Invasion 1944 Phase 1

Invasion 44 the long awaited OFP mod has come to an end and are thus releasing there mod as is - an Alpha version. Unfortunately due to manp...

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File Description

Invasion 44 the long awaited OFP mod has come to an end and are thus releasing there mod as is - an Alpha version. Unfortunately due to manpower the mod has grind to a halt, however the team hope to re-group, and take on the ArmA engine with an Inv 44 mod. Being an Alpha release the mod has it's share of bugs but the mod is still amazing with two nice campaigns and jaw dropping units - especially the German tanks - wow! Definately wortha try even if you were not a fan of the mod.

I have also included the two campaigns in the download and the latest I44 update.


American: AB Rifleman (M1 Garand) AB Officer AB NCO AB Grenadier AB Rifleman (M1 Carbine) AB Rifleman (M1903A4) AB Soldier (M1A1 Thompson) AB Soldier (M3A1 Greasegun) AB BAR Gunner AB Machinegunner AB Bazooka Launcher AB Medic AB Gun Crew

British: AB Rifleman (SMLE) AB Sniper AB NCO AB Officer AB Soldier (Sten MkII) AB Soldier (Sten MkV) AB Soldier (Thompson) AB PIAT AB Bren MkI Gunner AB Rifleman (Gammon) AB Medic AB Gun Crew

German: WH Schütze (K98k) WH Offizier WH Unteroffizier WH Grenadier WH Schütze (MP40) WH Schütze (MP44) WH MG34 WH MG42 WH MG42 Dreifuß WH Schütze (Panzerfaust) WH Schütze (Panzerschreck) WH Schütze (K98k Zf42) WH Schütze (K43) WH Schütze (K43 Zf4) WH Scharfschütze (K98k Zf42) WH Scharfschütze (K43 Zf4) WH Arzt WH Panzer Besatzung WH Geschütz Besatzung WH Panzerführer WH Panzerkanonier WH Panzerfahrer SS Schütze (K98k) SS Offizier SS Unteroffizier SS Grenadier SS Schütze (MP40) SS Schütze (MP44) SS MG34 SS MG42 SS MG42 Dreifuß SS Schütze (Panzerfaust) SS Schütze (Panzerschreck) SS Schütze (K98k Zf42) SS Schütze (K43) SS Schütze (K43 Zf4) SS Schütze (Steel) SS Scharfschütze (K98k Zf42) SS Scharfschütze (K43 Zf4) SS Arzt SS Panzer Besatzung SS Geschütz Besatzung SS Panzerführer SS Panzerkanonier SS Panzerfahrer FJ Schütze (K98k) FJ Unteroffizier FJ Offizier FJ Grenadier FJ Schütze (MP40) FJ Schütze (MP44) FJ Schütze (FG42) FJ Schütze (FG42 Zf4) FJ MG34 FJ MG42 FJ MG42 Dreifuß FJ Schütze (Panzerfaust) FJ Schütze (Panzerschreck) FJ Schütze (K98k Zf42) FJ Schütze (K43) FJ Schütze (K43 Zf4) FJ Scharfschütze (K98k Zf42) FJ Scharfschütze (K43 Zf4) FJ Arzt FJ Geschütz Besatzung LW Schütze (K98k) LW Unteroffizier LW Offizier LW Grenadier LW Schütze (MP40) LW Schütze (MP44) LW MG34 LW MG42 LW MG42 Dreifuß LW Schütze (Panzerfaust) LW Schütze (Panzerschreck) LW Schütze (K98k Zf42) LW Schütze (K43) LW Schütze (K43 Zf4) LW Scharfschütze (K98k Zf42) LW Scharfschütze (K43 Zf4) LW Arzt LW FlaK Besatzung


American: M1 Garand M1 Garand + M7 M1 Carbine M1903A3 Springfield M1903A4 Springfield M1A1 Thompson M3 Greasegun M3A1 Greasegun M1918A2 BAR M1919A4 .30cal M9 Bazooka M1911A1 Colt Mk. II Handgrenade

British: Lee Enfield No.4 Lee Enfield No.4 (T) Sten Mk. II Sten Mk. V PIAT Bren Mk. I Bren Mk. II Vickers MMG Vickers GO No.1 Mk. I M36 Handgrenade No.82 Grenade Webley Mk. VI

