, honchoblack, and many other people on the BIS Forums, who helped with their experience, during the development of GDCE (and VTD before).
And of course to Bohemia Interactive for developing Operation Flashpoint.

This readme is covering just the most basic info. For full info read GDCE PG (player's guide) and GDCE MEG (mission editor's guide) included in the pack.
IMPORTATN NOTE: the manual states that a campaign is included with GDCE 1.10. This isn't correct. Instead 2 demo missions are included. One west and one east phase on everon, similar to the older GDCE demo. You need to put both in your missions folder and you can play them. Only one phase is included at both missions. To play them, you only need the Mapfact rucksack addon.

Needed addons:
Mapfack Rucksack addon
CTI markers (included).

JAM3 (optional)

You'll also need Adobe Acrobat Reader if you want to read the manuals (which I strongly suggest).
Wanted to keep this download small, so the readme for DAC isn't included, and you should get it if you're interested in including DAC with you dynamic campaign. The readmes are included in the default DAC on many websites.

	- fixed: enemy patrols didn't spawn in some MIA missions
	- no more JAM units and weapons, just default BIS
	- implemented eject option from insertion/extraction heli
	- kill count for whole player squad (including killed DAC units)
	- fixed: success rate prob on radio status
	- player face can be defined in globals.sqs
	- fixed: weapons with GrenadeLaunchers didn't load grenades on rearming
	- made GDCE compatible with OFPEC tags (using GDC tag)
	- made separate the firendly SF officer from the other units in the SF array
	- teleport action for debugging (idea from tacrod)
	- implemented "debug" mode that Q suggested
	- made the defenders in support defence mission more defence oriented
	- fixed: at mission start, the officer didn't tell you the support level for the enemy
	- fixed: "out of ammo" bug at mission init and on reinforce (when using predefined loadouts) - still isn't perfect
	- redefined the loadout init a bit, so all soldiers get their defined loadout, regardless of the model's default one
	- Binoculars also customizable from globals.sqs
	- fixed: resupply plane/heli is deleted instantly by a cleanup script. So, now you can actually see the resupply plane/heli as intended
	- multiple radio objects can be defined and will work equally. For example if you lose a Vietnam US radio and pick up one from a VC, you can use it if you set it up that way, but can disable it too
	- a marker showing player position in debug mode (idea from tacrod), handy when in editor an need to know player position
	- no more NS variables (except where appropriate), just classname arrays (so more randomness)
	- increased patrol, offensive and city marker count to 12 since many people didn't do it for their conversions
	- from now palyer will be penalised only if his side kills civilians
	- bomb type dropped in airstrike definable from globals.sqs
	- reworked mission ending on Defend/Support Defence/Defend Convoy missions, so enemy retreats if your mission is a success
	- civilians move around city in distance defined by city marker heading (greater flexibility)
	- allow time acceleration during extra/inser etc.
	- placement of definable additional items (which aren't in the weapon loadouts table) in the ammocrate
	- fixed: friendlies in MIA Radio mission died too quickly
	- objectives and their statuses weren't correct on load
	- made HMG and parachute also changeable from globals.sqs
	- added sandbags to enemy base on attack mission, and some tweaks to it
	- definable if sandbags are placed at MG nests (friendly and enemy)
	- all soldiers get in the heli on extraction and reinsertion, regardless if they're in a Heavy MG or any other vehicle
	- squadmembers skill management (more in the docs) - now you'll really be motivated to care for your guys
	- kill count and skill data transfered to next phase
	- more precise storage of respawnable vehicles (so they shouldn't move anymore after several loads)
	- added a camera pos on init (source probably by sanctuary)
	- fixed: base personell used NVGs even at daytime once they put them on
	- radio is now available during insertion and extraction

	- fixed Ambush Convoy mission briefing problem
	- fixed: DAC didn't respond correctly on GDCE generated enemy units
	- mission objective markers now disappear on mission end (and not on completion as before)
	- added a SAVED GAME STATUS action at the tent, which gives you information on the saved game, so you can decide if you want to load it, or continue the current one
	- added a CURRENT STATUS action at the tent, which gives you more detailed information on the current status, than the radio dialog
	- added mission count to status
	- support which should be peaceful, will no more engage enemy troops
	- saving respawnable vehicles also
	- fixed: AI was unable to attack the mission objective in some DEMOLITION missions, because the vehicle was empty. Now all the vehicles are crewed so all can be ordered to attack by AI
	- made possible to carry some data through the phases of the campaign (if there are more) like value level, mission count, day count, etc.
	- at the end of the campaign, ALL relevant data from objects.sav is deleted (relevant for people who use missions with SoW saving). It's a very low probabiliy that another mission uses the same variables as GDCE
	- tweaked artillery shell accuracy
	- implemented a radio destruction possibility

changes (mostly bugfixes):
	- fixed medevac debug message
	- fixed convoy self destruction in "ambush convoy" mission
	- fixed soldiers trapped inside the tent in "support defence" mission
	- fixed wind that was constant all the time once initialised.
	- removed nonexistent music track
	- altered the base destruction check in "attack" mission, so it could be finished more easily (in the older version, you could be in the situation of hunting down patrols in the area, even if you destroyed the whole base)
	- all support should inform you when the destination of the support is set
	- drop support marker action available earlier, to avoid heli flying above you and returning
	- squadmates crewed in a vehicle or MG, will now also be put in the insertion/extracion heli (and medevac if needed)
	- fixed radio use issues. In rare ocassions, the "use radio" action remained at the wrong soldier
	- fixed problem of resting till next day (thus resupply never came)
	- artillery works different. You have 5 strikes available, but when you use the 1st you lose 3 value levels. The following strikes aren't affecting value level. This is changed because wind, and dispersion are implemented, so accuracy is greatly reduced. This way, you'll have 4 opportunities to correct your shot, without penalty. I think 3 values are a reasonable price for 5 strikes.
	- rearming is now much easier for editing: you have a weapons loadout table in globals.sqs and there you define all the loadouts. All else is automatically done
	- the ammocrate.sqs does not need to be edited manually anymore. It is filled automatically
	- SoW saving implemented (discussed in the manual)
	- fixed rare bug on insertion
	- for the first time in GDCE/VTD history, DAC will react to GDCE generated units!

	- initial release (the successor of Vietnam Tour of Duty 0.14 and Ia Drang Tour of Duty)
Feedback welcome to the GDCE thread in the BIS Forums
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