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Today we have the GRAA modpack version 3, now there isn't much to say about this besides, if you loved the other 2 you'll love this one as...

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File Description

Today we have the GRAA modpack version 3, now there isn't much to say about this besides, if you loved the other 2 you'll love this one aswell.

Sanctuary's objective with this mod is to make it easy to run on your computer and for the mod to be customisable - there are 27 various options in the mods config. With this mod every soldier and civillian is replaced by high quality community made one's using Llauma's high detail head model.

This mod requires the Official BIS camel addon that can be found at the following link:;14004

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Re-Upload Request Restoration

To play with this mod you must have OFP Resistance patched to 1.96
You must have the official BIS camel addon available there :

What is it
the GRAA modpack is before anything a big animation and option mod , my biggest and most comprehensive OFP mod work so far in term of hours spent on this, replacements were just a bonus to enhance the amount of options offered by the config system.
In the same spirit of the simple and light on ressource infantry replacement pack "dma naval" or "dma army" modpacks, the GRAA modpack 3.0 feature only infantry and weaponry replacement and will not feature any vehicle other than BIS default, to stay lag free on huge missions.

Major features of GRAA modpack 3.0
-options, you want to customise your game ? that's exactly what you will be able to do with the 27 options you can enable or disable to your liking from the config.cpp in a very simple and user friendly way as you just need a text editor (like Notepad/Wordpad) and no modding skill.
That's the major and primary feature of this modpack.

-totally new animation replacement pack made specifically for the units of the GRAA modpack, this comes along a lot of new additional animations linked to the mod options, that is the second major feature as it allows a lot more movements than in the default OFP.

-every units, military or civilian are using the Llauma new head model, and so every face textures are replaced by new face textures or BIS reworked face textures to avoid the need of having the face scripts running and lowering performance, basically you have the good head without any performance hit or bad face in vehicle. This is just a bonus serving to enhance the option system.

-Thanks to the options system, you have a choice on who replace who: choose between HYK ACU us soldiers, HYK Woodland us soldier for the West side, RHS modern russian GRU and the HYK OPFOR for the east side.

Williec and Ebud Euro Res and BIS Civilians reworked to all feature the better head model from Llauma comes for the 2 other sides.and Earl weaponry comes very nicely for them.
Every models and sometime textures have been more or less tweaked and modified to give a lot more performance and to be more visually compatible with the anims than their original addon origin, while keeping the awesome nice looks of the original addons.

How to install
If you already have a @GRAA mod folder in your OFP install directory, delete it before anything.
Now once done, to install, just extract the @GRAA mod folder (the one you find by opening the downloaded sancgraamod3.rar archive with WINRAR)
(You can download WINRAR there for free and legally, "English WinRAR and RAR release" despite it is called "trial version", in fact it is not really limited)

Then put this @GRAA folder inside your OFP install directory.
Usually, it is there :
...Program Files\Codemasters\Operation Flashpoint\@GRAA

Now you can launch the game with the -mod=@GRAA in your shortcut to play, but i suggest you strongly to read the "OptionFAQ.txt" file to see how to setup your options in the config easily and customise your game.

If you have no idea on how to do add the -mod thing, just create a shortcut of your FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.EXE
Once done, right click on it and select "Properties"
Look at the line near the word "Target" , you should see something like this at the end of the line
.....eration Flashpoint\FlashpointResistance.exe"

After the   "   , just add a space , type  -NOSPLASH
Add another space and type    -mod=@GRAA
So the end of the target line will look like this
.....eration Flashpoint\FlashpointResistance.exe" -NOSPLASH -mod=@GRAA

you should not need -NOMAP as the content is not really huge enough for the memory to crash without -NOMAP , but some modern computer seems to be unable to run correctly OFP without -NOMAP , so it is up to your decision to use this or not : 
.....eration Flashpoint\FlashpointResistance.exe" -NOSPLASH -NOMAP -mod=@GRAA

That's it, click OK and launch OFP using this modified shortcut to play with the GRAA mod activated.

All credits to those guys , without them there would have been no modpack, i just tweaked things here and there :)

Hyakushiki  --> both alternative West troops and East alternative OPFOR
Laser, Earl, Suchey, DKM VIT, DMA --> Weapons
RHS --> East alternative GRU troops
Ebud, williec --> both alternatives Res troops
Llauma, Offtime --> Heads model.
Offtime,Ag Smith, Sputnik Monroe, GR, Hyakushiki and everyone who that contributed to facetex2 --> face textures
MIG25_Radek, Ebud --> how to implement new faces format in config in a correct way instead of being scripted
ECP, WGL, SLX ---> how to have options in config
Sanctuary --> Animations, config and model tweaks
Fab. --> help merging AT reload anim with a previous one, it allowed me to speed up the whole process.

You can use any addons inside of the Addons folder of the GRAA modpack 
But it is strongly adivsed to NOT use any addons that feature BIS head with the full version of the GRAA modpack 3.0, unless you appreciate facial mutants in your game.
To use addons featuring the BIS head, use the " GRAA light " version of the GRAA modpack 3.0, located in the "GRAA light" folder inside of the @GRAA mod folder and read the instructions .
To use GRAA modpack 3.0 and ECP, use the config located in the "GRAA ECP" folder inside of the @GRAA mod folder and read the instructions.
If the GRAA modpack 3.0 is the first version of the GRAA serie you downloaded, look into the "Docs" folder inside of the  @GRAA mod folder and read the instructions to know how to enable or disable options easily to your liking..

An ECP version and a MP version of the configs are available, read instructions.

Just have fun and enjoy the modpack

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