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With the first Alpha release having an enormous amount of bugs and an incomplete campaign some Invasion 1944 team members went and touched u...


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With the first Alpha release having an enormous amount of bugs and an incomplete campaign some Invasion 1944 team members went and touched up the mod a bit to come up with this. Many bugs have been fixed and to top it off this release comes with the finished Oosterbeek campaign.


I44 v. Alpha 2.5 First of all, we would like to thank everyone that has enjoyed playing with Invasion 1944: Phase 1 - Oosterbeek since it's release, and has expressed their polite opinion of it. Much of the previous Alpha release was changed at some point, and a lot of it is in this release. There are almost no new toys to play with, just a lot of (small) fixes and more of a "complete" feeling. The release also includes the now finished Oosterbeek campaign made by our team and additional voice packs. Unfortunately we do not have time to add things to the mod. We do have some reskins left that I hope to be able to release, but it is a coding issue. If you wish to use parts of this release for your own work, please contact either JdB or Winters on our forum to ask for permission. We recommend to request permission first before editing anything to prevent anyone's time from possible being wasted. We are also looking for new members for Armed Assault, and especially island makers and addon makers. If you're interested, please contact us as mentioned above. All files are "As Is", and "final", this is the first and last big update. If you have trouble installing/running the mod, please consult the included readme file first. It includes installation instructions and ways to contact us. The Invasion 1944 team P.S.: We do not have access to any tanks or other vehicles that Marfy has ever made. Only Marfy himself has them, and we have not been able to contact him in a long time. Even if we would have had these files, they would probably never be released as they would be far from finished. The Mapfact editor upgrade is included since we use their invisible targets.

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Download 'i44_a.2.5.rar' (289.65MB)

US Weapons/Mags:
I44_M1Garand - I44_M1Garandmag

I44_M1GarandM7 - I44_M1GarandM7mag

I44_M1Carbine - I44_M1Carbinemag

I44_M1903 - M1903mag

I44_M1903A4 - M1903mag

I44_M1A1Thompson - I44_M1A1Thompsonmag

I44_M3Greasegun - I44M3Greasegunmag

I44_M3A1Greasegun - I44M3Greasegunmag

I44_M1918A2 - I44_M1918A2mag

I44_M1919A4 - I44_M1919A4mag

I44_M1911A1 - I44_M1911A1mag

I44_M9 - I44_M9mag



UK Weapons/Mags:
I44_LeeEnfield - I44_LeeEnfieldmag

I44_LeeEnfieldT - I44_LeeEnfieldmag

I44_StenMk2 - I44_StenMk2mag

I44_StenMk5 - I44_StenMk5mag

I44_BrenMk1 - I44_Brenmag

I44_BrenMk2 - I44_Brenmag

I44_WebleyMk6 - I44_WebleyMk6mag

I44_PIAT - I44_PIATmag




German Weapons/Mags:
I44_K98k - I44_K98kmag

I44_K98kZf41 - I44_K98kmag

I44_K98kZf42 - I44_K98kmag

I44_K98kGGrGer - I44_K98kGGrGermag

I44_K43 - I44_K43mag

I44_K43Zf4 - I44_K43mag

I44_MP44 - I44_MP44mag

I44_FG42 - I44_FG42mag

I44_FG42Zf4 - I44_FG42mag

I44_MG34 - I44_MG34mag

I44_MG42 - I44_MG42mag

I44_P38 - I44_P38mag

I44_P08 - I44_P08mag

I44_PzFaust - I44_PzFaust30mag, ...60mag, ...100mag

I44_RPzB54 - I44_RPzBGr4322




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