German: K98k K98k Zf41 K98k Zf42 K98k + G.Gr.Ger. K43 K43 Zf4 MP40 MP44 FG42 FG42 Zf4 MG42 MG42 Tripod MG34 Panzerfaust 30 Panzerfaust 60 Panzerfaust 100 RPzB 54 Stielhandgranate 24 Eihandgranate 39 P38 Walther P08 Luger

American (Heavy): M2HB .50 cal 37mm M3 L/45 60mm M2

British (Heavy): 57mm QF Mk. IV L/50

German (Heavy): 75mm KwK 42 L/70 88mm KwK 36 L/56 88mm FlaK 36 L/56 88mm KwK 43 L/71 128mm PaK 44 L/55 75mm PaK 40 L/48 75mm StuK 40 L/48 105mm leFH 18 L/28 105mm StuH 42 L/28 20mm FlaK 38 L/55 81mm Gr.W. 34


American Vehicles: AB M3A1 AB Willys MB AB Willys MB Ammo AB Willys MB M2HB AB GMC Truck C47

British Vehicles: AB Jeep MB AB Jeep MB VGO Dakota Horsa

German Vehicles: Pz.Kpfw. VI Ausf. E Stu.G. III Ausf. G Stu.H. 42 Ausf. G Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf. D Kfz. 1 Kfz. 1 (Closed) Opel Blitz

American Static Weapons: AB M2HB AB M1919A4 AB M3 37mm AB M2 60mm Mortar

British Static Weapons: AB 6 Pounder Mk. IV AB Vickers

German Static Weapons: MG42 (Schwer) Gr.W. 34 20mm FlaK 38

Of course, we also have new scripts, effects, voices, campaigns, missions, GUI, etc. JdB beat me to the punch there, but I guess this is a bit more complete. There may be some legacy code in there... I added several vehicles before taking them out because they were not even close to release, and their weapons/ammo are still coded in.

I feel like clarifying on compatibility with the I44 demo... there is none. End of story. The units are there, but you will pretty much have to do a classname change to get them converted, or (at your risk), attempt to run the demo and the mod at the same time to convert them. The classname structure of the demo was pre OFPEC-standard tagging, so it was thrown out.

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Re-Upload Request Restoration

Readme originally created on 20 May 2006
Edited on 13 November 2006
I44 v. Alpha 2.0


Unfortunatly we do not have time to work on the mod anymore. The projected has been halted. We would however not want all the efforts of the last 2 years to go to waste. We have therefore decided to release what we have, this version is at least 6 months old, some small updates were in the making a few months ago, but have long since been abandoned.

If anyone is interested in helping to finish Phase 1 to a finished state, please contact us by leaving a message on the forum (link is mentioned below).

If you wish to use parts of this release for your own work, please contact us on our forum located at to ask for permission. We recommend to request permission first before editing anything to prevent anyones time from possibly being wasted.

If no help is offered we cannot continue development, therefore we cannot accept bugreports. All files are "As Is", and "final". We do not have the manpower to fix these bugs, sorry.

The Invasion 1944 team

===== INSTALLATION =====
This is the full I44 mod, Alpha version 2.  To install, create a subdirectory in your Operation Flashpoint directory, called "I44mod" (without the quotes).  In this subdirectory, extract this .rar file to end up with the following:
After this is complete, create a shortcut of FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.EXE, rightclick on it, choose "Properties" and add the following to the "Target:" field, "-mod=I44mod".
The campaigns (Phase 1- Oosterbeek and CoC campaign) are not included in this release, but are available in seperate .rar file archives.

===== CREDIT =====
The Invasion 1944 team and all of it's ex-members who contributed to some degree to our efforts, and most notably:

Marcel, Jojimbo, Winters and Canukausiuka.

We would also like to thank others, such as people that contributed reference material, voice acting and maintenance of the Invasion 1944 IRC channel as well as the constructive members on our forum for sticking with the mod.

Invasion 1944 and the files included in this archive are the intellectual property of the Invasion 1944 team and it's members. Any and all use other then playing with it in Operation Flashpoint is prohibited by law unless permission is given by the Invasion 1944 team. You may not edit the contents of the files, or repackage them into a different fileformat. Invasion 1944 cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by any file to your computer.

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