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These are the best ships for OFP made to date, APS Gnat has and currently is creating various addons with unique features such as multi turr...


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These are the best ships for OFP made to date, APS Gnat has and currently is creating various addons with unique features such as multi turrets etc.


FEATURES - Movable large ship - Usable (solid) rear heli deck - Deployable Zodiacs - Boarding scripts for cargo positions - Manned CIWS - Manned Missile launchers - "No wet feet" scripts when getting out of the Frigates

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It took a while but after I bashed my head against a brick wall trying to get MP to work (and failed ) I have decided to release them now before I get bored with them and drop these units.

The next units to be released will be submarines.

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Download 'gnt_frigates.rar' (2.14MB)

|      FFG Oliver Hazard Perry         |
|           FFG Krivak IV              |
|                                      |
|             by Gnat                  |
|                                      |
|              beta 1                  |
	     August 2006

Thanks to those who answered my various script and O2 questions :)

Heaps of info on the web for the OHP Class of Frigate like;

No so much info on the Krivak class, especially the lastest.
Best there is I've found;

It can be debated long and hard as to if this Frigate is really
a Krivak III or a Krivak IV ..... but I simply went IV !

---- THE ADDON ----
Found under West or East "OFP Navy"
There is one version of each of these in this PBO:
- FFG OHP (Oliver Hazard Perry class)
- FFG Krivak IV
- OFPN Zodiac West
- OFPN Zodiac East

Other models exist within the PBO but they are only
weapon turrets and proxies.

Each Frigate has;
1 x Driver
1 x Gunner
1 x Missile Turret Gunner
1 or 2 x CIWS Turret Gunners

NOTE: Turret Gunners are not selectable positions as these
are separate "vehicles" attached to the Frigates.

MP Compatible? Sadly no, and I can assure you I tried!

Beta 1:
- Usable (solid) rear heli deck
- Deployable Zodiac
- Boarding scripts for cargo positions
- Manned CIWS
- Manned Missile launchers
- "No wet feet" scripts when getting out of the Frigates

---- CLASS NAMES ----
Krivak IV		: GNTKrivak
OHP Missile Trt		: RGM84Tur
Krivak Missile Trt	: 9M317Tur
OHP CIWS		: Phalanx
Krivak CIWS		: Kashtan
OHP Heli Deck		: OHPDeck
Krivak Heli Deck	: KrivakDeck
Zodiac West		: Zodo1
Zodiac East		: Zodo2

> No Wet Feet <
For all units that "get out" of the Frigate, the unit is not
placed over the side of the boat into the water, but placed
onto the rear heli deck of the frigate.
** NOTE **
A moving Frigate while you stand on the rear deck will likely
mean you fall over the edge.

> Cargo Positions <
Cargo positions are ONLY available in the "HELI DECK", not
on the actual Frigate itself.
If you attempt to board the Frigate into a Cargo position
you will be ejected.
See below (Heli Deck Naming) on how to move soldiers into
the Cargo spots.

> Armourment <
Both Frigates are armed with Missile launchers and Close
In Weapon Systems (CIWS). These are automaticily manned if a
manned frigate is placed within the editor. These units are
not controlled by the Driver/Commander.

"Anti-Slam", what the hell is this I hear you ask .... well..
Ever noticed how sometimes when a missile "SLAMS" into a ship
the ship then wizz's off in the opposite direction at a 1000
miles an hour. Yeh ... an OFP engine thing!
Only seems to happen with ships, so I placed a slow looping
script on each ship to detect if it had just been "slammed"
on thus set the velocity to zero.
Crude but effective.

> Zodiac Operations <
Each Frigate can launch and dock a single Zodiac.
The menu item is available on the rear deck.
Zodiacs also have Boarding scripts like the Frigates.

To dock a zodiac again the zodiac must be in a very
similar position to where it was launched otherwise it
will not be found and docked.
** NOTE **
While the Krivak has 2 Zodiac onboard only 1 is usable.
You can not swap Zodiacs between East and West Frigates.

> Missile and CIWS Turrets <
Turrets are actually seperate vehicles scripted into a
position where it "follows" the Frigates.
Because of this many assumptions are out the window.

NOTE: The turret gunners are NOT joined to the drivers group.
----	The reason is because if he is the driver screws
	up waypoints and assigned move points.
	Probably because of the mixed vehicle classes.

> Chopper Operations <
Choppers can be landed on a stationary frigates heli deck.
The deck does move a bit with the waves but this shouldn't
cause too many issues.
The Heli Deck can also Rearm and Refuel vehicles.
Raising or lowering the "Fences" is only a visual item,
they serve no actual function on this addon.

> Turret Naming <
If a name between "OHP_1" and "OHP_10" is assigned to a
OHP Frigate in the editor (or createvehicle) the corresponding
Turret "vehicles" will be called the same except "_G_#"
is added to the end of the name.
The # corresponds to the turret number, either 1, 2 or 3.

For the Krivak its names are "Krivak_1" to "Krivak_10"

Phalanx is 1 and RGM84 missile launcher is 2
Kashtans are 1 and 2, 9M317 missile launcher is 3

If a OHP Frigate is named "OHP_3" the Missile launcher
is called "OHP_3_G_2"

> Heli Deck Naming <
As the Heli Decks are also the Cargo positions we have to
be able to command soldiers into the chairs.
Just like the Turret Naming system, OHP_1 gets a Deck
called "OHP_1_Deck", or a Krivak_4 would have a Deck
named "Krivak_4_Deck".

> Assigning a Turret Gunner or Cargo <
If an empty OHP is named per above, a gunner can be moved
into place via a script command like;

	A1 moveInGunner OHP_3_G_2

An AI gunner will be assigned automaticily to a crewed
OHP, but if you want to assign another AI or a player
use a (brutal) script like;

	gunner OHP_3_G_2 setDammage 1
	A1 assignAsGunner OHP_3_G_2
	A1 moveInGunner OHP_3_G_2

To move soldiers into the Cargo chairs;

	A1 moveincargo OHP_3_Deck

NOTE: These commands DO NOT work in a units INIT field.
----   Likely because of "names" being assigned last.
	**** Use a trigger or a script. ****

- Chopper "hooked" to deck.
- Different Bridges
- MP Compatible (probably a pipedream)
- many many other things .... maybe in ArmA :)

---- N O T E S !!!! ----
++ HOLES ++
Before you start whining about the Frigates have holes in the
hull where other vehicles can pass through, let me remind you.


Hence some "bugs" are unavoidable.

++ External Views ++
You may notice with some external veiws (like Main Gunner
that you are look "through" the inside of the ship, sorry
thats a drawback to the size of this unit, OFP doesnt allow
you to define a larger view-distance so as to avoid this.

++ Realistic Sailing ++
No, the real frigates don't bounce on the sea like these ones
do but again .... its an OFP Engine thing ... not fixable.

++ Group Boarding ++
Be careful using the Frigates and the Zodiacs GROUP Boarding
scripts, if your group is already in other vehicles it can
wreck what you intended to do or even accidently kill your
group members.
Works best of your group is standing around.

++ Night Lights ++
Lights are really only to illuminate the bridge and the rear
heli deck.

++ Textures, Model Lighting and the Bridge ++
Bite my arse! I never claimed to be an Artist ..... :)
Yes, the bridges are the same ..... so?

The author can be contacted at the official forums at:
or [email protected]

Permission must be sort to use any included material.
Not for commercial use with VBS or similar or for porting
to other games etc.

=================== Disclaimer: ========================
This is NOT an official Addon. Use it at your own risk.

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